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Healing Crystals Guide – Your Complete Healing Crystal Guide – 6 Best

Healing Crystals Guide – Your Complete Healing Crystal Guide – 6 Best

Our lives, in the modern world lack vibrational connection to the reality of existence, which is why we feel pulled, drawn and connected to stores that are crammed with crystals, aromatherapy oils, and singing bowls for sound meditation.

We seek connection, truth and healing.  We seek connection to the divine.  And we know that there is more in the world than pure existence, than ,merely being alive…we know deep down that we connect to the universe and that the struggles we face on a day to day basis are physical roadblocks. Roadblocks we can clear.  Easily. Easy through using healing crystals.

Healing Crystals Guide - Your Complete Healing Crystal Guide
Healing Stones

Healing Crystals Guide – Your Complete Healing Crystal Guide

Crystal healing is a legitimate type of therapy centered around vibrations. It is an “ancient metaphysical art” that can help you bring balance and prosperity to your life through vibrational harmony

As we all know, and is scientifically proven … hence using quartz crystals in watches and other mechanisms requiring specific vibrational timing… the vibratory harmonics of individual crystals and stones are used to help calibrate the vibrations in an individual’s psychic aura.

In the same way as a tuning fork is used to gain correct pitch so do healing crystals help us gain specific healing resonance.

Basically, the vibrations of crystals help with clearing unbalanced and out of tune vibrations stuck in your “auric field.” They rebalance and realign your body’s health vibration to the correct pulse. Once the healing crystals are in tune with your body you realign your own vibration to the harmonics of nature and realign your self, your soul and your purpose.

Healing Crystals Guide - Your Complete Healing Crystal Guide
Rock Crystal Cluster


This stone I love…it opens us to a reality or real conversation…internally or externally. . It’s the communication stone, and is amazing in regard helping to connect you with nature. Using Agate, any agate, will help open communication channels, no matter how difficult.  Hold your Agate in your right hand, let is ground you and allow your natural self to guide the conversation and communication

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is for love, which is why supposedly it is the highest vibration of the universe. When in its geode form the stone combines the properties of rose quartz (unconditional love) with those of the geode, which are all about “looking within.” Rose quartz geodes want you to look within yourself and understand the ways you have not loved yourself and the many, many ways you can be kind to yourself,” 


healing crystals guide - your complete healing crystal guide
All our healing crystals stones require cleansing and clearing to free them of unwanted energies and aid alignment to your vibration. Treat them well and they will be of huge benefit to health and vitality.


This almost-clear green stone is called prehnite, and it “bridges the energies between the navel and solar plexus chakras.” You will gain better understanding of how the emotions play a role manifesting your dreams. “Prehnite is also a wonderful stone for those dealing with low self-esteem and self-worth,” It can be helpful for people recovering from addictions to gain encouragement in believing in themselves.

Manganoan Calcite

There seems to be some kind of very convenient theme between the color pink and properties of love in crystal therapy so it’s no surprise that Manganoan calcite radiates vibrations of nurturing and love. Manganoan calcite is helpful if you’re finding it difficult allowing others to love you. Perhaps one is good at giving love but not so good at allowing someone to love you back, leading to unbalance in circulating love between one another.

This makes the crystal good for mothers, those who are imbalanced relationships, and singles who want to avoid imbalanced relationships. 


healing crystals their meanings and uses
Healing Crystals


This is the stone of calm, trust, and acceptance and can bring a relaxing, balancing and calming energy to your life.

Lepidolite with its lithium content helps balance the mind in energetic mineral form.  This is the stone used often in crystal healing for people who have a hard time making decisions because of the unhelpful anxiety questions like ‘what if.

Hematite Healing Crystals Guide

Can’t decide on a stone? healing crystals guide

Go for hematite, the biggest crowd-please in the crystal family. Also know as root chakra stone,

Hematite is the number one ston recommended because it’s useful for everyone.

Hematite helps ground one’s energies and keep them connected to the supportive energies of Mother Earth; especially useful living in our modern world where we spend so much time in our heads and very little time actually touching the ground.




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