Amazing Manduka Yoga Mats Reviews (Best Yoga Mat 2019)

Amazing Manduka Yoga Mats Reviews (Best Yoga Mat 2019)

Yoga is increasingly popular as an exercise and beneficial for building a healthy mind, body and spirit. To gain maximum benefit we recommend the amazing Manduka Yoga Mats. They are perfect for ensuring our practice is done in comfort and safety. 

Yoga also creates strength, awareness and harmony in both mind and body. 

The Manduka Story.

It all started in 1997 when Peter Sterios, a former architect and now yogi, came across a very simple, yet elegant black mat.  This “little black mat” offered firm grip as well as complete support.  Peter said that mat “revolutionized his yoga practice”.

He was certain he had to share his incredible product with as many people as possible, so as to help them, as it had him, and to honor the yoga masters who had inspired him,

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Peter says the great generosity of other teachers had always been evident in his life.  Therefore he wanted to repay them if he could.  So he sent these amazing mats to the teachers he admired as a gift.  These teachers included:

Those teachers who had inspired Peter also supported him through being loyal and dedicated customers.

In the true tradition of Yoga, the mats were openly shared with their students, who in turn shared their mats with their friends and partners.  A true holistic company was formed.

The name Manduka was chosen, by Peter, in homage to Shandor Remete.  Remete was well known due to his core practice and teachings would always include the Hatha Yoga Pradipika pose – Mandukasana (known also as the frog).

Why Choose Manduka Yoga Mats?

It is well known that the performance, quality and longevity of the Manduka mats (and accessories) are unrivaled.

The mats are still crafted using simple, natural, enduring and renewable materials. They are meticulously crafted with fine attention to detail.

Manduka is a company truly built for and by both teachers and students.

Top 4 Reasons You Should Choose Manduka.

1. Provides total comfort.

When we first begin Yoga, and often for a long time after, we can sometimes feel uncomfortable when stretching, holding our posture, and even with structured breathing.   

This is particularly noticeable if you have any kind of knee or joint issues.   

The addition of a properly designed mat provides comfort while enabling us to still perform our Yoga.

2. The Best Yoga Mat Specifically Helps Balance.

By using a supportive, solid grip and firm surface we are able to hold our asanas for longer. 

This is of massive benefit as we get more of the asanas impact on our physical and mental health. Choosing the right yoga mat helps you maintain alignment as you move through to other postures.

3. Prevents Injury and Stabilizes Body.

The Manduka Mat has a textured surface which stabilizes your body and prevents you from slipping. 

It also helps maintain correct posture which enables your weight to be placed in the correct fashion to achieve optimal energy flow.

4. Maintain Energy Flow.

The Manduka Yoga Mats will keep your body warm. This keeps your energy flowing through your body rather than into the floor.

And Now To The Mats!

Here Are Our Reviews on the Best Yoga Mat – The Manduka!

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat
Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

Number 1 – Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat – Premium 6mm

Product Name: Manduka PRO Yoga Mat – Premium 6mm

Product Description: High density cushion with joint protection and unparalleled support. Guaranteed to never wear out - no matter how much yoga practice you undertake. Closed cell surface prevents sweat from seeping into the 6 mm thick mat. Non-toxic, emissions-free manufacturing, 100% latex free. Specially formulated so you can clean your mat without damaging the surface.


This is a very heavy-duty solid mat. It looks tough … It feels tough … It is tough. The mat is dense and firm,making it perfect for all Yoga poses.  Feel grounded and supported!

  • Density and Performance
  • Comfort and cushioning.
  • Joint protection and support.
  • Durability
  • Weight and Useability
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Number 2 – Manduka eKO Yoga and Pilates Mat


  • Available in 2 sizes:
    • Standard: 7.0 lbs; 71” x 26”; 5 mm thick
    • Long: 8.0 lbs; 79” x 26”; 5 mm thick
  • Extremely durable natural rubber mat
  • Biodegradable, natural tree rubber with no PVC or plasticizers.
  • Non-toxic foaming agents and non-AZO dyes.
  • 99% latex free.


