Natural Amethyst, Citrine And Crystal Quartz Clusters From Brazil

  • 3 specimens which adds up to 1lb to 2lb total
  • 3-piece specimen starter set.
  • The combo set includes:
    • a natural amethyst cluster,
    • a natural citrine cluster,
    • a natural crystal quartz cluster.


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Crystal Quartz Clusters from Brazil

Since ancient times, people from different cultures and belief systems have understood the spiritual energy and protective power of Crystal Quartz Clusters from Brazil . The different colors have significant meanings, the various types of minerals promote different vibrations and energies, and their placement in environments can change the harmonic atmosphere in a room.

This set is perfect if you are just beginning your healing stones journey or far more experienced.

Amethyst Crystal Quartz Clusters from Brazil

Amethyst and its vibrant vivid purple color catches the eye and also captures the mind. It is a much favored stone for use in meditation because of its associations with spirituality, chakra purification, personal protection, and the divine universal connection. Amethyst deepens self-understanding and allows us to discover, understand and discard any unhealthy habits.

Citrine Crystal Quartz Clusters from Brazil

The warm yellow and orange tones of Citrine align it with the sun and natural element of fire.

It is believed, because of the sun and fire relationship, to be an energizing stone that is stimulating and feeds inspiration. It is associated with enhancing our imagination and creativity, for clearing our thoughts, and boosting our optimism and strengthening our personal will.

It is nicknamed the “Success Stone,” and is thought to open doors towards personal wealth and abundance.

Clear Crystal Quartz Clusters from Brazil

Ranging from perfectly clear, to swirling water to icy crisp white, the Clear Quartz is a truly versatile healing stone.

Its crystal clear appearance links it with the qualities and concepts of clarity on all levels:

  • from clearing one’s chakras
  • focusing intention to achieve goals
  • master healing
  • the ancients considered it a great meditation tool.

Clear Quartz is thought to be a means of cleansing past hurt, clearing blocks, gaining balance and raising spiritual awareness.

Natural Amethyst, Citrine And Crystal Quartz Clusters From Brazil

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Citrine Quartz Crystal Cluster From Brazil



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