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Top Crystal Picks For Weight Loss

Holistic Healing – Crystals and The Law Of Attraction

In recent months I have noticed a great deal of interest and questions relating to energy holistic healing, particularly the modalities of Crystal Vibrational Energy, Reiki, Color Therapy and if these can be used with the manifestation Laws Of Attraction. With these questions in mind I hope that this article Crystals and the Law of Attraction will provide some of the answers…

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plant therapy essential oils

Plant Therapy Essential Oils – Top 14 Aromatherapy Set Review

Plant Therapy Essential Oils Set Review Essential Oils are one of nature's wonders. These plant based products are much more than fine fragrances for room spray, candles and diffusers, they are also excellent when used for their natural healing properties. Most widely known is an alternative medicine therapy - Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years and is…

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make herb infused olive oil

Make Herb Infused Olive Oil for Health and Healing

In this post we will be looking at how you can make herb infused olive oil for health and healing.  Often herbal infused oil is seen as a tasty ingredient for cooking and to keep in the stock cupboard. But were you aware that infusing olive oil (or any other carrier oil) with herbs will not only add flavor and…

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arthritis pain relief essential oil guide

Arthritis Pain Relief Essential Oil Guide

In this article we continue our exploration of the usage of essential oils for health and healing. The Arthritis Pain Relief Essential Oil Guide offers easy, safe and natural methods for easing and soothing arthritic pain using aromatherapy essential oils. Arthritis is a crippling and debilitating condition that affects many people at any age of life.  The reasons for people…

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what is an aromatherapy oil

What Is An Aromatherapy Oil?

In this article we answer the questions what is an aromatherapy oil and how is it made.  We look at the history and beliefs about aromatherapy and then specifically examine what is an aromatherapy oil. History and Belief of Aromatherapy  To truly understand what is an aromatherapy oil we need to look at what is aromatherapy, it's history an the…

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what is an aromatherapy diffuser

What is an Aromatherapy Diffuser – Aromatherapy Essential Oils Guide

In this article, a continuation of our essential oils series, we will look at the use of essential oils through diffusion and it's impact upon health and wellness.  So what is an aromatherapy diffuser, why is it used and what are the benefits of diffusion?  To answer these questions we firstly need to look at the alternative and complementary application…

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