Metaphysical Properties Tiger Eye Healing Stone

Metaphysical Properties Tiger Eye Healing Stone

Metaphysical properties Tiger Eye – Tiger Eye Healing Stone is a fabulous addition to your crystal healing kit.  This gem of a healing stone has been used for centuries across various cultures and civilizations because of its unique powers for health, well-being, personal and spiritual development.

Tiger Eye Healing Stone is one crystal that you should most definitely have.  In this article we look at why.

Metaphysical Properties Tiger Eye Healing Stone

Tiger’s Eye is a stone of protection.  It is also a stone that assists with stabilizing and grounding.

The metaphysical properties of Tiger Eye enhances a persons integrity, willpower,  self-confidence, practicality and personal positive power.

It is a healing stone that enhances good luck and is believed to attract and bring financial prosperity.

Tiger Eye is an excellent choice of stone for the traveler as it ensures safe passage.

metaphysical properties tiger eye healing stone
Tiger Eye healing stone is a powerful protector and aides those who use it to see the reality in situations.

Tiger Eye Historical Uses – Metaphysical Properties Tiger Eye Healing Stone

Tiger’s Eye is known as the “all seeing, all knowing”.  As a healing and protection crystal it is an ancient talisman viewed as both mysterious and powerful.

It is thought that the use of the Tiger Eye offers the wearer an ability to observe and see everything.  Tiger Eye allows the user to view the truth in situations and see beyond the physical to gain answers from the divine universal knowledge.

The Ancient Egyptians used Tiger Eye for the symbolic eyes in their deity statues viewing it a link to universal knowledge.  They believed that using tiger eye crystal provided them with the protection of Ra, the sun god and Geb the god of the growing land.

Romans, linking this magnificent crystal to the power of the tiger, used it to signify courage, integrity and to deflect weapons.  They believed that carrying Tiger Eye would bring prosperity and good fortune while offering personal protection and reflecting threats and malice back to it’s source.

Metaphysical Properties Tiger Eye Healing Stone
Metaphysical Properties Tiger Eye Healing Stone – understanding duality and gaining balance.

Features of the Tiger Eye – Metaphysical Properties Tiger Eye Healing Stone

Tiger Eye is warm and radiant and brings together the vibrations, frequencies and properties of both the sun and the earth.  This brings physical and earthly stability whilst allowing links and connections with the spiritual realms.  It assists in gaining balance and also brings duality into perspective aiding us to see the right and the wrong, the good and the bad, the dark and the light.

The Tiger Eye brings sharp clarity to situations and allows for crystal clear inner vision to better understand cause and effect. It brings personal balance and allows one to use their powers and make their choices wisely.

Tiger Eye strengthens personal will and clarity of intention in order to manifest at the highest level. It inspires creativity and utilizing one’s talents and abilities, and is superb for stimulating wealth and the good judgement needed to maintain it

Tiger Eye for Luck and Prosperity – Metaphysical Properties Tiger Eye Healing Stone

Tiger Eye is a stone of luck and good fortune and is said to attract money into the home. This makes the Tiger Eye a perfect crystals for entrepreneurs and those setting up any form of business.  It is also powerful for students or those learning and developing new skills linked towards prosperity,career and money.

Tiger Eye allows us to avoid complacency and encourages us to take risks and see alternatives in order to grow personally and professionally.  Tiger Eye is a stone of creativity and will challenge you to try new things, be artistic and creative and be open to new experiences.

Tiger Eyes will help you to be determined, to achieve and alleviate stress or fear related to exams, competition, public performance, selling yourself or presenting your ideas.

Metaphysical Properties Tiger Eye Healing Stone
Metaphysical Properties Tiger Eye Healing Stone – personal development and protection.

Tigers Eye for Personal Development – Metaphysical Properties Tiger Eye Healing Stone

Tiger Eye, when worn or carried on a person, will help increase personal  insight and perception in unfamiliar places or circumstances as well as offer protection from any negative intentions of others.

Tiger Eye sharpens your senses allowing you to see the details, pay attention to requirements and prepare for positive action.

Tiger Eye also helps calm things and slows thought allowing you to reflect upon worrying situations and focus in times when things are happening too fast. It helps you resolve things in times of crisis and offers support and comfort when making difficult decisions.

Tiger Eye is perfect when you need to make a quick decision, decide on a persons character and intentions and to help understand the consequences of any actions taken.

Tiger Eye helps to boost will power, emotional stability and energy levels. It reduces craving the wrong types of foods and decreases the desire to binge. It also reduces anxiety caused by feelings of isolation or inadequacy.

Tiger Eye promotes harmony and is remarkable for soothing tensions in families and relationships where differences of opinion or expression are causing discord. It promotes harmony between people with diverse viewpoints, religious beliefs or approaches to life to see both sides of an issue and find common ground.

Tiger Eye is the perfect talisman for those engaged in business negotiations and anyone with personal relationship worries.


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