Crystals Quiz (How Your Energy Links With The Crystal That Represents You!)

Crystals Quiz (How Your Energy Links With The Crystal That Represents You!)

Find out the message your Healing Crystal has for you today in our Crystals Quiz.

Each crystal has specific healing properties. Which message relates to you?

For fun, find out with our quizzes.

You may be surprised by the accuracy of the message your crystal has for you! Remember to share, for fun and “edu-tainment!”

Enjoy the messages and how accurate these can be.

Accurate information – with a fun twist! Enjoy the messages and be surprised by the insight that comes with it!

Crystals Quiz.


Two Of Your Best Friends Begin To Argue. What Do You Do?

arguement Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

A Friend Drinks Too Much At A Party. What Do You Do?

alcohol Image by bridgesward from Pixabay

If You Were Planning A Wedding, What Color Would Bridesmaids Wear?


When Choosing An Ice Cream You Choose?

ice cream Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

You Decide To Adopt A Puppy. You Choose....

puppy Image by Pexels from Pixabay

You Decide It's A Night In With Netflix. What Would You Choose To Watch?

television Image by ADMC from Pixabay

If You Were Asked To Choose Your Favorite Color What Would It be?

colors Image by garageband from Pixabay

You Notice A Friend Crying. What Do You Do?

crying Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

You Lend Your Car To A Friend. When They Return It You Notice A Dent. What Do You Do?

Image by Rhonda Jenkins from Pixabay

Do You Normally Eat Breakfast?

Crystals Quiz
You Are A Quartz Crystal - The Master Healer!

crystals for healing - quartz

Those who are Crystal Quartz personalities have the ability to heal the spirit. As a quartz crystal match, you like quartz, amplify the energy and emotions of others meaning you are able to empathize with everyone you come into contact with. People find themselves replenished, refreshed and invigorated when they spend time with you, because you fill the heart with your healing energy! You need to ensure you share your loving energy with yourself and provide the love and care you give to others to yourself.
You Are An Aquamarine - The Protector!

As an Aquamarine, you like the crystal, symbolize a courageous and loving spirit. You, like the aquamarine, protect others with a lion's fearlessness and nothing could stop you from making sure everyone you care about is okay! People know their hearts and souls are always safe and loved within your circle of protection.
You Are An Amethyst - Energy Of Balance

Amethyst Healing Properties - Personal Protection of Amethyst Crystals

As an Amethyst, you like the crystal, represent energies of calm and balance. You add the much needed chill to any group, you soothe hurt egos and bring everyone back to a peaceful balance. People look to you for advice when they feel unsteady, and you are always there to provide wise words for how to deal with difficult times.
You Are Rose Quartz - The Energy Of Love

healing crystals guide - your complete healing crystal guide

You, like the Rose quartz, emit the energy of unconditional love. The strength of your love keeps people light in the darkest times. You believe in love and people seek you out for reassurance and validation. You must ensure that the energy you share, and give freely to others, is also given to yourself. The Rose Quartz gives so freely that they sometimes forget to focus on their needs.

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