What Is Reiki Energy Healing? [An Overview Of The 3 Levels]

What Is Reiki Energy Healing? [An Overview Of The 3 Levels]

To understand our topic, What Is Reiki Energy Healing, we first need to understand the Degrees of Attainment or, as they are more commonly known, the 3 levels of Reiki.

In this article we discuss the 3 levels of attainment and the role of the various energetic attunements required at each stage.

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What Is Reiki Energy Healing - 3 Levels Of Attainment


Reiki Degrees – Levels Of Attainment

Reiki healers are divided into three, some would argue four (and we will discuss further in the article) levels of therapeutic practice. The levels are achieved through the receiving of universal energy and training from a Reiki Master Teacher.  This is complimented and energetically embedded through the receiving of several staged attunements.

Reiki Attunements – Clearing Blocks, Raising Vibration, Becoming A Conduit.

The attunements are said to be the catalyst for the Reiki Energy (which is the Universal Life Force energy and responsible for the healing which takes place within the body). After receiving the attunements it is said this makes the practitioner more able to become a clear conduit for passage of the Reiki Healing Energies.

At each stage the Reiki Tutee will also inducted by learning the several sacred symbols of Reiki.  Each symbol represents a differing healing force energy and is used by the practitioner to guide specific healing energies for the treatment of self or others. These symbols, supposedly secret to the practitioners, are in fact now commonly known and can be found online.

What Is Reiki Energy Healing – The Three Levels

What is Reiki Energy Healing -The First Degree

At stage one the Reiki healer student focuses upon clearing and cleansing his/her own energy systems, removing negative self thought and limiting beliefs and understanding the conduit nature of universal energy.

The student learns, that as a Reiki healer, they are not responsible for the healing that occurs within their patient.  They discover that through training and attunement they become a perfect conduit. They become a purified channel for universal healing energy which is drawn through them to be used by the patient.

At level 1, the first degree, the Reiki Master will also instruct in the history of Reiki, as well as offer their personal definition for what is reiki energy healing. They will also guide the novice in learning and understanding the basic hand positions for healing.

There is a unique set or pattern of hand positions for self healing and for the healing of others. These healing positions are optimal for the channeling and transference of healing energies.

At level 1 the Reiki sacred symbols, and how to draw them to maximize their healing power, will also be discussed.

Tutees will receive the first attunement (of 4 parts) which links the novice to both universal energy and the masters purified energy.  This begins the process of energetic body cleansing and enables the physical body to open and become a channel for the reiki healing energy.

The first degree is about self, about becoming a conduit and about being open.

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the infinite spiral-what is reiki energy healing

What Is Reiki Energy Healing – The Second Degree

The Reiki Second Degree Healers training focuses on the subtle body, or what we would call the aura. Tutees learn specifically three symbols- The Power Symbol, The Mental Symbol and The Distance Symbol which can be used to help focus energy for specific purposes.

They can also focus on the healing of others rather than self and can begin the practice of symbology and of hand positioning in order to practice distance or absentee healing.

What Is Reiki Energy Healing – The Third Degree or Master Level 

The Reiki III healer makes a commitment to protect and further the practice of Reiki. This training allows the tutee to call themselves Master and to teach the practice of Reiki.  This is where some controversy lies.

In some fields of Reiki it is said you should call yourself Master at third degree and only Master Teacher (4th Degree) once you truly have served and studied for a period of time. However this passage of time is left to the tutee to determine and therefore you may call yourself Master or Master Teacher when you feel it is right within yourself after receiving the 3rd Degree training and attunements.

what is reiki energy healing

The 5 Principles of Reiki

To understand fully what is Reiki energy healing we must be clear that it is not a type of religion, but a spiritual code of attributes formulated from 5 major principles.

  • Just for today, I will not anger
  • Just for today, I will not worry.
  • Just for today, I will be grateful for all my blessings
  • Just for today, I will work with honesty and integrity
  • Just for today, I will be kind to all living beings

Are their any risks in Reiki energy healing?

Reiki energy healing is about working with the Universal positive life force. This means it can only work for the positive good of a person without violating the human will.   No harm can come to a patient as they must always have given their consent, they themselves must draw the Reiki energy from the healer (the healer is merely a conduit for the energy) and because it is universal life force energy it will only go where it is needed and when needed.

Reiki is used as commonplace alongside Western medicine and other alternative therapies such as homeopathy, aromatherapy and hypnotherapy; and does not ask the patients to change religious or other spiritual or lifestyle points of view. The therapy is only develop to help.


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