Natural Constipation Remedy Immediate Constipation Relief

Natural Constipation Remedy Immediate Constipation Relief

Constipation is often a condition that is often left untreated as people are embarrassed to speak to a professional, or in fact anyone, about it.  In this article Natural Constipation Remedy Immediate Constipation Relief we look at simple, safe and natural solutions to this at times debilitating problem.

Don’t Suffer With Constipation!

Natural Constipation Remedy Immediate Constipation Relief

Oil … Get your system lubricated!

Now we aren’t talking motor oil…we are talking Pure Virgin Olive Oil.

As well as doing what you think it might (lubricating you inside from top to bottom…literally) Olive Oil also stimulates the digestive system.  So as well as a natural lubricant it also helps get things moving within the colon and is an excellent constipation preventative.

To use this remedy we also add lemon juice.  Lemon juice lightens it and helps with flavoring. Lemon juice is also an excellent constipation prevention remedy but requires a carrier to enable it to reach the parts it needs to reach.  Therefore Olive Oil and Lemon juice are a perfect match.

Each morning, before eating and each evening before sleep take 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil mixed with 1 teaspoon of Lemon Juice.

natural constipation remedy immediate constipation relief
One Tablespoon Olive Oil, One Teaspoon Lemon Juice. Natural Constipation Remedy Immediate Constipation Relief

Flax-seed and Orange – Natural Constipation Remedy Immediate Constipation Relief


Flax-seed oil is a brilliant remedy for constipation as its viscosity enables it to coat the walls of the intestine, which in turn coats the stool and increases the bowel movements.  A word of warning…this acts pretty quick….

Flax-seed however isn’t the most palatable of tastes so combine it with freshly squeezed or pulped Orange juice.  Adding the Flax-seed Oil to orange juice is actually increasing the effects upon your constipation as oranges are an excellent source of fiber (ensure you drink it with the pulp!) and we all know that to relieve constipation we need to increase natural fiber intake.

In one standard glass of orange juice add 1 tablespoon of Flax-seed Oil  Drink on an empty stomach.  Don’t be tempted to add more oil or double the dose throughout the day…for some people it may take 1-2 hours but it will happen.

Another great alternative is a whole body superfood (organic) supplement and is highly recommended.

natural constipation remedy immediate constipation relief
Flax-seed and Orange Juice, Natural Constipation Remedy Immediate Constipation Relief

Aloe Vera – Natural Constipation Remedy Immediate Constipation Relief

I recommend you team the above remedies with Aloe.

Constipation can often cause stomach and bowel discomfort which in turn can lead to people tightening muscles subconsciously and causing stomach cramping…meaning the constipation can get worse as does the pain.  It’s a nasty vicious cycle.

We know that Aloe Vera soothes cuts, burns and bumps but did you know it also soothes the stomach and our insides.

Pure Aloe Gel is the best but can be difficult to source so quality Aloe juice from the store is also suitable.

If you have Aloe Gel then 2 tablespoons added to a juice drink in the morning is sufficient.  If Aloe Drink then 1 large glass in the morning after your oil remedies.

natural constipation remedy immediate constipation relief
Aloe – Natural Constipation Remedy Immediate Constipation Relief

I hope you add these remedies to your diet and I am sure you will benefit from them.

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If you do try these remedies or you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you.  Please leave a comment in the form below or contact me directly by clicking here.

Wishing you much good health




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11 thoughts on “Natural Constipation Remedy Immediate Constipation Relief”

  • Great tips! Nice to know there are alternatives to store bought laxatives and chemicals. I’ve read so much good on aloe, makes sense it would on your insides like it does your outsides! You mention olive oil and lemon juice as a remedy, does it work to prevent constipation if you incorporate olive oil into your daily diet?

    • Hi

      Yes incorporating olive oil into your diet is very effective as it acts as a natural oil lubricant and eases bowel movement and helps induce natural bowel rhythm


  • Hello,

    These remedies mentioned here are very good for constipation problem. All of us could suffer this constipation. I am the one who is a victim for this problem but until I found this herbal supplement from the internet. I did not think twice about trying it when I found it. My effort paid off as I was totally relieved from constipation. I think my family is already secure now dealing with constipation as I have these herbal supplements to count on.

  • Health is wealth, and to my own point of view, there’s no better way for one to live but healthy living.

    Constipation, to my own understand is when you find it difficult to pass feces and your review has help in giving me more insight on the causes and solution to successfully treat constipation. Thanks for this review, it was most informative.

    • Hi Johnson.

      Thank you for your comments. I agree entirely with health being wealth. Without our good health nothing else is going to be as enjoyable.

      Glad you enjoyed the information


  • As a fellow lover of general wellness and healthy living this article is great information and these practices are most helpful when added to daily routine. I love who olive oil and aloevera are so helpful in many areas along with this one. I have also found that apple cider vinegar can help in this area of constipation. Have you ever tried it?

    • Hey Caroline

      Thanks for your comments.

      Apple cider vinegar is great and can be used instead of lemon juice

      It also acts as an acid to help “move things along”

      Apple cider vinegar added to the diet also helps prevent and aides recovery from bladder infection so is a great natural remedy in its own right.

      Many thanks


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