Chinese Medicine for Weight Loss

Chinese Medicine for Weight Loss

Chinese Medicine for Weight Loss – Lose Weight Naturally.


Tired of diets? Starving yourself? Unrealistic calorie intake?


There is a way to lose weight without starving, without submitting the body to drastic change and without damaging your self esteem further.  Many of us have tried endlessly to lose those stubborn pounds but yet we find they never shift or if they do…they just come back as soon as we start eating normally again.

So is there an answer? YES!

The answer to holistic and healthy weight loss can be found in an ancient healing system, a healing system that continues to be practiced around the globe today.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a nutritional and medicinal system which has history dating back thousands of years. TCM is medicinal, nutritional and spiritual catering to our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies in harmony.  The practice of Chinese medicine for weight loss uses a range of techniques and remedies designed to restore balance and order to the body and includes herbs, nutritional diet, exercise through movement and energy, meditation and acupuncture.

Qi – Energy – Chinese Medicine for Weight Loss


Simply put TCM views optimal health and well being through developing, building up, storing and conserving Qi (energy).

In a physically fit, emotionally and spiritually healthy person there is an abundant supply of Qi flowing freely through the body enabling our internal organs and systems to function properly and keep us healthy.

Chinese medicine for weight loss

Forget Calories!


When thinking about Traditional Chinese Medicine for Weight Loss we are not concerning ourselves primarily about calorie intake and expenditure.

In TCM we want to fortify, channel and sustain ample healthy and properly flowing Qi.  When we do this and fortify the Qi we are raising our metabolic rate and we gain the feeling of well-being.

Strong Qi also aides the digestive system allowing your body to optimally transform the food you eat into energy you can use.

Weak Qi, usually the result of excessive stress and/or inadequate sleep, raise levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which causes the body to store, rather than burn, fat.  Stress and a body depleted of energy via lack of sleep goes into protection mode and will not let go of its supply of nutrition reserves (fat) and often will try to store more!

Using Chinese Medicine for Weight Loss focuses on raising the level of Qi. When a persons energy is higher and more stable your body is not in a protective mode, it is not threatened and the Qi is able to flee correctly.

When Qi flows and your body has full energy your food cravings diminish and the urge toward compulsive eating weakens because your body is not giving the signals of stress triggering the storing of fat.

Chinese medicine

6 Methods to raise Qi – Chinese Medicine for Weight Loss


  1. Eat food that is full of qi, or natural life energy.
  • Natural whole foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and non processed meat.
  • Avoid foods that are packaged and refined.
  • Do not use artificial sweeteners, artificial meal replacements or diet food replacements – these are not nutritional as they are packed with artificial and man made chemicals.
  • You are looking to eat natural, non processed quality food – this is much more important than counting calories.

2. Don’t drastically or continually change dietary patterns.

  • Give your body time to adjust to Qi enhancing foods.
  • Set and stick to a pattern of eating.
  • Key to Chinese medicine for weight loss is don’t skip meals – Eat 30 minutes after waking, mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack, evening meal preferably before 7pm (thats right…eat…eat what you need to feel more…and only Qi enhancing foods)
  • If you feel sluggish, bloated, or gassy after eating then think about what you ate and try to remove elements individually from your diet until you recognise which food type it is you need to remove.
  • Pay attention to how you feel after meals to determine which foods support your well-being.

Chinese medicine

3. Eat slowly and mindfully.

  • Set aside time to eat.
  • Do not rush your meal.
  • Avoid distractions during meals such as computers and television as you need to focus on the food.
  • Spend time and focus on your eating and enjoy the food – this aides you to feel completely satisfied, supports digestion and helps avoid over eating.

4. Retire and sleep at 10:30 p.m.

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine for weight loss understands that the liver cleans the blood and with the other organs detoxifies the body.
  • The liver cleanses the blood between 1 and 3 a.m.
  • To gain maximum benefit your must be in deep sleep state by 1am.
  • Sufficient rest is essential for healthy metabolism and healthy metabolism is essential for weight loss.

Traditional chinese medicine for weight loss

5. Participate in energy movement excercise to promote Qi.

  • Go for a gentle walk somewhere beautiful
  • Take upgardening
  • Swim
  • chi gong (qi gong),
  • t’ai qi (tai chi),
  • yoga etc
  • This type of exercise helps bring Qi energy back into balance and is vital for those with stress, anxiety and exhaustion.

6. Acupuncture.

  • It truly doesn’t hurt and is an amazing remedy which amplifies results of the other Chinese medicine for weight loss techniques.
  • Ear needles/Acupuncture works quickly and  you will notice significantly reduced cravings and/or compulsive eating.
  • After acupuncture you will be appropriately hungry at the correct times of the day.
  • Acupuncture also reduces stress and alleviates anxiety

I sincerely hope you try these techniques and I would love to have your feedback if you do.  You can leave me a message or ask further questions here in the comments forum and I will respond as soon as possible.  Alternatively you can contact me directly by clicking here.

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Love and Light


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Chinese Medicine for Weight Loss

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19 thoughts on “Chinese Medicine for Weight Loss”

  • Acupuncture does work for weight loss effectively; I have witnessed my patients feel better, weigh less and feel healthier than ever before.
    Sometimes dietary modifications also help more combined with acupuncture, but that depends on no. of sessions a patient is willing to attend.

