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Welcome to Natural Beauty

These pages are designed explicitly to showcase the amazing range of products that are both natural and healthy but also fashionably desirable and effective! 

The research into the ‘healthy and natural’ part I do myself which means if it ends up in these pages you can be assured of the products “green status”.

The testing, you’ll be pleased to know, is not done by me but by possible consumers and their feedback will be attached.  If you would like to get involved and be part of our consumer testing panel then please get in touch by email.  Likewise if you use a product not listed in our pages, or if you are a distributor, and you think it would appeal to the Natural Beauty followers then again please get in contact and lets make sure everyone knows about it.

Why is a website that promotes holistic treatment and health showcasing beauty products?

Simple.  There are many factors that influence good health and well-being.  One of those factors is how we feel about ourselves.  For many people, men and women alike, the use of cosmetics or other beauty products is an essential aspect of their health and well-being regime.   Therefore should that person wish to use natural holistic cosmetics it is extremely important that the product is as green as is claimed by the manufacturer.

Its also important that the products are effective and appealing.  A few years ago I doubt anyone would choose a range of products with the natural or green tag on them.  Mainly because the large companies had the view that we “healthy natural types” wouldn’t consider using anything unless it was a shade of brown, came in a hemp bag and smelled of lemongrass or the burnt remnants of temple incense. 

While those initial face creams with husk and wheat kernel probably did a fantastic job and left the skin with a natural glow taking off decades instantly the consumer market, oddly enough, was less than impressed that they were also subjected to a lingering smell of barnyard.  Or who can forget the trend of ‘mix your own’ henna hair dyes that along with the guarantee of 100% natural (which they were) failed to mention the other guaranteed outcome – regardless of which colour range you chose you would, by end of process, have flaming red-orange hair  and the hands and scalp to match.  And for those interested the Henna tale is a true review from a “21 year old who knew better”.  Sadly that 21 year old was me.

Luckily for us, with the influx of smaller brands, the range of products that claim natural and healthy has expanded hugely and as well as being good for you they also look good, smell good and don’t require the user to be bare foot or sipping hemlock tea.  This of course swiftly gained in momentum with the larger companies identifying there was a market for natural products and that it was a substantial and incredibly fast growing niche.

Today if you look on line or in store there is a massive range of holistic, natural or organic products.  The problem faced by those looking to purchase these products is which one and are they really as healthy for us as they say they are.

That’s where we come in.  To investigate for you, and to trial and review in an honest, open and transparent manner.  Should we have the orange hands you will be first to know, likewise should the elusive fountain of youth be discovered I shall arrange an adult to let you know.

Enjoy and please do get in touch if you have tried a product mentioned or you are aware of one you’d like listed.

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