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The Best Essential Oil Diffusers 2020 (Guaranteed Satisfaction)

When you are looking to make a purchase you obviously want to make sure you are choosing from the best essential oil diffusers possible. So where do you start?

As you know there are literally hundreds, thousands even, on the market. The answer will be different for everyone because it all depends on what you wish to use it for!

You need to consider the running time per day, the size of the space you want to fill with aroma and the method of diffusion.

Do you want fine mist, cool mist, or continuous mist? Do you want evaporative diffusers, nebulizer diffusers or ultrasonic?

We can help you with all of those choices!

The first consideration, in my opinion, is that you need to eliminate any that are heat diffusers, those that utilize a heat source for essential oil dispersion.

When a diffuser uses heat with essential oils it can destroy the healing properties.

This will mean eliminating a huge number of potential diffusers. However if you have are investing your money you want to make sure that you don’t destroy the quality of your essential oils and you are able to harness their healing properties.

Heat has a negative impact on most essential oils. In fact the health giving and healing properties of essential oils are destroyed when heated. You will end up with beautiful aromas, but no holistic healing or aromatherapy benefits.

Note: If your prime motivation is aroma and ambiance only, and you are not using your oils for healing – then by all means…heat away!).

The Best Essential Oil Diffusers Do Not Use Heat!

Even after removing products that use a heat source, there are a huge variety to choose from.

By far the best are Ultrasonic diffusers. Ultrasonic means they vaporize the essential oils and disperse them into the air through vibration.

Because ultrasonic diffusers generate vapor without heat, actually without anything other than high speed vibration, they preserve the integrity and attributes of our essential oils.

So here they are! We have tested and trialled many diffusers and think we have narrowed it down to the 5 best!

Perfect solutions for diffusing essential oils with ultrasonic technology. No heat!

The Best Essential Oil Diffusers For 2019

Homasy Best Essential Oil Diffusers
Homasy Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser – Number One In Our Best Essential Oil Diffusers Guide 2020

Number 1 – Homasy 500ml Essential Oil, Ultrasonic Diffuser.

Big Style, Big Capacity, Aromatherapy For The Whole Home Or Office!
Homasy Essential Oil Diffuser - The Best Essential Oil Diffusers 2019

Product Name: Homasy Essential Oil Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier - 500ml

Product Description: 3 in 1 Essential Oil Ultrasonic Diffuser. The Homasy is designed to be an Aroma Diffuser, a Humidifier and a Night Light. It is incredibly simple to use. Just press the “mist” button after filling in the diffuser tank with water and essential oil. Brilliant, and safe, for the children's rooms and works as a night light with 8 colored LED's.

Brand: Homasy




Offer price: 79.99

Currency: USD

Availability: InStock

Offer URL: https://amzn.to/3c1E1Ci

Valid until: September 30, 2020

  • Ease of Use
  • Value For Money
  • Diffusion method
  • Diffusion coverage
  • Overall Quality

Overall Summary

The Homasy 500ml essential oil diffuser uses an atomizer plate.  This plate oscillates up to 3,000,000 times and is why it produces such fine, cool mist with long lasting scent.  Of utmost importance is that there is no loss of oil quality. The coverage of diffusion reaches up to 480 ft². Safe for use in all areas of the home, even in the kids bedrooms!  The diffuser is made of BPA free material, so is 100% healthy to use around the elderly and babies. Plus the Homasy ultrasonic oil diffuser automatically shuts off when it runs out of water. 


  1. 500ml Large Capacity Cover
  2. 480 ft² Space
  3. Improve Your Air Quality
  4. Atomizer plate diffusion
  5. Easy to use



  1. Price is high compared to some  (but remember quality, diffusion methods and space covered makes this excellent value for money!)
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Number 2 – Secret Garden Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser – Brilliant Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser.

Best Essential Oil Diffusers - Secret Garden

Larger Capacity Longer Misting Time:

The Secret Garden has a large 500ml capacity water chamber. This large storage, teamed with ultrasonic diffusion allows the fragrance and scent to fill large spaces. 

This is an awesome feature. But it gets better. The Secret Garden can run for 12 hours when set to low mist mode and 9 hours in high mist mode.

Ideal for home or office. 

Set each morning, or each evening, and safely leave to run continuously.  Our number 2 choice of the best essential oil diffusers will really help you reap the rewards and healing benefits of your chosen oils.

Full Spectrum Color or Low Light Modes:

You can match every moment and mood with the Secret gardens light settings.  Choose your favorite from the full color spectrum settings.

Match your mood, match the moment or switch the color light off and simply enjoy the fragrance!

Timer Settings – Set to run for 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours or continuous.

Mist Options – Low or High mist output. Both fine mist and cool mist.

Satisfaction Guarantee – 45 days money back guarantee and 12 month worry free warranty

Number 3 – ASAKUKI Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser.

41Qiy2S8WdlWide Orange

5-IN-1 Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser:

Our number 3 in the best essential oil diffuser guide is the Asakuki Smart Wifi Aromatherapy Diffuser. 

