Why is a balanced lifestyle important? Keys for Life!

Why is a balanced lifestyle important? Keys for Life!

Why is a Balanced Lifestyle Important?

We have all heard that we need to maintain balance, have a work life balance and many other iterations, but what does it actually mean? What is a balanced lifestyle and more importantly, Why is a balanced lifestyle important?

What is a balanced lifestyle?

Hoping not to muddy the waters further, a balanced lifestyle is going to look and feel different for everyone.  What is a healthy holistic naturally balanced life for me, may be totally unnatural and unhealthy and therefore unbalanced for you.  The beauty of human existence is the fact that we are all totally unique and we have free will to choose what to do with our lives.  How we find joy, how we express our emotions, how we relate to others is going to be different for each of us. 

Why is it different for each of us?

The natural joys, dreams, hopes and fears that make up you as an individual are shaped and crafted dependent on the experiences you have had to date. 

For example one person may find absolute joy in discovering a caterpillar on a leaf in the garden, whereas another person may run terrified, the reasons could be anything but likely to be that the first person remembers a time in life associated with caterpillars that bring back warm and happy memories whereas the second person remembers his/her little brother laughing with delight as s/he found half a caterpillar in the remaining salad on his/her plate! 

That is why it is also important that we do not judge others. 

It is not for us to judge what is the correct and right manner to lead life and find our place.  The quickest way ever to unbalance your life is to lead it as others think you should rather than what you know is correct for you!

why is a balanced lifestyle important
Meditation is an excellent mechanism for regaining natural balance and well-being

Step One: Balance Indicators – Motivation

Are you Internally or Externally Motivated – How do you live your life and which style gives greater joy? Why is a balanced lifestyle important?

Externally motivated

  • get joy by interacting with others,
  • doing things for others and spend more time doing for others than they do for themselves,
  • enjoy and often need to be surrounded by others,
  • usually love the limelight and appreciate being appreciated,
  • doing things in an external manner brings them happiness and makes them feel good,
  • the things they do for others also makes others feel good (so as not to be confused with interfering)
  • they can at times overwhelm themselves by taking on too much

Internally motivated

  • they still wish to do things for their loved ones or community but in a quiet way keeping in the background.
  • prefer individual tasks and one to one discussions
  • if put in the spotlight they feel anxious and nervous and this can trigger fight or flight
  • prefer close connections with a few chosen people
  • loyalty is immense as is their grief should a close connection betray them
  • they are homemakers and enjoy times of quiet solitude
  • they need to be careful that internal motivations do not lead to socially excluding themselves

why is a balanced lifestyle important
To lead a happy, positive and fulfilling life you must find natural balance.

Internal and External are broad terms – what’s the significance? Why is a balanced lifestyle important?

External and internal are very broad terms and we could list their sub-meanings on many pages.  I want to make clear we are not talking in astrological or fortune teller terms, but in social psychology and the nature of intrinsic or extrinsic motivation.  If you are not true to what motivates you and which influence has the most impact on you as an individual you run the risk of being unbalanced because you are not being true to your personality.

why is a balanced lifestyle important
Zen Network Concept For Life In Balance And Harmony

The Balance Tree – A Zen reference – Why is a balanced lifestyle important?

The above photograph shows the way that I prefer to look at a balanced life.  It shows the many factors that link and merge to form you.  Body, mind, spirit and soul – leading to truth, harmony, hope, love, joy, peace. 

This can be read from any starting point, meaning if you do not have truth balanced, or you know that something you are doing in life is not true to your nature you cannot have balance within your spirit.  I’m sure we can all remember one time in our life when we did something we knew was not being true to ourselves, whether coerced or told it was the right thing by family or friends.  I’m sure you remember the way it made you feel and that it impacted your positivity and dampened your spirit.

Finding balance in our lives is incredibly important.  It allows us to live a life where we are comfortable with our decisions, we feel positive about life, we engage with others in a meaningful and constructive way.  Balance means we pay attention to our emotional health and knowing what will bring us peace.  With balance comes harmony in our relationships and acceptance of others. 