The Manduka eKO Mat has a naturally grippy surface.  Great for catching you if you start to slip.

Eco-friendly and made from non-Amazon, natural materials which firmly supports your practice and our planet.

I love the limited-edition eKO mat with it’s eye catching marble design.

Number 3 – Manduka Pro Yoga Mat & eQua Yoga Towel Set


Manduka Yoga Mats - The Best Yoga Mat
  •  High-density cushioning
  • Full joint protection with unmatched support.
  • Guaranteed to last,this mat will never wear out.
  • Closed-cell surface means no sweat seepage into the mat
  • Non-toxic and 100% latex free.


This is a completely timeless piece of kit from Manduka.  The Pro 71 inch mat with eQua towel is a must have for any Yoga fan.

They are guaranteed to last a lifetime, will not fade, flake or tear.

While not the cheapest on the market, they are the best.  Don’t buy cheap versions which need replacing every year.  This is a onetime purchase!

Number 4 – Manduka eKO Yoga and Pilates Mat


  • Featuring Manduka’s proprietary natural closed-cell rubber and comfortable sea-grass texture
  • High performance and full lasting durability.
  • Natural rubber provides the ultimate combination of both cushioning and grip.
  • The Best Yoga Mat developed by yoga teachers
  • Tri-layer technology for grip, durability, and slip-resistance.


The eKO mat from Manduka is amazing for keeping your practice in place.

Made from all natural tree rubber with a hygienic, closed-cell surface which prevents moisture and bacteria from being absorbed.

Obviously eco-friendly and sustainable.

Number 5 – Manduka eQua eKO Lite Mat


  • 4.5 lbs; 68” x 24”; 4 mm thick
  • By far the most durable natural rubber yoga mat available
  • No harmful plasticizers or PVC.
  • 99% latex free
  • Made with a zero waste manufacturing process.


This is an awesome mat! You can literally sweat copiously during class and never slip!

Portable, easily cleaned and wonderfully comfortable.  This mat truly allows you to strike a pose, move through postures without fear of slipping and keeps your joints safe from stress.

Highly recommended.  One of the best of the Manduka yoga mats.

Number 6 – Manduka Pro Yoga Mat & eQua Yoga Towel Set, Odyssey/Midnight


  • Guaranteed to last a lifetime.
  • Our Manduka PRO will never peel, flake, or fade
  • Unrivaled density and cushioning for joints and stability
  • Closed cell surface
  • Manduka’s dot patterned bottom prevents sliding
  • The eQua yoga mat towel for perfect traction,ideal for sweaty hands and feet
  • Super absorbent microfiber technology
  • PRO Mat Standard: 71” X 26”; 6mm thick; 7.5 lbs
  • eQua Towel Standard: 72” x 26.5”


A great package deal.  The Pro Manuka Mat has a lifetime guarantee and is recommended by professional Yoga teachers and their students.

Grab the awesome eQua yoga mat towel and get super value for money.  Get this yoga gear today!

Number 7 – Manduka Pro Yoga Mat Black Mat PRO Extra Long


  • Closed-cell technology to keep moisture and sweat out of the mat.
  • Perfect for hot yoga -no bacteria build up
  • High-density cushioning for unrivaled yoga experience.
  • Full joint protection and absolute versatility on all floor surfaces (carpet pr hardwood or cement flooring)
  • Proprietary dot patterning on the base prevents sliding
  • Oeko-Tex certified


Comes with a lifetime guarantee that your PRO will never peel, flake or fade.

Performance Grip Features – Just like an old,but much loved pair of jeans, the PRO is supposed to be worn in and a grip that just strengthens overtime.

At 6mm thickness, the PRO’s ultra-dense cushioning protects your joints while maintaining a stable practice surface.

So now you know why Manduka!

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Manduka has the reputation as the world’s most respected yoga brand.  It has maintained this reputation for over 20 years… for a reason.  So go for the best and invest in the best yoga mat – the Manduka – today.

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