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Metaphysical properties tiger eye

Metaphysical Properties Tiger Eye Healing Stone

Metaphysical properties Tiger Eye - Tiger Eye Healing Stone is a fabulous addition to your crystal healing kit.  This gem of a healing stone has been used for centuries across various cultures and civilizations because of its unique powers for health, well-being, personal and spiritual development. Tiger Eye Healing Stone is one crystal that you should most definitely have.  In…

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top crystals for healing

Selenite Crystal Healing Properties

In this post we introduce the Selenite Crystal Healing Properties.  Used for centuries, and across cultures, Selenite is one of the most highly regarded of all healing stones due to it's unique properties for physical healing, spiritual healing and it's incredible cleansing and clearing properties. Selenite Crystal Healing Properties. What is Selenite? Selenite is a relatively common crystal and is…

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8 Top Crystal Healing Techniques For Everyday Ailments

Healing Crystals Stones Need Cleansing and Clearing

Now that you have your Healing Crystals you want to ensure they are cleansed, cleared and charged ready to work for you. Healing Crystals Stones  - A Guide for cleansing and care Cleansing and Clearing your stone Cleansing and clearing your crystals is one of the most important things you should do whenever you purchase a new crystal.  Remember that…

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