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UK based, but delivering worldwide, this range of products offers a truly Holistic approach to skin, hair and body care.   Each of these recommended products not only comes with the Healthy Natured stamp of approval but the product information guarantees the manufacturers focus on everything being naturally sourced while the general well-being of the body and mind is of the utmost importance.

Holistic and Luxury? It’s going to be expensive?

NO!  As well as having a clear commitment to holistic body products the company mission is “to have the best quality products for the best possible price.”  I have looked at range after range of products, each claiming to be healthy or pure or natural.  Mostly they disappoint but this range is different.  It puts its money where its mouth is so is very welcome.  The manufacturers have not only ensured quality products, with excellent ingredients but the range is delivered in a way which cant fail but to engage the senses.

True pioneers in the field of holistic products and offering ground-breaking ideas they source only the best and most luxurious of natural base products from around the world and all of them 100% Paraben free.

Judging purely based on ingredients alone these products are packed full of the finest natural fragrances and oils which, I would think,  deliver measurable and tangible results.

If you’re interested in a natural, pure and holistic range of beauty products then look no further!  I would love to hear your feedback if you do try them or if you are already using them in your daily routine.



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Natural Care Inc - UK distributors for Luxury Natural Beauty Products with brands including Cinerex Skin Care, Reseed Complete Hair and Scalp Treatment and Figurite Anti-Cellulite System
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