Best Crystal Healing Techniques (To Optimize Health and Achieve Balance)

Best Crystal Healing Techniques (To Optimize Health and Achieve Balance)

Whether you already actively use crystals and are aware of some crystal healing techniques, or you are just beginning to work with healing stones or maybe you have never thought of them other than decoration, this post is for you all!  It is time to put your decorative crystals and gemstones to work for your energetic health and well being. Here are some great techniques to boost health and vitality.

Crystal Healing Techniques For Personal Use and Healing

It does not matter if you have 100’s of crystals or if your healing stone collection is small, if you have a clear quartz crystal then that is all you need for these techniques.

The Body Grid Crystal Healing Technique

Tired of suffering from anxiety, over thinking or just a constantly busy mind?

Do you have specific pain such as back pain, knee pain or tension headaches?

Read on, we have the answer…

Whatever ailment you have, specific physical injury, pain  or emotional concerns. Whatever it is that concerns you health wise this first technique is recommended.

It is especially good for working on the energetic health of specific parts of your physical and mental bodies.

If you have ever created a crystal grid on your altar for attraction or manifestation purposes you will find this technique very similar. 

If you have never created a crystal grid do not worry.   In the nest section we will teach you how to do so, and how to create a healing stone grid for treatment of specific areas of your body.

Before you begin simply pick out your favorite healing stones. 

So far, so good…. easy, right!

As you are selecting your crystals focus your thought on the ailment you wish to treat.  Then choose the crystals that seem right.

Do not over think this!

Top tip: I choose my crystals by palm scanning.   To do this ensureyour palm or palms are facing down. Now concentrate on your ailment.  With your eyes slightly unfocused slowly move your palms over your selection of stones.

Select those you feel an attraction to. I usually sense tingling or a slight magnetic pull.

Even if you feel nothing the stones you select will be correct, just believe that!

Now choose the area you wish to lay out your grid. 

This can be an alter, or just an area that you feel is correct.  The only absolute necessity is to choose a place that your grid will not be disturbed.

Now it is time to lay out your grid.

Sit quietly and meditate upon the ailment for which you seek remedy.

As you meditate keep your thoughts focused intently upon the area of the body, or the emotive state, that you wish to draw energies of healing.

Once you have clear focus on the area for healing, bring your focused thought to the future state you wish for.   In your meditative state focus all visualization to yourself fully healed.

See and sense yourself pain free,

See yourself free and clear from any indication of illness or physical trauma.

Feel how it is to be pain free and totally healed.

Continue visualizing yourself  in the present as completely restored and in optimal health. Whatever condition was troubling you has gone forever, and you feel the sense of freedom associated with optimum health and vitality.

Now stay within this state of blissful health and begin to place your crystals.

Do no focus on the gemstones, instead ensure you stay focused within your visualization.

It is important that you maintain the focus of being pain free and of having achieved perfect health. If your focus slips, stop and refocus yourself.

Simply lay out the crystals in whichever pattern and formation that occurs.

Trust yourself.  The grid will form as it should, and will attract and draw the energies to manifest your current focused intent  The grid will optimize energies of healing that you are sensing within the meditative visualization.

Once you have positioned the healing crystals within the grid thank the universe and bring yourself back to the present.

Keep your crystalline grid in place for as long as you sense it is necessary! This may be hours, days or weeks. You will know when it is time to recharge or to re position them.

bags of stones used in crystal healing techniques
Stones Used For Our Crystal Healing Techniques

Chakra Balancing With Healing Gemstones – Crystal Healing Techniques.

Feeling sluggish? Tired? Or maybe you just feel like you need a complete energy field overhaul?

This technique for healing with stones and crystals is the perfect solution.

These exceptionally simple techniques can be used as often as you wish, they take very little time and they attract and manifest enormous amounts of positive energy and healing for the physical and mind body connect.

The following crystal healing technique will help when you wish to restore, realign and balance the bodies Chakra energy centers and meridians.

Crystal Energy For Chakra Balance

  • Muladhara the Root Chakra: Garnet or a Red Jasper
  • Svadhisthana the Sacral Chakra: Carnelian or Tiger Eye
  • Manipura the Solar Plexus: Citrine or Yellow Jasper
  • Anahata the Heart Chakra: Green Aventurine or Rose Quartz
  • Vishuddha theThroat Chakra: Sodalite or Turquoise
  • Ajna the Third Eye: Amethyst or Labradorite
  • Sahasrara the Crown Chakra: Clear Rock Quartz or Rainbow Moonstone











Align Healing Crystals With Associated Chakras

To begin you may find it beneficial to ask someone to help with this technique in terms of placing the crystals, however with practice it is possible to do this unaided!

Laying in a prone position place 1 stone (or more) in the coordinating chakra physical body location.

Once you have placed each of the 7 chakra stones on the 7 chakras energy center, close your eyes and begun the following visualization.  Through visualization you will draw upon the vibrational healing energies of crystals to aid energy balance.  

Think of the crystals as a tuning fork, a constant vibration aligned to each chakra.

