Finding Balance Within Muladhara Root Chakra – Free Guided Meditation Beginners

In this post we look at finding balance within Muladhara Root Chakra.  We look at why it is important to have a balanced Muladhara Root Chakra and the importance of focusing on gaining balance within Muladhara before moving to the other Chakra centers.  You will find 2 resources. The Free Guided Meditation Beginners Script and the Balance and Activate Muladhara Root Chakra Music Video.

The “Free Guided Meditation Beginners” Script allows you, at your leisure to read through and familiarize yourself with some of the techniques and visualizations within the meditation.

The “Balance and Activate Muladhara Root Chakra” Music Video is my favorite, and I believe the best, YouTube Video for balancing and activating Muladhara. This video is entirely music so can be used as background music once you are comfortable with the balancing meditation and no longer need rely on the meditation script.

Why is Muladhara so important to activate first? Finding Balance within Muladhara Root Chakra.

Muladhara, the root chakra is located at the base of the spine and encompasses the pelvic floor and first three spinal vertebrae.

Muladhara is formed from 2 Sanskrit words – Mula meaning Root and Adhara meaning the base or the support.  It is named as such due to its functionality being the sense of security, stability and safety during our earthly existence.  Muladhara is the Chakra of physical matter.

To understand the importance of Muladhara and the reason we spend time balancing and activating her energy first let us compare it to any process of building, growing, developing and planning.  If you were to build your dream home, a house that would be your ideal, a place that would remain strong and stand for generations to come you would first need to ensure you laid firm foundations that would support the building and structure on top.  This can be applied to Muladhara. We need a balanced and strong Root Chakra before we can open, balance and benefit from the chakras above.

Muladhara represents our basic and fundamental needs.  The things that allow stability and ground us in human existence. These aspects include safety, shelter, security and basic existential needs i.e. air, food and water.  Muladhara also comprises our emotional needs at a base level.  This is where fight or flight comes from.

When our basic needs are met we feel emotionally and physically safe.

As we develop beyond childhood our experiences at a core and basic level form our Muladhara energy patterns and functions.  This means that your feelings around safety and security are not often related to your current actual circumstances (even if we believe they are).  You could in fact have a very safe and stable existence but not feel it, comprehend it or accept it.  This is because your current feelings about safety and security were programmed into your psyche at an early age.

If, when you were an infant, your parents/parent/caregiver was distant, or withheld emotion, withheld basic needs or were inconsistent in providing you with these then this programming causes blockages and imbalance in Muladhara and carries with you into adulthood.

On the other spectrum if your parents/parent/caregivers provided your basic needs readily, happily  and consistently you will feel much more secure in the world and you will feel that the world can be trusted to provide your basic needs.

Regardless of Muladhara’s programming in infancy we can resolve blockages and imbalance and activate the root chakra energy which will then deliver pure and balanced energy. This pure Muladhara energy allows us to reconnect with ourselves, become secure and confident of our place in the world and enable the purification of the Subtle body.  Once Muladhara is in balance our levels of anxiety drop, our feelings of security and safety rise and we are able to trust.

Finding Balance Within Muladhara Root Chakra - Free Guided Meditation Beginners

To gain enlightenment and lead a healthy fulfilled life all our Chakras must be balanced and in unity. This cannot happen until we activate and balance Muladhara.  In our search for spiritual development we must first balance our fundamental and base needs of security and safety.

Finding Balance Within Muladhara Root Chakra – Free Guided Meditation Beginners.

Below is the free guided meditation beginners script.  If you are an experienced practitioner and have meditated to balance Muladhara before you may wish to go directly to the video attachment below.  the video is an incredibly good meditation track which utilizes frequencies, tones and vibrations that activate and balance Muladhara.

For those who do wish to use this script it is advised you read it a few times so you are able to easily remember the sequence of events (they are important) and then when you feel comfortable with the visualization scenario you can meditate independently with the music in the background.

Free Guided Meditation Beginners Script –  Finding Balance Within Muladhara Root Chakra

First get yourself into a comfortable position.  Ideally cross legged on the floor with an upright spine.  If this isn’t possible you can sit in a chair but ensure your spine remains straight and you will not slouch.  You may also do this meditation laying flat on your back.   This is a very comfortable position and importantly ensures your spine remains straight…however in a laying down position it is easy to relax too much and fall asleep!

I always advice you find somewhere to mediate that you will not be interrupted and is free from distraction (as much as possible).  perform any ritual or routine which brings you to a feeling of peace and calm (incense, flowers, aromatic oils…)

Once you have taken your position proceed with the following steps (this is written as a script and you may wish to record it, or have someone else record it, and play it back as guidance during the meditation.