So why is a balanced lifestyle important? Most importantly a balanced life means true acceptance of yourself.  Knowing your limitations and challenging them, knowing your goals and dreams and putting in place steps which allow you to achieve them and also being happy in your skin and finding contentment being you.

I would encourage everyone to spend some quiet time, reflecting and determining if you think you are externally or internally motivated.  In our next post we will look at how both external and internal motivators can be used to create natural balance and bring positive health benefits both physically and emotionally.

I encourage you to consider meditation and attach some posts below which also explore the concept of balance.

Chakras and Balance

How to balance chakras

Guided meditations for balance

As always I would love to hear your comments and thoughts.  Please leave me a message in the comments section below.  Or you can contact me directly by clicking here.

To you very best and balanced health


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28 thoughts on “Why is a balanced lifestyle important? Keys for Life!”

  • Thanks for your inspirational post! I completely agree with everything you said. After 5 years of nonstop corporate work, I’ve decided that it’s time to take it easy for a few months as I feel that I’ve lost my sense of self. I have been reading a lot of motivational articles and this really moved me.

    • Hi Julie,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post and I’m even more pleased you were able to recognise and act on your inner knowing that you needed a break. That is something a lot of people can’t or won’t accept. My congrstulations to you. I wish you the very best in love and light


  • This was a great, informative article. I like the idea of starting to achieve balance by figuring out your motivators. I’m totally influenced by internal motivators, which I suspected.

    It makes sense. I often feel out of whack if I’m too social or am too much in the spotlight, and then feel more “me” when I’ve got some alone time to reflect and relax.

    • Hey Samantha

      Thanks for your comments. I am glad you could relate to the post, I’m very much the same. I prefer the alone time and reflection and avoid at all times possible the spotlight and attention. It really is a matter of doing what intrinsically feels best, not shutting ourselves away but recognising what factors make us most happy and therefore of best benefit to ourselves and then ultimately others. Wishing you best health always Jason

  • I like your approach to explaining balance in life and think you really stir up a hornets’ nest! In many cases it seems like there has to be a burn out first before starting to reflect about the importance of balance in life.

    Isn’t it strange we learn so much in life but are often clueless and caught in the rat race when it comes to feel and understand what our very own individual needs are?

    You really give people good guidance to get in touch with their very own balance indicators, thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Vera,

      Often it is a burn out situation, sadly, that makes us stop and look at our life and reevaluate…talking from experience. When we do we often find that our life is guided more by our inner emotions which have been trying to guide us all along. Tread the wrong path and the universe doesnt mess around in letting us know. J

  • I’m always finding myself having to make adjustments to move back into a balanced lifestyle after getting bogged down in doing one thing too much.

    Thanks for the reminder!

    You have some really interesting points here. Thinking about whether I’m internally or externally motivated I would say I’m internally motivated overall but definitely at times crave a bit of limelight and more interaction.

    But having time to myself is definitely the way I recharge my batteries and I feel very drained if I am constantly around people.

    Is it possible to be a mixture of both or is my self-assessment inaccurate?

    • Hi Nate

      Your self assessment is absolutely correct. Very few people would be totally internally or externally motivated. Most are a mix of each with one being a preferred or dominant trait. This changes also over time depending on life’s journey and our experiences.


  • You have spirit and soul listed in the tree pic as separate distinctions. In my beliefs, I consider the spirit plus the body to equal the soul. When it comes to religious considerations in the context of your message here, how can one apply find their personal balance if their views of their own life differ than someone else’s? Do you guidelines reflect that adaptability? It’s very interesting…

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks for your comments. The tree diagram is just one example of many differing viewpoints and belief systems. What’s most important is people find the natural balance that’s right for them. They need to follow what naturally aligns and rings true to themselves. This will be based on ‘who they are’ in terms of past experiences, religious or faith beliefs, internal and external motivators and continual societal influences etc.

