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Best White Noise Machine For Sound Therapy (Sleep Well In 2019 )

Looking for the best white noise machine that can be used for sound therapy? Here are the 6 we think you should choose from! In this post we offer our pick of tried and tested machines, sourced from reputable suppliers. They are excellent for therapeutic use and enabling great sleep. We are not talking about those devices that create an annoying static hum! 

To make sure you have all the information needed to choose a machine we look at defining white noise, its major benefits and then provide our reviews of the six best white noise machines on the market today! 

Each machine has been individually evaluated for effectiveness, therapeutic results, consumer satisfaction, value for money and come from trusted manufacturers.

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What Is White Noise?

In today’s busy life we become used to the buzz and annoyance of the noises around us.  For example, if you ever moved to live in a city the first thing you probably heard were the sirens, traffic and noisy neighbors but then eventually you didn’t even hear them?

This is normal! We acclimatize with familiar noise.  When we are busy and going about our business the noise becomes part of our expectation.

The problem is these noise associations are linked to times when we are busy.

So when we lie down at the end of a long day to fall asleep, our subconscious changes focus from “busy work day” to “relax and sleep mode” and we suddenly become aware of every disruptive sound in our environment.

What Are The Common Sleep Stealing Sounds?

When laying awake any non-familiar or non-welcome noise, regardless of how innocuous, becomes sleep stealing!

  • Noisy neighbors,
  • TV’s and bass sound systems,
  • Upstairs, downstairs footsteps
  • Traffic,
  • Dripping taps
  • Electronic buzzes
  • Cell phones and more

Why? Because our brain is wanting, and expecting, silence!

How Does Sound Therapy White Noise Resolve This?

White noise solves these sleep stealing annoyances by creating new sound that covers a broad range of frequencies.

It sounds wrong doesn’t it? Adding noise to drown out noise!

Let me explain!

Think about two people having a conversation.  When you talk 1-1 it’s pretty easy to hear what is being said because your brain automatically focuses on the individual words.

But if you are in a room where hundreds of people are having conversations it becomes impossible to understand what is being said, even by a few of those people.

The hundreds of voices just become a blanket of uniform sound.  It is therefore easy for our brain to ignore.  Our brain doesn’t understand the voices, therefore doesn’t focus on any particular conversation so allows the noise to fade into the background.

This background sound tells our brain to relax rather than focus. Therefore it acts as a buffer, meaning any sudden noises (like sirens, people talking, or a neighbors sudden music) is masked, becoming part of the uniform sound blanket and you keep right on sleeping.

White Noise Works Differently For Individuals

Every environment is unique.  Therefore you may require different set ups for optimal masking of disruptive sound.  When you begin using your white noise machine you should try many different arrangements to get maximum benefit:

  • experiment with the different tone and volume features,
  • try placing the sound machine in a variety of locations.
  • Experiment with sounds – differing people will find some “white noise” sounds more soothing than others.

How Does White Noise Benefit Sleep?

Helps Build A Better Sleep Time Routine.

It is always a good idea to establish a routine for sleep (both for children and adults).  White noise machines turn sleep hygiene into a habit!  Simply the routine of entering the room, switching on the machine and preparing for bed becomes a that our brain recognizes as “time to sleep”.

Keeps Bedrooms Quiet To Maximize Sleep.

For optimal sleep, you obviously need an optimal environment.  White noise machines buffer any disturbing sounds and help create a quiet haven, regardless of your surrounding.

Shut Down Of A Focused And Busy Brain.

Ever have trouble falling asleep because your To Do list won’t stop buzzing, or personal worries keep you awake?  White noise can help.  There’s a reason some people use it to meditate!

Once Asleep, Stay Asleep.

Through masking sounds that might normally interrupt your sleep, the white noise machine protects your peaceful rest and sleep.  It also helps by ensuring that if you do wake up, it becomes much easier for you to fall back to sleep.

White Noise Helps You To Sleep More Soundly.

Most people have no idea how many times they wake throughout the night.  Most people wake on and off very often. Even if you don’t remember waking up the next morning, those little interruptions, no matter how short, have affected the quality of your sleep. 

White noise helps minimize waking which allows you a better sleep and more rest.  In the morning you’ll notice how refreshed you feel.

Our Top 6 – Get The Best White Noise Machine.

Number 1 – Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Therapy Machine

Number 1 In White Noise Sound Therapy Machines.
  • Marpac - Gold Standard For 50 years
  • Ease Of Use
  • Adjustable Volume Levels
  • Adjustable Tone and Pitch
  • Unique Asymmetrical Fan
  • Acoustic Housing
  • Consumer Reviews


The Original Sound Therapy White Noise Machine! Marpac first introduced the white noise machine to market in 1962. It is now in its 4th generation design. Instead of digital (electronic) recordings, the Marpac Classic has a built-in fan which creates the sound of rushing air. The Marpac Dohm Classic has a compact adjustable acoustic housing which surrounds a two-speed electric motor and a unique asymmetrical fan. This design creates the soothing sound of rushing air without the disturbance of actual moving air. This all-natural “white noise” is proven to effectively block sleep stealing noises so you can get deep, undisturbed sleep all night long.

