Beverly Oaks Smudging Bundle – Rituals, Meditation & Protection

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The Clearing bundle includes:


★California White Sage Smudge Stick

★Palo Santo Stick

★Amethyst Cluster

★Selenite Stone

★Clear Quartz Point

The Color Burst bundle includes:


★Red Abalone Shell

★Palo Santo

★ California White Sage

★Red Calcite

★Blue Calcite

★Green Calcite

★ Orange Calcite

★Honey Calcite

★ White Calcite

★ Rose Quartz Calcite

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Smudging Bundle For Rituals, Meditation & Protection


Each sage smudge stick is picked and carefully tied with cotton string by artisan hands in Southern California. 

We exclusively incorporate salvia apiana in our smudging bundle ceremony kits, this way we ensure that we stay true to the original Native American practices.

The Palo Santo stick is known to help banish all negative energies in your space and makes a great companion to your sage.


This holy resin is said to help reduce stress and clears negative energies.

It is a pleasant earthy smell which is highly prized and very sought after.  It also combines well with other scents making it an excellent addition to any smudging bundle.

We have included a self-igniting charcoal tablet so the resin is ready to burn straight out of the box.


The amethyst chunk is known to help with sharpening the mind and protecting the soul.

The Selenite crystal is used for cleansing your healing stones and charging your tools, while the clear quartz point amplifies intentions on to which you meditate or pray.

Use your Smudging Bundle when settling into a new space.

Whenever you move into a new home, office or studio, it’s likely that the energy and balance of the space will be a complete mess and this can reflect negatively on you directly.

Burning the leaves and cleansing the area will ensure that you have fresh start and allows you to instill your personal energy flow and positive vibes from the very start.

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JL Local Smudge Kit - White Sage, Palo Santo, Abalone Shell, Smudging Feather, Kokopelli Keychain! Healing, Purifying, Meditating & Incense (Essentials Plus)

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Beverly Oaks Smudging Bundle, Perfect for Rituals, Meditation, Protection and Incense – Features California White Sage, Palo Santo, Selenite, Clear Quartz and Amethyst – Crystal Power Pack


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