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Spirituality is a very broad concept. It has a lot of different perspectives. In this category, Spiritually Holistic, we include posts that cover the sense of connection to something that is bigger than ourselves.

These posts are perfect for those that are searching for meaning in life, which is the universal human experience, it is something that touches us all.

Learn how to develop spiritual growth, find posts that look at issues that are sacred or transcendent or simply analyse our deep sense of being aliveness and connected.

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Balance Chakras With Affirmations (Chakra Affirmations For Meditation)

In this post learn how to balance chakras with affirmations, and discover why chakra affirmations are an incredible, and extremely effective, method for achieving optimal health and wellbeing. The power of positive affirmation teamed with meditation (or focused thought) is a long established method in Ayurveda, Yoga and eastern esoteric …