      The objective in finding your natural balance is to get to a stage where you are aligned, comfortable in your own body, happy with how your life is structured in terms of the time dedicated to certain aspects, and also that you are not living or doing certain things you know are wrong for you because you feel obliged.

      The other consideration to find harmony and balance is ‘inner peace’ which can only be achieved when look after yourself but also ensure that your behaviour, actions and thoughts have the most positive impact upon those around you.

      So in short, yes, these ideas have utmost flexibility and adaptability. It’s about recognising that for you to be happy, balanced and content in life you must first examine inwardly and be honest with yourself about the aspects of your life that are positive, negative and what may, or may not, need to change.

      To your best health, and thanks again for taking the time to make comment. I hope I clarified this.


  • Wow,I was just thinking about discipline and doing the right and needed things to sustain wellness both with a good outlook on balance today.

    First off, in the graphic with the bicycle as maintaining balance is such a great illustration even before reading any major portion of the written content,excellent.

    Going into the difference of each person is great to mention so that judging what some else does for their well being will not be a factor,great to mention that.

    Love the area of the articles that explain about being Externally or Internally Motivated in your life Journey.

    So well put together,keeping interest as I read your post.

    Continue to give good quality content and I appreciate you,Manny

    • Hey Manny,

      Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate them. I’m glad you enjoyed the article that’s the most important thing to me! I see loads of self help or personal development books that push people into one method or informing them they must conform to one set of theories and that, in my opinion, is wrong. Each one of us are unique and created that way so it’s unrealistic to be ‘boxed’. What we need to achieve is inner peace and harmony and happiness about being us – if we achieve that then we energise those around us and bring happiness to our family, friends and community.

      Sending you my best wishes and to your best health!


  • Awesome site! You clearly have a strong passion for what you are writing about and it shows. Keep up the good work! Love all of the little details you have put onto your site as well. You have put a lot of time in to your site and I hope that it pays off! Have an awesome day!

    • Hi

      Thanks so much for your comments. I appreciate the positive encouragement. It’s always nice to get good feedback, so thank you again!

      Wishing you the very best health


  • Hello Jason you have a great website. I like how every page has a different design to it. I have never heard of Holistic Health before so it was very interesting to read up on it. I will definitely be trying this in the future! Does this work for you?

    • Hi Rodney

      Thanks for your feedback and comments. Glad you are going to try some of the techniques. Please let me know how you get on. I’d love to know how you found it. In regard me, yes i use these techniques in my life everyday – but I’m human, and at times slip from the path and forget what I should be doing and how I should be doing it, its then that life gives you a swift kick as a reminder! I guess everyday is a learning curve and things do change over time. The balance I needed in my life 5 years ago is radically different to today simply because we change as we have various positive or negative life experiences.

      However they work brilliantly and are really powerful in gaining true fulfilment. So stick with it!

      Wishing you all the best of health


  • Great article! I really liked the picture that says “Life is like riding a bike to keep your balance you must keep moving.” It made me think about it a bit…and yeah I do agree with that statement.

    I believe I am internally motivated because I prefer close connections with a few chosen people and I enjoy times of quiet solitude.

    I believe that I do have a balanced life too. I love being me and have total acceptance of myself. I think this is really important. Why be someone that you are not? I feel comfortable in my own skin already.

    • Hi Teresa

      Thank you so much for your comments and feedback. I also am internally motivated and working day by day on keeping the balance right. I love your comments about being happy with who you are, believe it or not its a concept a lot of people struggle with, but one that is extremely important if we are to truly find balance and be happy.

      To your very best health


  • Really great and inspirational post, a pleasure to read.
    It comes to mind the quote from one of the Louise Hay books where she talks about the power of our mind and if someone will create a peace and harmony and balance in their minds, it will definitely will find a way in their lives.

    I have never heard of the concept of being externally or internally motivated. I guess I am more externally motivated and I believe it may evolve with time and hopefully the true balance may be achieved.

