Get healthy Stay healthy Get a Pet

Get healthy Stay healthy Get a Pet

Get Healthy Stay Healthy Get A Pet – info-graphic.

get healthy stay healthy get a pet
Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, Get a Pet looks at how pet ownership improves health and prolongs life.


Get Healthy Stay Healthy Get A Pet

Pets may lower your cholesterol

Research has shown that Pet Owners, most likely due to the exercise, have far better heart health, lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol than non pet owners!

Get Healthy Stay Healthy | Pets help relieve stress

Being in the same environment with your pet has a calming effect on the body and the neurochemical, oxytocin, is released even if we are simply looking at our pet.  That’s why when you look at your best friend you have those wonderful feelings of joy.

Get Healthy Stay Healthy |Pets reduce your cardiovascular disease risk

Lower cholesterol, stress, and blood pressure levels when combined with additional physical activity increases fitness which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown that of those people who suffered a heart attack there was a 60% increase in first year survival in pet owners.

Get Healthy Stay Healthy | Pets may prevent allergies in children

A study published in Clinical & Experimental Allergy showed that children who were exposed to pets before they were six months old were less likely to develop allergic diseases, hay fever, and eczema as they got older.

Get Healthy Stay Healthy | Pets relieve depression

Pets provide socialization opportunities and also individual support for their owners.  The British Psychological Society found that pets, dogs in particular, promoted therapeutic and psychological well being as well as lowering stress and improving self esteem.  It was noted that pet owners tended to be happier in their life and had higher self confidence than non pet owners.

Pets Help The Health Of The Elderly

Owning a pet offers companionship to the elderly, one of the contributing factors to better health.  The companionship allows feelings of love and support and decreases loneliness.

Pet ownership also provides the elderly with more opportunity for exercise and is particularly of benefit if suffering with illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis and may even help prevent the onset of osteoporosis. Research shows that Alzheimer’s patients have much fewer anxiety attacks and aggressive outbursts if they were in an environment which had pets.



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2 thoughts on “Get healthy Stay healthy Get a Pet”

  • This is an article close to my daughter’s heart. She is 11 and all she talks about is how badly she wants a pet – cat or dog, fish or turtle, hamster or bird, it doesn’t even matter lol. Now I can tell her that owning a pet will give her health benefits and allow her to live longer than the average person without a pet. Oh Lord, what a monster she will be lol. Seriously though, this is a great post. I had no idea that there were so many associated health benefits to pet ownership. Thank you for such a well presented post!

    • Thank you Tamara,
      I think on this occasion…you need to listen to the little one (your daughter can thank me later)…Pet ownership is proven to be a great benefit to our health…and even if she is the “pet owner” you get the benefit…simply look at the pet, let your heart melt and that is enough to increase your Serotonin… so good news for everyone…including the turtle/fish/cat/dog lol

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