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Welcome to Healthy Natured. I’m Jason, originally from New Zealand, but for the last 16 of my 43 years I’ve been based in London and working in Education.  I started life as teacher of 5 and 6 year olds.  Since then I’ve taught or an administrator for every age group from 3-18. Since 2000 I have been Principal of 3 large inner city schools and worked with some amazing and dedicated people.  Together we achieved incredible results and transformed the life opportunities of our kids, simply by allowing them to learn, to believe in themselves and to take risks and not give up.

Why are you talking to a School Teacher on a Natural Health and Wellness site? – Welcome to Healthy Natured

Good question!  My passion and belief for natural products and holistic wellness started in my early 20’s.  I found myself tired all the time, was sweating profusely and generally feeling lacklustre.  I had no enthusiasm for things I had once loved and any suggestion of a late night would have seen me quietly dissolve into the background and home to bed.

I sought medical advice and had test after test after consultation after another test, You get the picture! Every time there was a different diagnosis that led to inconclusive results.  In the end I was left with no answers and the distinct impression that the medical world thought it was all in my head.  This in no way detracts from their professionalism and dedication or their commitment to medicine.  It’s just, I’ve learnt. some aspects of life that science and medicine will never be able to understand fully or justify.

My journey really began while over a coffee with a friend.  She had listened to my updates and suggested I may want to try holistic treatments.  She mentioned she had recently been to an aromatherapist and alongside the aromatherapy programme she was also getting regular chakra balancing and crystal healing.  Had I been healthier I would have probably nodded politely and moved the conversation to safer territory but in all honesty I’d hit rock bottom and was ready to try anything.

I booked an appointment and turned up.  We spent an hour in conversation, what was aromas based therapy, the different aromas and their connections to healing properties and the significance of colour.  By the end of that session, while still slightly unsure, I agreed to give it a try.    By the end of the first week my moods had lifted and I was feeing more positive. By week 4 I had lost weight, stopped sweating and could manage a full day without collapsing on the couch moments after getting home.  Week 8 I’d become me again.  Id also had crystal therapy, chakra balancing and seen an acupuncturist.  Id had different remedies suggested and was reading and researching anything and everything I could about natural healing methods.  Today I am still fascinated by the various remedies and the incredible impact they have and am committed to ensuring others know about it as well.

The only remaining thing for me, and I believe this is ingrained into our psyche by modern medical concepts and daily experiences when we’ve been ill, was “So what was wrong with me? What did I have?”  I asked Lorraine, my initial aromatherapist, on one of my visits a few weeks into my programme.  She said, and I’ve never forgotten it, “Does it matter what it is or what it was if its gone?”

Does it matter what it is     Or what it was    If its gone?

That brief statement is the difference between modern medical science and the holistic remedies of nature and natural living.  As people firstly we seek a diagnosis, we want to know the name of the disease or problem that affects us, by knowing its name we can isolate a pill to take or a cream to apply.  We can read about it, hang on to it and in most cases we feel better just having a name to pin on it.  With holistic therapies the diagnosis isn’t the important part.   What’s important is how you feel today, to understand completely your current symptoms and the methodologies or various treatments  which counteract those symptoms allowing your body and mind to regain balance.  With balance comes health.

I hope you’ll enjoy the site, get great tips and ideas for a healthier more balanced life, join in on the conversations and add the the dialogue.  I’d love to hear about your experiences and opinions.  If you have any specific questions feel free to email me. Look forward to chatting with you again soon.

Before I sign off some off you may be wondering where the term Healthy Natured comes from.  Its simple.  To be healthy you need to act healthy and believe in your bodies awesome ability to promote health.  Do this and you too are Healthy Natured.

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Welcome to Healthy Natured.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Healthy Natured”

    • Hello Gary,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. No not all in my head, many things maybe but not on this occasion lol. Good spot for pointing it out. If anyone does have the same question – I was much later given an allopathic diagnosis but of course by this time the series of holistic therapists and treatments had done wonders and still to this day I have not needed to take the prescription medication I was informed would be needed for possibly the remainder of my adult life. I would also point out so people don’t get the wrong idea – I am not encouraging forgoing or replacing prescribed pharmaceuticals and everyone should be guided by their doctor or therapist – I was fortunate that the holistic treatments I use for my condition responded amazingly well. I still go to my regular doctor and have 6 monthly checks and at this stage even she agrees that everything is in good balance. The only thing I know for certain was my condition before I began using holistic therapies and my condition after. And the after is fantastic.
      wishing you best health

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