    • Hi Milla

      Thank you for your comments. Being externally motivated is not a bad thing, it’s what makes you you, so can only be good. Trying to be internally motivated would knock you off balance – the most productive thing for people is to recognise their motivation and then use it to help find their natural balance.

      Louise Hay has some amazing concepts and is absolutely correct – what we tell ourselves, what we truly believe is what we truly will get.

      Thanks again for your comments and wishing you the very best of heallth


  • Hi Jason!

    Great article! I totally agree with it, balance in our lives is one the most important things, yet one of the hardest to achieve.

    I think all of us, at some point, lost our balance. Maybe because of work stress, family issues, health issues, whatever…
    The hard part is to make the comeback and regain that precious balance.
    I think each of us is different, and maybe we also change through time, in my case, when I feel im loosing it, It helps me a lot to focusing on my body, I mean doing some sports and stuff likes that, It really helps me a lot.

    Great post again!!


    • Hey

      Thanks for your comments. I agree completely – we all lose our balance at times and then it’s so hard to bring back our equilibrium. Like you say, the biggest bit is recognising it, accepting it, and then doing something that alows us to refocus and regain any lost ground. It’s also important that we don’t beat ourselves up over it. To lose track and become unfocused is all part of being human and developing. Our atttudes and prefeences grow with us so whats right for us today may be totslly wrong in 5 years time. Its all abput ensuring what we do brings us closer to being the person we want to be and one that gives to society in a productive and meaningful way.

      Thanks again for your comments and best health to you


  • Great article on why is a balanced lifestyle important – had me gripped from start to finish!
    I especially like your view on a balanced lifestyle going to look and feel different for everyone – this seems to rign very true.
    If a newcomer was looking to improve his/her lifestyle what would be your first recommendation?

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your comments. In terms of advice, again its so individualistic I wouldn’t like to say there is one correct answer. For me, I would suggest that the first step would be some self reflection – sounds easy but it’s probably the hardest thing for anyone to do. To begin to find the balance that’s right for us we need to really look deeply at the ‘real’ us – what are we proud of, why are we proud of it? Are there aspects of our life we aren’t proud of, or we know are doing us spiritual, physical or emotional damage? Can we be strong enoughg to say – i need to stop this part, i need to cancel this connection or i need to do more of…..

      If we choose to do something we usually know if its right for us or not and we ignore that little niggly feeling at our own peril…and I talk from experience!

      Hope that helped a little!

      your best health always


  • I love this… great post!! 🙂
    I completely lost my balance a few years ago and have found myself really regaining it again over the past year, so it’s really interesting to read about this stuff!! I’ll be looking forward to the next post!! 🙂

    • Hi Zoe
      Thanks so much for your comments. I’m so pleased you were willing to share a little about your loss of balance. It’s great news though as ,talking from experience also, simply being able to admit you’ve lost balance or ‘lost your way’ is actually more than half the battle won. I’m glad you found the article interesting. I am also curious, or nosey, could you personally relate to the 2 different motivators? and if so do you think your loss of balance was due to not remaining true to one or the other? In any regard, nosiness aside I appreciate you taking the time to write in and I wish you the very best for a healthy and happy future. Hope to hear from you again soon.

  • Enjoyable and inspirational read. Maintaining a happy and sensible balance in life is not always easy, especially during ones middle years of child caring and intensity of work. With my children having all flown the nest, I am very conscious of that desired lifestyle balance – and do everything possible to achieve it.

    Love life and don’t waste time, it’s too short!


    • Hi Rob
      I absolutely agree. There are times during our lives that we don’t find that balance that we wished we c0uld, and that’s usually because we are busy making sure others are ok, like our children. As hard as it is I would still encourage everyone to find at least 20 mins in the day to be ‘with themselves’ as hard as it might seem to be if you allow yourself those few precious moments everyone around you benefits. You need to be happy before you can make others happy. I certainly hope you’re enjoying the freedom and looking after you!

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