Healing Crystals Stones Need Cleansing and Clearing

Healing Crystals Stones Need Cleansing and Clearing

Now that you have your Healing Crystals you want to ensure they are cleansed, cleared and charged ready to work for you.

Healing Crystals Stones  – A Guide for cleansing and care

Cleansing and Clearing your stone

Cleansing and clearing your crystals is one of the most important things you should do whenever you purchase a new crystal.  Remember that crystals absorb energy as well as transmit it so there may have been many different people who have handled your crystal.  Each of these people have added their energy the good, the bad and the in between.

Healing Crystals Stones should also be cleansed and cleared if you use them for healing others.  Again the crystals will have absorbed any negative energies or the energies relating to that persons ill health.  While our healing crystals stones are able to process this energy it is advised to follow the guides below on cleansing and clearing, enabling your crystals to provide you with their vibration, resonance and health giving properties.

healing crystals stones
All our healing crystals stones require cleansing and clearing to free them of unwanted energies and aid alignment to your vibration. Treat them well and they will be of huge benefit to health and vitality.

There are a number of ways for cleansing and clearing your healing crystals stones…here are some:

Sea Salt and Water.

Sea salt dissolved into water is probably the most well known way of cleaning and clearing our healing crystals stones of the unwanted and potentially harmful energies.

It is important to note that not all crystals can be cleansed this way.  For example Selenite, one of the most beautiful and health giving of all crystals will dissolve if exposed to water.  Please check before exposing any crystal to water!  The vast majority are fine and this is one of the easiest ways of cleansing and clearing your crystals.

The easiest way to check if your stone can be exposed to water is testing it’s “brittleness”.  You don’t want to damage it, but if it appears to flake, is soft, or marks when you press a point into it then do not use water.

99% of crystals are tough as rock – pun intended – and will love their salty bath.  Submerge your crystals overnight.  In the morning take them out and wash them under clean running cold water and let them dry in the air.

PS … To enhance the cleansing and clearing of your healing crystals stones add fresh sage, basil or lavender to the salty bath.

how does crystal healing work
Crystals in all their shapes, forms and sizes require your care.

Sea Salt

If you are concerned about water then another way of cleansing and clearing your healing crystals stones is by burying them in sea salt.

Put your salt into a vessel and simply place your crystals in the salt and bury them in it.  Overnight  in salt and your crystals will be cleansed.

Be sure to dispose of the salt. It too is a crystal and now has absorbed all those negative energies.  My advice – down the toilet or sink.

Be sure to rub off any salt from your crystals…or a quick rinse under the tap and air dry.

Running cold water.

A very quick method is to hold your healing crystals stones under cold running water.  The same principles apply…don’t dissolve them!

To be effective you must also use visualization and intent.

As you hold your crystal under running water see it being cleared and cleansed, see the impure energies washing from the crystal and see it surrounded and filled with universal light.

As you see this fill it with intent…say in your mind or out loud the purpose for this cleansing…speak that you wish this crystal to be cleansed of all negativity and cleared to enable further healing…if you have a specific purpose for the crystal i.e. protection or love or wisdom then see that intent filling your crystal as you hold it under the water.

Let your crystals dry in the natural air.

natural healing crystals stones
Cleansing and clearing natural healing crystals can be done in many ways. Including using other crystals.

Other Crystals.

Still concerned about water or corrosive salt? The use other stones to cleanse your crystals.

Carnelian, Citrine and Clear Quartz cleanse other crystals.

Just place your crystals in a cloth bag with the above stones.  The Carnelian, Citrine and Clear Quartz will absorb all the negative energies from the other healing crystals stones.

Many people state that all 3 do not need to be cleansed themselves.  I personally do not agree.  I believe that all crystals with one exception (mention that soon) need cleansing.

Good news is Carnelian, Citrine and Clear Quartz love the salty bath, the salt or the running water.  So you can cleanse all your other crystals using these 3 super gems and then clear the 3 without worry.

Kyanite is the exception (another to avoid water).  Kyanite LOVES to clear negative energy and can get rid of it quick. Kyanite is the only crystal (in my opinion) that does not need, or like, being cleansed.  It likes to be the cleaner.  It is a must have crystal.


My personal favorite and I think probably the best method!