  1. Firstly begin with taking long and deep breaths.  As you breathe in see your body fill with the purest of white silvery light.  As you exhale feel all the tensions and stress of the day leave your body and melt away.
  2. See a funnel of pure white light descend from the heavens and enter your body through the top of your head.  As you inhale your body fills with this silvery white pure light. As you exhale your body feels relaxed, heavy and free from any anxiety.
  3. Continue to see this column of pure energy fill your body entirely as you inhale and feel your stress and tension leave your body as you exhale.
  4. When your body is completely filled with the purest of silvery white light you will see the light begin to encase you, wrapping round you, filling your aura and protecting you in a cocoon of pure white silvery light.
  5. Once you are totally enveloped in this purest of white light you will notice a small and soft glow at the base of your spine.
  6. When you move your focus to this area you see your Muladhara Root Chakra beginning to open.  See her as a flower, her petals slowly folding back and opening to greet the sun.  as she opens her rich ruby red hue begins to become stronger and glow.
  7. Muladhara is now fully open and you can see the rich red color emanating from her.  This makes you feel safe, serene and secure.
  8. Take some time to enjoy the sensations and feelings of Muladharas vibrant red.  Feel secure.  Feel safe.  Feel serene. You feel totally grounded. You feel strong like a huge and unshakable bolder cradled deep inside the earth.
  9. Now imagine you are in a beautiful field, you can feel the wind on your face, hear the birds singing, feel the rays of the sun.  It is a beautiful day and you stand in the field and feel the warmth, strength and protection of mother earth radiate up through the soles of your bare feet.
  10. You look out across the field towards a huge snow capped mountain.  You are drawn to this mountain, it calls to you and so you begin to walk towards it all the while feeling the warmth and strength of the earth as your feet connect with each step forward.
  11. As you approach you feel the warmth of the sun and you notice there are groves of rhododendrons, with bright red blooms, growing along the path leading to the mountain.
  12. When you arrive at the base of the mountain you see an entrance, a small opening.  Within this opening you see a red tint of light and you know you must explore further.
  13. Step forward and enter the mountain cave.  The red light within beckons you and you are aware that nothing could harm you and that only positive and welcoming energy awaits.
  14. You walk into the mountain, following the cavern path, following the glow of red light.
  15. Suddenly you enter into the mountain chamber.  The cave is cool and tranquil.  Its walls are high and glassy and you notice the entire space is circular and rises to a sharp peak where a hint of sunlight enters through a small hole.
  16. Your eyes follow the single ray of light that pours in from the ceiling. It shines down in brilliant red radiance and lights a massive rock in the center of the chamber.
  17. You walk over to the rock and notice it is smooth and flat on the top.  You climb the rock and sit on the very top of it. Sitting cross-legged comes effortlessly to you.
  18. As you sit you feel the red radiance of the sunlight enter through the top of your head and penetrate deep into your body.  It brings warmth and comfort and peace.  You also feel the warmth of mother earth sending her strength and serenity to you thorough he rock on which you sit.
  19. As you sit with the universe connection at your head and the earth connection at your base you begin to feel a part of the rock, and a part of the mountain. You feel deeply anchored and rooted to the earth. You feel safe. You see and feel the the earth supporting and nourishing your entire being.
  20. As you site connected to the earth you notice Muladhara is now spinning in a clockwise manner, she is growing faster and brighter. her pure red light and energy is growing stronger and spinning faster.
  21. As the red light of Muladhara grows you see and feel her pure rich ruby red energy fill your entire being, it fills you and surrounds you and you feel waves of happiness, contentedness and security envelope you.
  22. Take deep breathes and as you breathe in see Muladhara send bright red pure energy up your spine
  23. As you exhale see the sunlight from the ceiling pour down your spine and into Muladhara…nourishing and replenishing her
  24. Now take time to rest in this awareness, the awareness that all is good, and right, and safe and as it should be.  All is secure and all imbalance is being flushed from your system.  Know that you are strong and connected to the earth and the universe.
  25. Once you feel the time is right I want you to rise from your rocky platform and walk out of the cavern.
  26. As you leave the mountain I want you to look back.  You can see that Muladhara is still spinning and emanating pure rich ruby red energy.  The energy from Muladhara emanates from her and flows back into the cavern.  As you walk away you see this trail of light and energy remain attached, unbroken and you know you are one with the earth and the mountain and the connection can never be severed.
  27. You are one with the earth.
  28. Now take 3 long deep slow breaths in and out and when you are ready open your eyes and bring yourself back to full consciousness.

Finding Balance Within Muladhara Root Chakra – Free Guided Meditation Beginners

Below is the video from YouTube and which I believe to be the best audio track available for balancing and activating Muladhara. Once you are confident with the meditation above please play this music as you mediate and feel the benefits.


I hope you enjoyed this post “Finding Balance Within Muladhara Root Chakra – Free Guided Meditation Beginners”

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