Selenite Crystal Healing Properties & How You Can Use It For Healing

Selenite Crystal Healing Properties & How You Can Use It For Healing

In this post we introduce the Selenite Crystal Healing Properties.  Used for centuries, and across cultures, Selenite is one of the most highly regarded of all healing stones due to it’s unique properties for physical healing, spiritual healing and it’s incredible cleansing and clearing properties.

Selenite Crystal Healing Properties.

What is Selenite?

Selenite is a relatively common crystal and is a variety of gypsum.

Because of it’s unique physical structure it can be easily shaped, carved and formed into differing shapes and styles for use in healing.  Selenite, unlike the majority of other healing stones, is very soft which needs careful handling as is easily scratches and damaged.

Sheet Selenite is often flexible enough to bend with gentle pressure which is why it is one of the crystals that is often shaped into various metaphysical shapes or carved with symbology.

It is also one of the crystals that should never be cleansed in water…it will dissolve.

selenite healing crystals properties
Selenite is unique due to it’s soft and flexible composition. It is a crystal of truth, honesty and mental clarity.

Uses in Healing.

The selenite crystal healing properties are linked closely with the subtle bodies and in particular to Mental Clarity, Psychic development, Intuition and Spiritual Communication.  It is also known as the crystal of Angels and believed to aid in connection to the Divine.

In terms of the physical world Selenite is a crystal of mental clarity.  Selenite aids the user to make good and clear decisions, enables flexibility in thinking and is extremely helpful for those who suffer physical conditions that impair judgement or that have symptoms of confusion or mental disorientation.  Selenite also promotes truth, honesty and clear communication.  It ensures the user recognizes the truth and is an excellent stone for communication in relationships (personal and business)

Selenite, from the Greek Selene for moon, brings energies and strengthens development of the unconscious, instinct, subconscious, and emotional well-being.  Due to it’s association with the moon Selenite also is linked to water energy hence it’s healing properties for flexibility and intuition.

The Angel Stone – Selenite Crystal Healing Properties.

Selenite in the physical aids mental clarity and communication but is widely regarded as an Angel Stone.  Selenite is used for contacting and communicating with guides, spirit, angels, the Divine (call them what you will)  for guidance. Selenite is particularly good for discovering and communicating with spirit guides.

Selenite is useful for spirit communication and healing because it very easily removes energy blocks, from the physical and subtle bodies.  As well as removing blocks in a persons chakras and energy fields it also removes blockages and impure energies from other crystals and stones.  It is unique as the selenite crystals healing properties extend to other crystals. Your selenite will therefore cleanse, clear and charge other crystals.

Selenite has a powerful association with Ajna, the third eye chakra, and is therefore excellent for development of intuition and psychic awareness.  Many use Selenite to assist accessing information regarding past lives and regressive healing as well as aiding communication through clairvoyance.

selenite crystal healing properties
My Selenite Crystal Wand used for Reiki Energy Healing and Spirit Communication

Selenite is excellent for balancing your subtle bodies and promotes deeper meditations and is often associated with spiritual awakenings.  It is said that selenite brings clarity to spiritual understanding and clarifies communications making messages received during meditation crystal clear.

Selenite is a powerful clearing stone and is an excellent stone for personal and psychic protection.  Its properties dispel negativity on both an emotional and spiritual level.  Combined with it’s association with angels and the dispelling of negativity means it is an excellent stone for prayer and to ask for guidance, support and protection.

Selenite, due to its properties of mental flexibility and honesty aids relationships and helps enhance love.  It brings peace, harmony and the ability to give and receive love.

Selenite Crystal healing properties are:

  • Removing energy blocks to aid physical, emotional and spiritual healing,
  • Clearing communication issues,
  • Clearing confusion – Selenite is particularly helpful for those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia,
  • Due to its work clearing blockages it helps Chakra realignment and balance which aids aligning the spine,
  • It decreases epilepsy and seizures.
  • Promotion of  flexibility,
  • Aids absorption of calcium and other minerals and vitamins.
  • Promotes fertility,
  • Increases libido,
  • Is a powerful protector of pregnancy and motherhood.
  • Aids spiritual development and growth
  • Associated with Ajna and Sahasrara Chakras and also Swadhisthanna (Sacral Chakra)

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