Smudging with sage (I love white sage) clears stagnant, negative and unhealthy energies in your home.  It does the same for your natural healing crystals stones.

Just light your smudge and hold your crystals in the smoke.  As with running water you need to add intent and visualize the negative energies being removed.

This method is awesome.

ps…if you cant obtain sage smudge…you can use the same method with good incense sticks

healing crystals stones - cleansing and clearing
Once cleansed you should charge your crystals for purpose and intent.


Charging Healing Crystals Stones

Charging your healing crystals stones simply means dedicating them with intent or purpose.

For best effect do this straight after their cleansing and clearing.  When fully cleansed you can connect and truly engage with the full vibration and resonance of your crystals.

Again there are many ways to do this but I offer what I believe to be the best and most effective.

Charge with Intent!

Hold your healing crystal in your left hand (the left hand receives) and if possible do this in natural sunlight.

Say out loud or in your head

“I dedicate this crystal to work for the me, for the best positive good. I ask that the universe infuse its energy so it and I may be used only for love and light.

You may also charge each crystal with specific intent.  Again hold the crystal in your left hand and visualize / focus on the specific purpose you have for the use of this crystal i.e. healing, love, attraction, prosperity….

say the same dedication and add a sentence at the end…”This crystal I dedicate for….. (add your intended purpose)

If it is then possible keep, or wear, your crystal with you for 24 hours to truly establish the connection

Crystals and Sunlight/Moonlight

You will see many guides stating you can clear and cleanse your healing crystals stones by leaving them in sunlight and moonlight.

This is true.

However be aware that some crystals (Citrine, Amethyst and others) will lose their colour if left in exposed light for too long.

My advice – sunlight 6 hours maximum, moonlight overnight once a month.

I hope you enjoyed this guide to healing crystals stones cleansing and clearing.

Should you wish to ask anything or offer an opinion please leave a comment below…or you can contact me directly by clicking here.

Much love

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  • Hi Jason,

    I’ve a question for cleansing in sea-salt water. I read once somewhere else that hematite shouldn’t cleansed in water. Do you suggest that hematite can be cleansed with water too?

    Have a wonderful day

    • Hi Alec

      There is a lot of talk about not cleansing hematite in water…some say the crystal doesn’t like it, others say because of its high iron density it forms another crystalline layer which messes with the vibrations….I say (and this only my opinion and experience as I LOVE hematite) it’s a load of nonsense…the only crystals to avoid putting in water are those that might dissolve!

      I truly believe the whole theory about hematite came about when it became popular as jewelry rather than a healing stone…and yes if left too long in water it will form a whiteish film which doesnt make it as “pretty”…but a soak under the tap, or a bath overnight is going to do your stone more good than harm.

      Will be interesting to hear others views on this! I wear hematite everyday…and soak/cleanse and clear it in water…and its as beautiful, charged and powerful as the day it came into my possession!


  • Hi Jason,

    Couple of years ago I was so attracted by those stones, that I spend a lot of money of them…. Now, my house is full of them! 🙂
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    One thing I would like to add, and it is something learned from a hypnotherapist. Your intend, your affirmations (with visualizations and feeling) should be always said 3 times.
    It seems that the subconscious is not paying attention from the beginning, and we need to insist. 🙂


    • Hi Laura
      I’m so happy you enjoyed the post and that it offered information useful. Thats awesome. I love your comment on affirmations of 3 times. This can be 1-100 times…whatever feels right and brings you the benefit.


  • Hi Jason, I enjoyed your article very much. I go through phases with crystals. I read about them, enjoy spending time browsing in various shops, learning about each crystal, and what it’s meant to do for us. Then I forget about it for years! I must admit that until I read your article I have forgotten that I have a satin bag of them, somewhere in my bedroom. This article has inspired me to go dig them out, and take advantage of what they have to offer. I guess a good cleansing and clearing wouldn’t go amiss!! At least now I know how to do it.

  • Hi Jason!
    Love the idea of cleansing crystals. You obviously got me with the sage. White buffalo sage is my absolutely favorite! I had not thought about cleansing crystals but it makes total sense. I would not want to have the energies of others attached to them. I will be cleansing my amethyst and obsidian stones tonight for sure!

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