Best Plant Therapy Essential Oils (Top 14 Aromatherapy Set Review 2018)

Best Plant Therapy Essential Oils (Top 14 Aromatherapy Set Review 2018)

Plant Therapy Essential Oils Set Review

Essential Oils are one of nature’s wonders. These plant oil products are much more than just fine fragrances for room sprays, candles and diffusers.  Essential oils are at their most effective and potent when used for their natural healing properties.

Most widely known is the alternative medicinal therapy based on the application of essential oils and their effect on health and well being.

What is this alternative treatment?


Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years and is still a mainstay of many Eastern healing practices.

In today’s society many people, wisely, are looking towards more natural methods to achieve health and wellness in their lives.

plant therapy essential oils

Best Plant Therapy Essential Oils

Western medicine has a propensity to write prescriptions for any ailment.  Many of these have unwelcome side effects, can be addictive and are highly toxic to our system.

It is therefore unsurprising that many of us seek alternative healing practices to aid well being and build optimal health.

The use of Aromatherapy as a treatment and natural health remedy is growing.

Why?   Simple! Using essential oils derived from plants, flowers, tree bark and other botanical components is extremely simple.  The effects are quickly recognized, the healing easy to feel and no long term experience, training or knowledge is required.

Many people who use essential oils regularly state that aromatherapy is far more effective and has much greater impact on well being than man made medications.  Aromatherapy is safe and well recognized as having far fewer negative side effects.

plant therapy essential oils

Aromatherapy can be used as an extremely effective everyday home remedy.  It is effective in treating minor, everyday, medical complaints such as fevers, flu, sprains, headaches, and coughs.  It is equally well known for it’s use in relaxation massage, meditation or simply added to a diffuser to melt away the stresses of the day.

Essential oils are more extensively used as a product within complementary therapies and alternative medicines.

It is important to note that if you are taking any form of prescription drugs we recommend you consult with a medical professional before substituting Aromatherapy for medication.  Essential Oils alone are perfectly safe and can be used in conjunction with conventional medical care.

Set of 14 Premium Grade Fragrance Oils

Holistic medicine experts, as well as many mainstream medical professionals, advocate the use of Aromatherapy.

It is often recommended to patients recovering from serious ailments.

Holistic practitioners view aromatherapy as a quality contribution to mainstream medicine and is often top of the list for recommended alternative natural healing therapies.

Doctors and researchers are aware that the use of aromatherapy to ease pain and bring calm following a surgical procedure is highly effective and aides patient healing time.

For the patient it is a win-win. You gain the benefit of any required medical surgery, but, can possibly avoid having to take follow up addictive pain medications.

Essential oils have are known to have healing properties which can help soothe and stimulate healing.  Each essential oil has it’s own unique attributes.

How To Use Plant Therapy

Each essential oil, dependent upon the plant it comes from, has differing properties and medicinal uses and therefore it is important to identify the right one/s to achieve your health goals.

Plant Therapy Essential Oils – Top 14 Aromatherapy Essential Oils

The Plant Therapy set of 14 oils is an awesome pack. It includes the most commonly used oil known for their top healing properties and that cure a variety of ailments.  This set ensures that you will always have the right oil on hand if the need arises.

What’s Included

The 14 10 ml bottles included in the starter pack are:

• Bergamot – Calming / Anxiety Relief- Perfume
• Clary Sage – Helps remove anxiety and fear
• Cinnamon Bark – Common cold remedy
• Eucalyptus – Antiseptic/cleaning agent
• Grapefruit – Antimicrobial/ Antifungal
• Lavender – Antiseptic and Anti-inflammatory
• Lemon – Anti-bacterial and mood enhancer
• Lime – Perfume and Cleaning agent
• Patchouli – Insect Repellent
• Peppermint – Pain reducer
• Rosemary – Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic
• Spearmint – Stomach soother
• Orange – Cleaning agent
• Tea Tree – Treats coughs, colds and skin ailments

These are by far the most popular and widely used oils.  This means they are known as top in terms of their ability to heal the most common ailments.

As you learn more about using Aromatherapy you can expand your collection and add other oils to your repertoire!

The Plant Therapy Essential Oils Set Also Includes

In addition to the 14 (10ml each) bottles of essential oils included in this product package, you will also find the following:

• Dropper cap
• I.D. Sticker on side


Easy to Use:

Each bottle comes with it’s own dropper and full label.  You know what you are getting and exactly how to measure each portion. When it comes to using essential oil products.

Large Variety:

14 plant oils have been included, making this pack cheaper and more convenient than ordering the same oils separately.  The oils are also premium quality. I use this pack in my own holistic practice.  Highly recommended.

All Natural:

These high quality oils are all plant based products meaning they produce the most natural healing relief possible.


Cannot Select Individual Oil Products:

Even though the selection of essential oils is great, if this is your first venture into aromatherapy or natural healing you may not necessarily use all varieties.  Perhaps consider a smaller set (although this one is hard to beat on price!)


Customer Reviews

Consumers give the plant therapy essential oils pack a 4.5 star rating out of a possible 5 star based on 100 reviews on Amazon.

Many customers were highly impressed with the quality of these oils, considering they also fit into the more affordable price. One consumer pointed out that the varied assortment is impressive as well as the packaging (and I would absolutely agree).

I would definitely (and do) purchase them again.  They are awesome in my own healing practice and make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves Aromatherapy.

Is This Product Recommended?

Based on personal experience of this product, the customer ratings and the large variety of essential oils that you receive, this product is definitely recommended.

Quality essentials are usually very expensive and this set allows you to access excellent quality at a very very reasonable price!

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