This crystalline vibration does not alter, which is why crystals are used in watches and other devices that depend on accurate vibration and a constant energetic pulse.

So as with tuning forks, each crystal will align energy and bring your chakra center into a matching vibration and correct energetic alignment.

How To Use The Chakra Alignment Crystal Healing Techniques Within Visualization.

Start at the crown on the top of the head. 

chakra meditation crystal healing techniques

Visualize and imagine the violet coloration of Sahasrara the Crown Chakra lighting up and beginning to glow. See the chakras color growing ever more intense, vibrant and pulsing strongly.

See the crystals energy begin to pulsate, mixing within the chakras energy.

See the chakra color become even more vivid and glowing intensely completely surrounding the stone.

Focus on Sahasrara the crown chakra and take 5 deep breaths.

As you inhale see the energy from the healing crystal entering the chakra and flowing down your spine.

As you exhale you see your breath flowing back up the spine and out of the chakra back into the crystal.  Sense that this breath is replenishing the healing crystalline energy.  Feel more and more energized with each inhalation.

Complete this technique and breathing visualization exercise for each of the remaining chakras.

chakra meditation techniques for beginners
Ajna the Third Eye – Indigo
chakra meditation techniques for beginners
Vishuddha the Throat Chakra – Blue
chakra meditation techniques for beginners
Anahata the Heart Chakra – Green
chakra crystal healing techniques for beginners
Manipura the Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow
crystal healing techniques for beginners
Swadhisthana The Sacral Chakra – Orange
chakra meditation crystal healing techniques for beginners
Muladhara The Root Chakra – Red

You may also use this time to energetically scan each of the chakras to identify any that are deficient and needing additional energetic attention.

How To Perform An Energy Scan For The Chakras 

Staying within a meditative state focus on each chakra and allow yourself to feel / sense if there are any of your chakras that are energetically deficient.

Again trust your intuition.

Focus on the chakra.  Do you sense vibrant color? Do you sense the energy flowing smoothly?  Do you sense the waves of energy expanding out through your aura as you focus on the chakra?

If you sense a block, a weakness, low vibration or it is hard to sense coloration – time to add additional energy via crystals.

If you do sense a chakra requires additional attention then you can select the appropriate crystals, as we did in the first technique, and design a chakra health crystal grid.

You can also wear crystal jewelry such as a necklace, pendant or ring. Ensure the crystal chosen is associated with the chakra. This will add additional energetic frequency to the chakra/s.

Healing Crystal Techniques – Crystal Healing Bedroom Chakra Alignment

This is so simple, but highly effective!

Using stones aligned with each of the 7 chakras, explained in the technique above, place one stone for each chakra in its coordinating location either under your mattress and on top of the bed base.

crystal healing techniques bedroom alignment
Align Chakra Crystals between mattress and base (or on the floor under the bed)

If your bed is slat or a design which has no box spring base, then simply place the healing crystals in the coordinating position on the floor under the bed.

It may be easier if you ask a loved one, family member or friend, to place the stones.

Lay on your bed in your “usual” sleeping position and have someone align the crystal on the floor under your chakra center. It is possible to do this independently also.

Crystal Healing Technique – Program and Wear Your Healing Stones.

This technique is great for helping manifest your long term goals or for the healing of deeply rooted energetic blocks such as emotional pain or long term pain such as arthritis.

Wearing a programmed crystal not only provides constant crystal energy but also acts as a visual reminder of goals.

Each time you see or feel the crystal it triggers your memory and reminds you of a goal.  This in itself is positive reinforcement.  Simply thinking about your goals and reminding yourself what it is you intend to achieve helps manifest it into being.

How To Program Your Crystal:

Cleanse your chosen crystal.

You can do this by soaking your crystal in salt water overnight, burying the crystal in rock salt overnight or passing the crystal several times through smudge smoke (sage smoke).

Clear your mind and take several deep breaths, feel the energy of the day melt away.  Focus your mind purely on the crystal you wish to program.

Hold your chosen crystal in your dominant hand.

Mentally and verbally state your chosen goal. State your intention and what it is you wish to achieve.  Repeat your goal several time. As you do  sense your messaging and your intention being absorbed into the crystal.

Move your focus to visualize yourself when your goal is achieved.  See your goal as already accomplished. See your goal achieved and as a normal and natural part of your life.

Keep stating your goal as already being present in your life and already achieved. Keep doing this until you feel the stone in programmed with your intention.

For example – I am happy and healthy,  I no longer have emotional blockages from my past relationships, I am excited about life, I am happy with life, I am positive about my future, I see my success, I sense my success.

positive framing crystal healing techniques

I hope you have enjoyed learning about these healing crystal techniques. Please do let me know if you try any. I would love to hear about your experiences.

Do you know of other techniques using healing crystals that you believe should be shared? Please do share and add to the comments below.  I’d love to learn from others experiences.

It's time to put your crystals and stones to work for your health and well being! Learn the best crystal healing techniques in this post from

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