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Lemon Quartz Healing Properties (# 1 Powerful Protective Energy)

In this post we look at the Lemon Quartz Healing Properties and explore why these incredible gems are known for being an energetic powerhouse for personal transformation and change!

For those seeking fulfilment the Lemon Quartz is exceptional for enhancing positive life energies, creativity and independence. Are you determined to create greater personal prosperity?

Are you wanting to build, maintain or enhance harmony in your relationship or perhaps you are seeking true love?   You will discover that Lemon Quartz benefits and boosts energies for a happy and healthy relationships!

Read on and discover the lemon quartz properties that make it truly unique and of benefit to all households.

You will also discover, when charged with intent, this amazing crystal can aid in amplifying positivity, charge intent and attract the energies required for their manifestation.

Lemon Quartz Healing Properties - Lemon Quartz Benefits
Lemon Quartz Benefits and Lemon Quartz Healing Properties

Lemon Quartz Is Number 1 For Protective Energy.

Quartz crystals are among the most well known of all healing stones.  The vast majority of people are aware of them and they are often the first choice for many of all of the healing stones. 

The reason is because the humble quartz works in harmony with all vibrational energies and therefore all our chakra centers. For this reason it is known as a master healing stone.

What many people are unaware of is that the clear and the smokey are not the only types of energetic quartz gems available.

In fact there are a large number! 

The Healing Family Of Quartz.

Quartz is a family of crystals. The most well known are the rutilated and smokey quartz, the clear rock crystal and the purple hued amethyst.

All of the quartz family of crystals have incredible healing attributes and those that were once less well known, such as strawberry quartz, blue quartz, and tangerine quartz are beginning to grow in popularity.

But it is by far the Lemon Quartz that is the most prized of them all.

Lemon Quartz Healing Properties Lemon Quartz Meaning

Before we look at the lemon quartz benefits lets first look at how to ensure we find the real thing!

It may come as a surprise, but the lemon variety of quartz is not common, and can be easily mistaken for another quartz family member, the Citrine. Even some of those who are selling it.  

Most of us know the Citrine and are aware it is a member of the quartz family.   It is usually very easily recognised due to its clear or white base and its orange or pale orange-yellow tip. 

However we need to be careful.

When found in its natural form some citrine has a very light and pale yellow coloration. This is why many gift stores, or non specialist stores, that sell crystals often confuse pale and yellow varieties of Citrine as the Lemon Quartz.

Why The Confusion With Citrine?

I believe that the large majority of sellers are honest, and it is simply due to the pale yellow of some Citrine. Because of this, they can appear very similar which is why they can be confused with each other.

The alternative that you should be aware of is that disreputable sellers may try to pass off their pale Citrine because real Lemon Quartz is notoriously hard to find! 

Whatever the reason, the confusion occurs because of the belief that Citrine has a vivid and bright orange coloration to the crystal point and so they assume a lighter shade of yellow is the lemon.

Lemon Quartz Benefits And Healing Properties
Lemon Quartz Benefits and Healing Properties

How Do You Identify The Real Quartz and Don’t End Up With A Lemon?

The main distinction is to look for crystals that are truly pale lemon or yellow, even verging on being transparent and clear.

Your crystal should also have a consistent coloration from base to tip. 

Unlike others in the family, like the Amethyst and natural Citrine, the Lemon Quartz has no graduation of color.

Amethyst and Citrine have a clear or white base and a colored point. What you are looking for is a crystal that has consistent color running throughout the full crystal.

Before you purchase ensure that you check the crystal has the same coloration from end to end. Or if ordering online ensure the image reflects this, comes from a reputable seller who offers you a right of return.

One a side note, if you are anything like me, you’ll never be able to return a crystal even if it turns out to be not what you ordered. I always believe there is a reason that a crystal I wasn’t expecting has found its way to me.

Why Is It So Special? Lemon Quartz Healing Properties.