    • Thank you for your comments Ahmad.
      Totally agree with you about diet. There are a number of tools which can assist with weight loss such as acupuncture but these must always be teamed with sensible eating. And sensible eating doesn’t mean starving ourselves – its the balance of food types. I write about it more in my post about how to lose belly fat.
      To your good health

  • Hi Jason,
    Yes! I am tired of calorie restriction and not moving the needle on the scale 🙂 It’s funny I should come across your article today. I’ve been removing processed foods and integrating more whole foods into my diet. Its been weeks since I’ve had a sandwhich for lunch…until yesterday. In desperation I made a sandwhich with two slices of bread. About two hours later I was just siting at my cubicle and got so uncharacteristically tired that I was seriously thinking about taking sick leave so I could go home and nap. Note to Self: bread makes me sluggish and tired! I have a question about acupuncture…is it something that we must do regularly continue reaping the benefits? Or can a few session stop cravings for a long period of time?

    • Hi Alyssa,

      Its amazing isnt it how processed food (bread) can have such a reaction with our bodily functions. Glad you noticed the impact it had on your body as many people don’t. Keep working at it.

      In terms acupuncture …in reality even 1 session will have an amazing impact. Continual sessions will help further. I recommend 1 per week for 2 weeks and then 1 per month for as long as you feel necessary. Many therapists will want you to do it more often but trust me…that is for profit and not your benefit.

      Let me know how you get on if you decide to have treatment.

  • This is so interesting to me! We have all tried diets to some success, but end up feeling tired and cranky. I am going to try these steps and check back in!!
    I live in a relatively small city and there are no doctors here that practice TCM, which is why I have found this article so interesting, because it has provided what I wanted when I needed it 🙂

    • Hi Shelley

      I’m glad you found the post useful and of interest. Please do let me know how you got on. I’d love your feedback.


  • This article is great. I find Chinese Traditional Medicine so interesting.

    I’ve tried acupuncture for fatigue and it definitely helped after 3 sessions. I felt full of energy and better than I had done in years.

    Are there any supplements you can take rather than just eating well, sleeping well and exercising?


    • Hi Sammi

      There certainly are.

      However I always recommend that you consult a TCM practitioner if possible as the supplement recommended will be based on an assessment of your Qi.

      If that’s not possible quality organic supplements containing vit B, D and zinc are a good start.


  • Hi Jason, wonderful post, and I’m going to be stopping by often to read others. I’ve always been a big believer in TCM, alternative therapies and the holistic approach to health and wellbeing. When I moved I left behind an incredible doctor who practiced anthroposophy, and I miss that. Where I live now it’s – your jaw hurts, take paracetamol. No thought to why, just mask it. I like that the same approach works for weight loss. I had my first appointment the other day with a doctor who practices homeopathy. The “treatment” is starting with a tiny envelope of a powder that will work over the course of at least a month, sorting out what’s blocked, helping me back into balance, and weight loss and everything else will start to be tackled in a gentler and healthier way.

    • Hi Hindy
      Glad you enjoyed the post. I am in total agreement. Many or in fact most allopathic or modern doctors simply give pharmaceuticals to mask the issue. Sure they are needed and help with pain or symptoms but they don’t actually deal with the unbalance in the body that is causing the issue to arise.
      In combination with modern medicine TCM or other holistic remedies can restore optimal health by ensuring the body functions are restored.
      Homeopathic remedies are brilliant and I know first hand work terrifically well.
      Wishing you best health always

  • What an interesting article! I can see why putting these principles into action in our life can help us in so many ways. You talk about the Qi (energy). It makes so much sense that if we can change the way we eat and sleep it can have a dramatic affect on our energy and well being.

    I did not really believe too much in using acupuncture to help heal the body in the past, but I have known friends that have benefited greatly from acupuncture therapy. I would definitely take advantage of this form of treatment in the future.

    Also, you have a well designed website and your articles have a nice flow to them.

    Excellent work! Richard

    • Thank you Richard

      I appreciate your comments

      Please do let me know if you ever take acupuncture and the results. I think you’ll be very happy.

      Good health to you


  • “Stress triggers the storing of Fat” I feel is one of the major reason behind people not being able to reduce their weight. So, by reducing stress and increasing the level of Qi we can maintain a healthy body.

    Chinese people are generally very fit, i think their secret lies in TCM. Thanks for sharing and promoting this secret with everyone.

  • Hi Jason,

    The mention of the Chinese medicine for weight loss is so true because the Chinese are the best when it comes to traditional medicine. I think a manufacturer can pick this up and produce some capsules or a syrup from these medicines. And if there are any of such capsules or syrups where can one get a product to buy.

    Your article was on point. Keep it up.


    • hi Daniel

      I would suggest for those interested in TCM they find their local clinic. TCM is like any form of medicine practice and for serious ailments you should first seek a qualified practitioner.

      Otherwise stick with guidelines described to enhance your natural Qi.


  • Jason,
    Being an overseas chinese myself, I am a believer of TCM. I am aware of the effectiveness from acupuncture and yoga as I am practicing yoga on twice a week. Acupuncture will help to release tensions in those areas that are inflamed. Thank you for writing this article to share with you.

    • Hi Stanley,

      Many thanks for your comments. It’s terrific to get your feedback regarding TCM. I too use acupuncture and yoga alongside the TCM remedies and Qi conditioning and find it excellent. There is so much we can continue to learn regarding TCM and I hope to follow up with other posts and tips for people.


  • The truth is i completely know nothing about Chinese foods, my friends say they are the best and i have been to restaurants where they prepare Chinese food but i have never tasted them then i came across your post and there is nothing stopping me from Chinese food now. My mum is big and heavy maybe this is not the best word to use but she is fat. Actually we have tried everything but she does not reduce at all. I wanna try these and am hoping everything will work well on her

    • Thank you so much for your message.

      For clarity I am not promoting Chinese food, especially Chinese take out, as it can be notoriously unhealthy in today’s world.

      I’m promoting TCM, traditional Chinese medicine which is an ancient healing practice for developing healthy Qi energy flow within the body. ..

      So lots of healthy whole foods and exercise. …not sweet n sour sauces im afraid.

      Hope your Mum has much success

      Love and light


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