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how does crystal healing work

Natural Healing Crystals – How Does Crystal Healing Work?

Natural Healing Crystals How Does Crystal Healing Work? Crystals and their use in healing has a long tradition.  The Aztec,  Roman and ancient Egyptian civilizations all have recorded history of utilizing natural healing crystals.  Today, seen as a pseudo science, there are still many people who use natural healing crystals and swear by their effectiveness and health giving benefits.  I…

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free printable guided meditations

Free Printable Guided Meditations Download

Welcome to the first edition of a series of free printable guided meditations! The guided meditation discussed in this post, one of the free printable guided meditations, can be downloaded as PDF at the end of this article. Free Printable Guided Meditations Guided Meditation to Balance Chakras As we begin to focus on leading a healthy natural holistic life we…

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what is holistic health mindfulness

What is Holistic Health Mindfulness?

In this second article we ask what is Holistic Health Mindfulness? How does it impact on us and how do we ensure we balance the holistic triad of Mind, Body and Energy/Spirit. How do we achieve Holistic Balance - What is Holistic Health Mindfulness? Balancing the spiritual and physical. Body, Mind and Spirit We must always remember that our physical body,…

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healing hands massage

Healing Hands Massage

Healing Hands Massage - Taoist Self Massage Healing Hands Massage for all When most of us think about massage we primarily think of relaxation, stress relief or perhaps just pure indulgence when on holiday or need that bit of pampering. When we discuss Taoist Self Massage or Chi Self Massage we leave behind the concept of purely muscle manipulation and…

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