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Lemon Quartz Benefits

Is believed to be one of the most powerful of all the healing gemstones available due to its properties for:

Focusing thoughts and sharpening the mind;

Attracting and transmitting positive energy to the wearer;

Clearing and removing negative energy from both our energetic subtle bodies and the physical body;

Filtering out any unhelpful distractions and confusion within the mind;

Amplifying and sharpening thoughts and memory;

Reducing and clearing anxiety;

Drawing and attracting energies. This is why is it known as the “Money Stone”. Many swear that simply wearing it attracts financial prosperity;

Healing and soothing, due to the color association with Manipura the Solar Plexus Chakra. It should be first choice for those wishing to improve, cleanse and regulate digestive health and is said to be excellent for those suffering side effects of diabetes;

Promoting and balancing energies. It is a member of the quartz family, so is also a master healer. Again, due to the connection with Manipura, it boosts our inner health and strength, our physical well being and is known as the “anti-illness” stone;

Helping us make clear decisive decisions and the strength to take action;

Promoting clear thinking and amplifying our intuition ;

Reducing feelings of guilt, anger and frustration, through clearing blocks and balancing energies within the subtle bodies and aura.

Lemon Quartz Healing Properties
Lemon Quartz Meaning And Properties

Lemon Quartz Healing Properties Attract And Amplify Positivity.

Lemon Quartz is a hexagonal silicon dioxide crystal and most commonly found in Brazil and Africa.

It gains its distinctive yellow coloring because of it being naturally irradiated.

This is a natural form of radiation and therefore the crystal is perfectly safe, however because of its irradiated state it does have a very high vibration. Those who are sensitive to crystalline vibration energy can find it to be very intense.

The mineral healing properties relate directly to the energetic vibration that is produced from the crystalline structures of this lemon yellow colored wonder-gem!

Ultimate Guide To Lemon Quartz Healing Properties.

1. Healing Properties.

  • Boosts Our Self Image and Creativity;
  • Improves and Amplifies Personal Optimism;
  • Improves our Feelings of Positive Self Worth and promotes Personal Well-being;
  • Assists us clarify direction, consolidate goals, set targets, focus our mind and take action;
  • Heightens and amplifies the energies required for us to speak and communicate our truth and express our feelings and recognize reasons for heightened emotion;
  • Provides energies that enable the ability to find and maintain hope and promotes positive thought;
  • Enables connections that enhance our spiritual capability of sensing, feeling and receiving information intuitively;
  • Gives us clarity of thought, which strengthens personal communication and promotes emotional balance.
  • Promotes self worth, self esteem and a sense of freedom.
  • Amplify energies that aid the reduction of anxiety and lowers stress.
  • Promotes forward focused thought,
  • Enables our ability to visualize and manifest intent and desires for the future
  • Stimulates our ability to truly accept and enjoy our current realism or “being in the moment” (which is a reminder to count our blessings) while still making plans for improving our future.
  • Allows us to signal our intent and amplifies the energies needed for creation of opportunities for abundance and prosperity.

2. Lemon Quartz Healing Properties For Physical Health.

  • Speeds recovery from illness or following surgery;
  • Improves will power and aides our digestion, making it an excellent crystal for dieters;
  • Is able to reduce food cravings;
  • Reduces nicotine cravings for those wishing to give up smoking;
  • Increases metabolic rate.

3. Spiritual Energy Associated With Lemon Quartz.

  • It is said that it is a stone of Good Luck and should be worn or carried when attending job interviews or sitting exams;
  • The crystal enables higher thinking, deeper thinking and intuitive thinking;
  • As a stone of good luck it is said to attract money during times of emergency or need;
  • Is excellent for scrying, by helping to create clear channels to spirit and guides;
  • Lemon Quartz healing properties are a true gift for the wearer or user, because the energies help remind us, and recognise, what is truly important;
  • Enhances our positive emotion centers and our bond with loved ones who are present and those who have crossed over;
  • Is an excellent gift for a friend or loved one. It makes the recipient feel warm, content and at peace with those around them and in their environment;
  • Can be used with Ajna (Third Eye) and Sahasrara Crown Chakra for increasing and improving connections to universal energy, for deepened meditative states and clear channeling the guidance of spirit.
  • Is an excellent crystal for clearing and cleansing the aura and enhancing intuitive or latent psychic abilities.

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Lemon Quartz Healing Properties (# 1 Powerful Protective Energy)


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