Lemon Quartz Healing Properties (# 1 Powerful Protective Energy)

Lemon Quartz Healing Properties (# 1 Powerful Protective Energy)

Ready to make change?  Want fulfilment and a life filled with positive energy. Determined to create prosperity? Committed to having harmonious relationships and attract true love?   Then you need to read this post and  discover why the  lemon quartz healing properties are unique and second to none!

Discover the unique and life changing properties of Lemon Quartz and how, when charged with intent,  this amazing crystal amplifies desires and attracts energy.

The Number 1 Quartz for Powerful Protective Energy

Quartz crystals are well known.  Most people are aware that quartz crystals are the go to choice of healing stones.  This is because it is able to work with the energy of each chakra and is a master healing stone.

What many people are unaware of is that the clear quartz is not the only type of quartz available.

In fact there are a number of different quartz crystals.  Quartz is simply a family of crystals with the most well known being the clear rock.

Types Of Quartz Healing Crystals




Blue Quartz




Milky Quartz

Pink Quartz



Rose Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Tiger’s, Hawk’s, and Cat’s Eye

They all have incredible healing attributes and are beginning to grow in popularity.

lemon quartz healing properties

Let’s discuss the Lemon Quartz healing properties.

This stone is often, but should not be, mistaken for Citrine.  Many of us are aware that Citrine a quartz.   It is easily recognised due to its clear base and orange (or very pale orange/yellow) tip.  However we need to be careful.

Many stores that sell crystals often confuse pale or yellow Citrine as Lemon Quartz.

Why The Confusion?

Simply – because real Lemon Quartz is notoriously hard to find!  Most people think Citrine is bright orange so assume a lighter shade would be Lemon Quartz.

If that wasn’t difficult enough, there is often confusion between Prasiolite and Lemon Quartz.  Prasiolite, is known by various names including green, gold, lemon citrine and green amethyst.  However it is still not Lemon Quartz.

lemon quartz healing properties

How Do You Identify The Real Lemon Quartz?

Lemon Quartz is pale lemon and yellow verging on clear.   This is a key distinction.

The crystal is similar in color from base to tip.  There is no graduation of color. True lemon quartz does not have a clear base and colored tip. It has a consistent color throughout the entire crystal.

It is therefore important that you check that the crystal you are purchasing.  Make sure you are purchasing a real lemon quartz rather than one of the many others offered unwittingly.

Why Is Lemon Quartz So Special?

Healing Properties Of Lemon Quartz

  • Lemon Quartz is believed to be one of the most powerful  healing gemstones available
  • It is used to focus thoughts and sharpen the mind
  • Is able to transmit positive energy to its wearer
  • Can clear andomit negative energy from body
  • Filters out any unnecessary distractions of the mind
  • It amplifies thoughts and memory
  • Reduces and clears all negativity and anxiety from the wearer
  • Is known as an attraction or “Money Stone” – simply wearing it attracts financial prosperity
  • Due to the color association with Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra) it improves the digestive system and helps reduce diabetic effect
  • It is a true quartz, so a master healer.  Again due to the connection with Manipura it masters physical well being and is regarded as the “anti-illness” stone
  • Is known for its ability to help make clear and action based decisions
  • Clear thinking and proactivity is amplified
  • It reduces anger and frustration

lemon quarts healing

Lemon Quartz Healing Properties Attract And Amplify Positivity

Lemon quartz is a hexagonal silicon dioxide crystal and most commonly found in Brazil and Africa.

The Lemon Quartz gains its distinctive yellow coloring because of it being irradiated.

This natural radiation treated crystal is perfectly safe, however because of its irradiated state it does have a high vibration, and those who are sensitive to crystalline vibration energy may find it to be too much.

The healing properties of Lemon Quartz relate directly to its natural lemon/yellow coloration.

The Ultimate Lemon Quartz Healing Properties

Lemon Quartz Healing Properties include:




The ability to clarify direction, consolidate goals, set targets and focus the mind.

Energies, that are required, in order to speak and communicate emotional expression

The ability for signalling hope and promoting positive thought.

Connections for our spiritual capacity of sensing, feeling and receiving information intuitively.

Clarity of thought, which strengthens communicates and promotes emotional balance.

Freedom for each user

A removal of  anxiety and a reduction in stress.

Promotion of forward focused thought,

The ability see and create the future you wish to materialize

Stimulation of realism, being in the moment (which is a reminder to count our blessings)

The signalling of intent and the creation of opportunities for abundance and prosperity.

In Terms Of  Physical Health Lemon Quartz:

Speeds recovery after illness or surgery

Is an excellent crystal for dieters

Is able to reduce food cravings

Reduces nicotine cravings if you wish to give up smoking

Increases your metabolic rate.

Spiritual Energy Associated With Lemon Quartz

It is said that Lemon Quartz is a stone of Good Luck and should be worn/carried when attending job interviews or sitting exams.

The Lemon Quartz enables higher thinking, deeper thinking and intuitive thinking.

As a stone of good luck Lemon Quartz is said to bring in money during times of emergency or need.

Lemon Quartz is excellent for scrying (helping to create a clearer channel to spirit and guides).

Lemon Quartz’ true gift, to the wearer/user, is that it helps to remind what is important.

It enhances our feelings and bonds with loved ones who are still present and to those who have crossed over.

Lemon Quartz is an excellent gift for a friend or loved one. It makes the recipient feel warm, content and at peace with those around them and in their environment.

Lemon Quartz can be used with Ajna (Third Eye) and Sahasrara (Crown) Chakras as it increases the connection to universal energy, deepens meditation and aids channeling guidance of spirit.

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  • I just purchased a new lemon quartz generator… It is beautiful and has a phamtom in it… Thanks so much for your info about the crystal it will help me wirh my crystal work…

  • I have never heard of the lemon Quartz and it’s healing properties. I have always loved the clear quartz for it’s clarity of mind, focus, protection and other properties. Being in the business of a paranormal investigator the clear quartz and a number of other gemstones are very popular and powerful.

    I’m attracted to the lemon quartz though because of its color. It’s not really a yellow color as I would have expected, instead it’s a lovely shade (shades) of green. They are gorgeous! I really like the idea that it brings the user opportunities for abundance and prosperity. It provides just about the same properties as the clear quartz, but even better. I might just have to look into getting one of these.

    Thanks for sharing this information, as I haven’t seen this in the stores that I have been know to frequent. It seems to be a rather obscure gem, huh?

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