User Review
5 (1 vote)

Number 2 – Sound and Sleep High Fidelity Sleep Sound Machine

sound and sleep - best white noise machine for sound therapy
Number 2 – The Sound and Sleep Machine


  • Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc – Experts in Sound
  • No Loop Sounds –  This Device Composes A Unique Sound Environment
  • 10 Sound Environments, 3 Richness Levels
  • Patented Adaptive Sound Technology
  • Scientifically Engineered
  • Automatic Adjustments To Current Environment
  • 5 Star Consumer Reviews


SOUND+SLEEP allows you to choose from 10 distinct sound profiles, each of them having three levels of richness.

This allows a total of 30 different sound profiles, all having been scientifically engineered to promote a deeper sleep.

SOUND+SLEEP uses amazingly natural high-definition recorded sounds.

Number 3 – LectroFan Kinder Sleep Sound Machine and Night Light

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  • Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc – Experts in Sound
  • Specifically Designed For Children
  • Designed to Promote Deeper, More Restful Sleep For Your Infant Or Toddler
  • Plays Lullabies, Nature’s Sounds, and Ambient Noise
  • High Fidelity, Non-Looping Sounds
  • Creates Peaceful Environment and Masks Noise Disturbance
  • Soothing Nightlight Displays A Rainbow Of Color
  • Control With Smart Phone App
  • Apple or Android – No Internet or WiFi connection required
  • 5 Star Consumer Reviews


Sleeping well needs to begin at an early age. The LectroFan Kinder helps to make sure your child gets the very best sleep.

Get peace of mind knowing your child’s bedtime routine will be easy.

Plug the LectroFan Kinder into any standard outlet, then download the app, and control all features easily from your phone.

Happy healthy children after a peaceful nights sleep (and parents too!)

Number 4 – Snooz White Noise Sound Therapy Machine

51bqo9j98L wide light


  • SNOOZ – Sound experts
  • Peaceful White Noise From A Real Fan.
  • Fully Adjustable Volume And Tone (10 settings).
  • Ultra-Portable Design.
  • Companion App.
  • Remote Control
  • Nursery Calibration
  • 4.5 Star Consumer Reviews


SNOOZ is unique fan-based white noise machine for sleep.  Unique design that not only helps that you fall asleep,but it also helps you to stay asleep.

The SNOOZ machine uses a proprietary fan impeller which is housed inside an acoustically optimized shell.

This design means the SNOOZ emits an extremely peaceful white noise which helps the world fade away and allows you to have a truly deep and refreshing sleep.

Number 5 – Yostyle Sleep Sound Machine

best white noise machine for sound therapy
One of the best options that won’t break the budget!


  • Trusted Sound Technology
  • 26 Soothing Sounds Including:
    • 3 types of white noise,
    • 3 types of fan sounds,
    • 2 types of Thunderstorm sounds
    • Others such as wind, rain, brook, ocean, frog, birds, and lullaby
  • Compact design.
  • Convenient and Portable Design.
  • Auto Off Function – 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes or continuous
  • Precise Volume Control
  • 5 Star Consumer Reviews


The AGPTEK White Noise Sound Machine is an ideal choice. It creates a constant, soothing sound which helps lull your baby to sleep.

It does this by shielding against the unwanted and disturbing noises with 26 soothing sounds, creating a peaceful environment that supports rest or concentration.

26 kinds of sound.

26 soothing sounds, creating a peaceful environment. These include 3 white noises, 3 fan sounds, 14 nature sounds, 2 lullabies, as well as unique sounds such as ticktock, heartbeat, rock baby and equilibrium.

The AGPTEK had to be included in our reviews and should be considered when looking for the best white noise machine.

Number 6 – LectroFan Micro Wireless Sleep Sound Machine and Bluetooth Speaker

wide light


  • Adaptive Sound Technologies Inc – Experts in Sound
  • Ten unique sounds for sleep and relaxation
  • Compact swivel design – projects sound more effectively
  • Wireless Bluetooth audio with built-in microphone
  • Up to 16 hours of ambient sound or 6 hours of streaming
  • Fan Sounds Using Therapeutic White Noise
  • 4.5 Star Consumer Reviews


The LectroFan micro is a portable sound machine for sleep, relaxation, studying and conversation privacy.

It features a wireless, portable Bluetooth speaker system able to connect to smartphones, tablets, computers or any compatible Bluetooth devices.

The premium swivel mounting design lets you point the speaker in any direction.

So there you have it.

Our choices when you want to find the best white noise machine for sound therapy.  If you do choose one of these machines please do let me know!  I would love to hear your thoughts and views!  I know you’ll be delighted with any of the above!

Best White Noise Machine For Sound Therapy (Sleep Well In 2019 )

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