The Asakuki is an incredible multifunctional aromatherapy device.  Featuring a large 500ml, easy to clean, water tank, 7 different LED colored lights, multiple misting nebulizer modes and a safety inspired auto off switch that kicks in when the tank runs out of water.

Smart WI-FI Technology:

This incredible essential oil diffuser uses the latest technology meaning you can control all features by using an app on your smartphone! Download the TuyaSmart app and use the diffuser when convenient to you!

You can turn the purifier on and off or change the mode. The diffuser is compatible with Amazon Echo so it can operate with Alexa for easy use.

Improves Room Air Quality:

As well as the obvious use of the Asakuki for aromatherapy this essential oil diffuser also works as a humidifier.

The humidifier function helps to improve the air quality and atmosphere in your home.  It also aids in covering unpleasant lingering smells such as cigarettes and family pets. 

Humidifiers protect you and your family from allergens, microorganisms, dust, and excessively dry air!

Made To Last Premium Materials:

A truly premium essential oil diffuser, the Asakuki uses ultra-high grade, eco-friendly and completely safe Polypropylene (PP) materials (the same as baby bottles are made from). 

The manufacturing company is well known for their commitment to using eco-friendly, state of the art production processes with strict quality control.

Great For You And Gorgeous As A Gift:

Highly recommended for you and your home as well as a truly gorgeous gift for loved ones!  The Asakuki ultrasonic is top class for features and price and at number 3 of our best essential oil diffusers makes a truly thoughtful gift, and one that gives the additional gift of health and well being.

The Asakuki combines style, design and functionality with the incredible benefits of aromatherapy –  guaranteed to be a hit!

100% Risk Free:

Comes with a 1 year warranty and 6 months money back satisfaction guarantee.

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Number 4 – Plant Therapy AromaFuse Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser.

41P2Kt Vm5LWide Orange

Enjoy Scents Of Health With Fine Mist Technology:

This must be among the most stylish of all the best essential oil diffusers in our guyide. The Plant Therapy ultrasonic diffuser covers more than 500 sq. ft. (50 sq. m) and does it without using any heat.

This means your essential oils retain all of the natural holistic benefits and their natural chemical profiles. You and your family can enjoy up to 10 hours of continuous diffusion or even longer if you set it to be used intermittently.

Designed With Aromatherapy In Mind:

Because it is made by Plant Therapy, a company who also produce aromatherapy oils, you can be sure this diffuser was designed with health in mind.

Plant Therapy Oils can be used within the diffuser to address a variety of symptoms.

You can use the oils to gain relief from anxiety and stress, to gain better sleep, or to increase your attention or focus. You can also use them to simply unwind after a busy day, or a way to make your home smell nice.

Set And Forget Time Function:

This makes our best essential oil diffusers list because it is large enough that it will run all day but is small enough that you can tuck it behind a lamp.

It will shut off automatically if it runs out of water, so is completely worry free when in operation.

You also get 5 completely different settings which allows you to customize when and for how long you want your diffuser to run. A few presses of the button and its done!

Satisfaction Guarantee For Customers:

Plant Therapy state clearly that customers always come first. Their guarantee is that they will stand behind every product and offer a hassle-free money back guarantee if you have any issues.

This is probably why number 4 of our best essential oil diffusers is a constant best seller and has very high customer approval ratings!

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Number 5 – Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Humidifier (6L) – Built-in Oil Diffuser With High Mist Output

416Wx+N+SylWide Orange

Large Capacity With High Output:

This may seem an odd entry in our best essential oil diffusers guide because it is actually a humidifier, in every sense of the word.  It is designed to increase the humidity of your room and home. Featuring a 6L (1.6gal) tank with a super high mist output it can last 50 hours between refills!

So Why Is It Our Number 5?

It may be large, but it is perfect to keep your home filled with healing aromatherapy fragrance and it uses its ultrasonic technology to do this. This means the Everlasting Comfort diffuser works in near silence to bring healing aroma and needed humidity.

Built In Aromatherapy:

The Everlasting Comfort features a tray to add your favorite essential oils. This enables the ultrasonic vaporizer to atomize the oils and circulate them via mist.  Experience truly clean, pure and fresh air with healing fragrance.

Remove Airborne Viruses And Bacteria:

With the Everlasting Comfort’s 360 degree rotating nozzles and it’s fully adjustable mist and steam functions you have total control of the humidity in your home. 

This helps to decrease any risk of illness by keeping relative humidity above 43% destroying most viruses and bacteria .

Everlasting Comfort helps purify the air to prevent and ease allergies, sinus infection and dry coughs through it’s antibacterial, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic natural ionizer and purifier.

You Can See Why We Added It Now!

Set And Forget Auto Switch Off:

The Everlasting Comfort humidifier automatically turns off when it runs out of water which prevents any damage to the diffuser and keeps you safe!

No More Expensive Filters:

Many ultrasonic humidifiers, similar to air conditioning units, have a filter that needs to be replaced every few months.  Replacing filters is costly and can be cumbersome. The Everlasting Comfort is unique as both the diffuser and humidifier due to the design eliminating the need for a filter.  Amazing!

The best essential oil diffusers are revealed. Do let us know which you choose!

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The Best Essential Oil Diffusers 2020 (Guaranteed Satisfaction)

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