Top Crystal Picks For Weight Loss (Energy Guide 2018)

Top Crystal Picks For Weight Loss (Energy Guide 2018)

I’m often asked if our top crystal picks for weight loss is “for real”.   I always answer Yes!  I’m not going to post about it,if it doesn’t work!

OK so it’s no magic lose weight instantly formula…these crystals aren’t going to jog around the block on your behalf (dammit!), but they will aid you by giving you the energy and vibrational intention to do so yourself.  Its energy we are talking about!

So the answers are …

This article will provide some suggestions, energetic suggestions, to help you utilize the universal vibrational energy of crystals which support healthy energies, weight loss and losing belly fat in particular!

We need to care for our physical body, but there are other factors at play, and we are much more than just our physical bodies.

Our physical is also interlinked with, and made up of, our emotions … our mind … and our spirit.

We are made of measurable and immeasurable energy.  If we ignore all aspects of “us” and only focus on the physical aspect of how to lose weight such as workouts or food we will not be successful in the long run. We will instead join the “belly fat yo-yo club”.

Weight loss is attainable, but without looking at ourselves as a whole, it may not be sustainable.

First, let me just say that just like with any other weight loss remedy, you cannot depend on the crystals alone. They should be used as a tool & support.  

So my Top Crystal Picks For Weight Loss are genuinely wonderful when also used with sensible diet and exercise.  

Let me be honest! Crystals WILL work!

Since birth, and then by our eating routines ever since, we have programmed our mind and body to expect certain highs triggered by foods.

When we remove those foods and therefore those highs, our body is going to let us know that it is not happy.  It wants its routine…and it will demand you return to routine and feed the beast.

Rather than submit to those habitual urges, it is time to replace those unhealthy highs with healthy ones.

Meditation and exercise are better, longer-lasting alternatives to the quick rise and crash your energy gets from poor nutrition.

Time To Reprogram

Our top crystal picks for weight loss aid in reprogramming.  They will aid us in establishing new patterns, elevating mind-over-matter mentality, and taming our natural emotional responses so that we don’t wreak havoc on those around us during the time of vibrational transition.

The top crystal picks for weight loss are those crystals with a high vibrational energy that are attuned to motivation, positivity, intention setting, breaking negative cycles, and bringing us emotional stability.

Using combinations of these stones will help bolster your diet’s success rate.

top crystal picks for weight loss

Imbalances in our energetic body often manifest as extra stored weight and a state of imbalance (physically, mentally and emotionally.)

By recognizing and eliminating these potential problems before they hit our physical body, we can ward off disease even before it begins to manifest in our body.

Crystal placement on and around our body supports our overall health (thus a healthy weight) by the principle of entrainment; energy of a stronger and higher frequency will dominate a similar frequency of a lower and more unstable amplitude.  

We, as humans, are hugely influenced by vibrational frequencies, especially the natural stable frequencies (such as crystals). This makes our vibrational bodies highly responsive to the healing effects of crystals.

Healing crystals emit frequencies which don’t vary significantly, they are known as “stable transmitters”, and known as geometrically perfect.

When these crystals are placed within our close environment, they entrain us to match their perfect vibration. This varies with the the frequencies and healing properties of our carefully chosen stone.

Our human vibration can quite easily be knocked out of balance due to the stress of everyday.  Crystal vibration remain steady.  Our human physical body acts as a receiver. Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual system is constantly tuning into the stable vibrations within our environment.

Crystals alone will not make us lose weight. If we continue to pig out on fatty foods and never do any exercise we will remain as we are!


If we follow a better diet and we start to exercise our chosen crystal will enhance the impact of our efforts.

With sensible eating and daily moderate exercise the crystals will double, triple or quadruple your results…they will not do it alone…

Top Crystal Picks For Weight Loss

The Top Crystal Picks For Weight Loss will help boost your performance and therefore will boost weight loss…. acting like a conduit… they will boost metabolism and keep our internal fires burning.

To ensure their impact you need to begin with good diet and exercise program…our crystals will improve and aid results.

Lets put everything in perspective..

If we change diet and add exercise we know we will lose weight …  when we then add crystal vibration therapy we can expect our results to double!  Crystals add additional intentional energy!

If we just used crystals but didn’t change our food or diet … we can’t logically expect results… our crystals add vibrational energy and intent.

If we want to lose weight with crystals we also need to do the hard yard….the good news…. by adding crystal therapy to our weight loss program it will happen easier and quicker.

Top Crystal Picks For Weight Loss (Energy Guide 2018)


What Stones Are The Top Crystal Picks For Weight Loss:

So here they are… and ensure you read to the end as they need to be used in certain ways and in certain combinations.

Apatite (Ironic name?!)

Blue Apatite Healing Crystal
List Price:$5.99
Price Disclaimer





Apatite and Sunstone are both SUPREME crystals for suppressing hunger and for speeding up your metabolism!

Sodalite will help to ease the weight loss and habit changing bodily process through improving our cellular function and helping us regulate water retention.

How To Use Our Top Crystal Picks For Weight Loss

There are various ways, here’s a downloadable and printable list

Top Crystal Picks For Weight Loss

  • Create a gem elixir (minus the sodalite due to aluminum content)
  • Carry them in a mojo bag
  • Wear them as jewelry
  • Put the healing crystals in your pillowcase at night
  • Meditate with some or all of the crystals
  • Create a crystal grid using these stones

The Apatite crystals (I recommend either Blue or Green Apatite) works to suppress or control the appetite. Apatite is also great for helping you to find and maintain your ideal body weight (or your most healthy body weight).

Since Amethyst works well to help people to break bad habits or to overcome addictions, it can be useful for people who have issues with portion control or overeating (for emotional or mental reasons).

Carnelian can increase feelings of hunger, but this is because it works to enhance the metabolism. I would recommend starting out with the Apatite and Amethyst and adding the Carnelian into the mix only after you have started to lose some weight (ideally when you’ve lost about 10% of your total goal).

Using a combination of the Apatite with the Amethyst and Carnelian helps to manage weight loss on the physical, emotional, and mental levels (instead of just the physical like as with most traditional weight loss techniques).

The stones help not only energetically, but also that they are a good reminder for portion control, eating slowly and deliberately, and being conscious of the nourishment that you are taking into your body. Although shifting the pattern in your energy field can go a long way toward helping you achieve your healthiest weight, making healthy lifestyle choices is equally as important.

The crystals are useful, but it is still up to you to nourish your body with a good diet, to exercise regularly, and to speak with your physician about your weight loss goals.

To get the best results with these crystals, there are several ways that I recommend you use them:

1. Carry the stones in your pockets (or set in jewelry) during the day and place them on your bedside table at night (so that you can continue to absorb the healing energy while you are asleep).

2. Before eating your meals, hold your stones for a few moments and intend that your body will receive all of the nutrition that it most needs at this time (and that it clears anything that is not needed).

3. Place the stones on the table near your plate of food so that the crystals can charge your meal with their energy as you eat.

4. After you have finished eating, hold the stones over your belly (or over the area that you would most like to lose weight) and visualize yourself as your ideal. healthy weight.

Hope you enjoyed our top crystal picks for weight loss.

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