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what is reiki energy healing

What Is Reiki Energy Healing? An Overview Of The 3 Levels.

To understand what is Reiki Energy Healing we first need to understand the 3 main levels of Reiki.  In this article I offer an overview of the 3 levels of attainment and the various attunements Reiki healers are divided into three, some would argue four (and we will discuss further in the article) levels of therapeutic practice. The levels are achieved by…

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aura colors their meanings

Aura Colors Their Meanings Explained In Detail

In this article Aura Colors Their Meanings Explained we look at the human aura and then an overview of the differing colors that make up an aura.  We also examine the aura color meanings. Aura Colors Their Meanings Explained. The Auric Field All living things, vegetation, animal, human etc., are surrounded by an Aura.  This Aura is the energy field…

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top crystals for healing quartz crystals healing powers

Quartz Crystals Healing Powers Explained

In this post "Quartz Crystals Healing Powers Explained" we look at possibly the most well known and most loved of all the healing crystals - Clear Quartz.  What makes Clear Quartz such an amazing crystal for healing and why is it a must have addition to any home or healing kit. Why Clear Quartz? - Quartz Crystals Healing Powers Explained…

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