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8 Top Crystal Healing Techniques For Everyday Ailments

Healing Crystals Stones Need Cleansing and Clearing

Now that you have your Healing Crystals you want to ensure they are cleansed, cleared and charged ready to work for you. Healing Crystals Stones  - A Guide for cleansing and care Cleansing and Clearing your stone Cleansing and clearing your crystals is one of the most important things you should do whenever you purchase a new crystal.  Remember that…

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awaken kundalini 3 easy steps

What are the 7 Chakras and How to Balance Chakras

The latest article in Healthy Natured answers all your questions in relation to Chakra's and gives full details about the bodies Nadi system and why this energy field is crucial to maintaining your health and well-being. In this post we explore what are the 7 chakras and how to balance chakras. Many people will have heard of the term Chakra…

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