Qigong Health Benefits (What Is Qigong Healing )

Qigong Health Benefits (What Is Qigong Healing )

Qigong is another of the ancient forms of Chinese healing and health exercises.  Records show Qigong to date as far back as 4,000 years. It is a gentle type of exercise and suitable for those of all ages. The Qigong Health Benefits are said to raise energy levels and therefore promote overall health and well being  It is especially beneficial for those who practice it daily.

Qigong Health Benefits:

There are three main components to the practice of Qigong:

  • Deep breathe and breathing exercises
  • Meditation
  • Slow and deliberate body movements, designed to strengthen muscles and increase personal flexibility

Qigong is a set of exercises based upon nature and the movements of nature.

The practice uses slow and fluid movements, intended to mimic those motions found in nature and the natural world, such as the falling rain or the blowing winds.

Qigong helps us to become more energetically balanced enabling our body to move with greater fluidity.  This helps us gain better posture, greater flexibility and improved muscle tone.

Qigong also enables us to achieve a greater sense of inner peace and promotes a calmer mind leading to a better state of emotional well being.

The practice consists of various movements usually named after different types of animals.  The set of movements are designed to flow smoothly from one to another in a set pattern.

The ancient Chinese figured out long ago that the mind and body are closely connected. Qigong is designed to strengthen and improve that mind body connection.

One of the Qigong Health Benefits is the unification of the body, the mind and the spirit.  Qigong is a graceful form of exercise very much like Tai Chi and Yoga.

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Qigong Health Benefits – The Flow And Necessity Of Qi

Qi is our life energy and should flow freely within the body.

When Qi is blocked, or is out of balance, we get sick.  This imbalance in energy means our body is unable to function as well as it should.

The Qi travels via various channels within the body, known as meridians.  These meridians are known by various names in various cultures. Many will know these energy channels as the nadis which enable to energy flow from the 7 major chakras.

In Qigong, the movements enable the energy in our body to travel without hindrance from any blockage and imbalance within the meridians.

Qigong is often used along with acupuncture to relieve blockages in the meridians.  Acupuncture clears  these blockages which can prevent the free flow of qi energy.

Qigong originated in ancient China and was relatively unheard of in the Western world.   Thanks to technology and the ease of International travel, the Qigong Masters were able to travel and spread this healing exercise.

Now, particularly in the US, the practice of Qigong has became incredibly popular and recognized for its health benefits.

Today, Qigong is taught by Qigong Masters in person or on video and DVD.

Currently, there are almost three quarters of a million Americans who practice Qigong on a daily basis.  This number is growing steadily with the acceptance of Qigong as a healthy and safe alternative to many exercise regimes.

Many doctors are now recommending Qigong to their patients for a variety of ailments. Qigong has been found to decrease neck and back pain, joint pain, arthritic pain as well as emotional anxiety.

It helps us to manage the daily stress of our lives, can control insomnia and depression.  It is also recommended for those suffering with fibromyalgia, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and diabetes.

How Is Qigong Beneficial?

Qigong has been studied by researchers.

Of Note one paper – “A Comprehensive Review of Health Benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi” – shows an incredible correlation to the practice of Qigong and the improvement of physical and emotional health of practitioners.

This research has discovered much evidence that Qigong is a healing form of exercise. It’s benefits include:

  • An increase in balance, flexibility and muscle tone.
  • Greater calming of the mind, eliciting the relaxation response of the physical body. This relaxation response is seen as critical for both mental and physical health as it reduces stress.
  • Reduction of stress has a hugely positive impact on our body.  The release of stress hormones contribute to our anxiety, build up of belly fat and impacts many of our bodily functions.
  • Qigong helps to quiet the mind, bringing calm.  It is a form of meditative exercise.  This type of meditative relaxation alleviates stress in the current moment as well as enabling longer terms relaxation and anxiety reduction.
  • Qigong has been shown to improve our total bodies circulation as well as helping our liver to remove toxins.
  • Those who regularly practice Qigong have seen overall improvement and strengthening of the  immune system.
  • Qigong helps with emotional health by relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression.  It has been shown to help with insomnia and aide people improve their sleep patterns.
  • Qigong improves our blood circulation and therefore promotes better heart health.  Studies have shown that Qigong when practiced regularly can help lower blood pressure and prevent hypertension.
  • The meditative aspect of Qigong brings with it a wealth of health benefits.  This includes improvement in focus and concentration.
  • People of all ages and those with disability can practice Qigong due to it’s gentle nature.

Qigong Training Courses – Learn Qigong Health Benefits


Qigong is another of the ancient forms of Chinese healing and health exercises.  Records show Qigong to date as far back as 4,000 years. It is a gentle type of exercise and suitable for those of all ages. The Qigong Health Benefits are said to raise energy levels and therefore promote overall health and well being

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