Best Chakra Meditation (How To Balance And Align The 7 Major Chakras)

Best Chakra Meditation (How To Balance And Align The 7 Major Chakras)

Discover what I believe to be the very best chakra meditation.  This series of short meditations can be used together for full chakra system balancing and clearing.  Or you can use each meditation singularly, as a stand alone meditation, for individual chakras you wish to clear, balance and align.

The major benefit for you when you begin working with Chakra Energy is the creation of balance, which in turn brings about an energetic wholeness.

This balanced energy enables you to bring your full consciousness, the physical and the spiritual, into balance and harmony.

Once we achieve energetic balance we are able to acknowledge and accept certain aspects of our life that no longer serves our needs.

This integration of energies also helps us to focus on the areas in our life that need to be balanced, nurtured and healed.

Best Chakra Meditation

Stage 1 – The Best Chakra Meditation Begins With Deep Belly Breathing

Find a comfortable position, sitting on a chair, the floor, or even laying prone. The most important aspect is ensuring your back is straight. 

Close your eyes and begin “Deep Belly Breathing. 

Note: If you are just starting with guided meditation you can practice deep belly breathing by doing the following:

1) Lie down flat on the floor

2) Breathe in through your nose, keeping your breath slow and even paced.

3) As you inhale make sure your belly fills and rises first, followed by your chest.

4) Breathe out through your mouth, again keep your exhalation slow and even in pace.

5) By practicing this lying down it ensures you cannot do it incorrectly.

6) Once you have practiced for a while and you feel comfortable, you may wish to practice the deep belly breathing sitting up.

7) It is entirely up to you if perform the meditation sitting or lying, most important is that your spine is kept straight and your inhalations and exhalations use the deep belly breathing technique.

Starting The Meditation:

Breathe in deeply through your nose, filling your belly and then your chest, exhale through the mouth.  

Ensure there is no pause between inhalation and exhalation.  Keep your breathe as one slow, constant flow, breathing in and out.

As you breathe in you will feel yourself relaxing. You will feel yourself going further and deeper into a relaxed meditative state.

As you breathe out feel the stress and worries of the day leave your body. Feeling lighter, more relaxed and perfectly safe.

Maintain this deep breath breathing for three to five minutes.  Become aware of your body relaxing and your consciousness expanding as you breathe.

Focus on your breath, focus on the flow of air going in and out.

Allow your breathing to become deeper and more rhythmic.  With each breath in you feel yourself relaxing more and more.

Each breath out releases any tension and all stress.

Once you feel the time is correct move your attention to Muladhara the Root Chakra at the base of your spine.

Best Chakra Meditation – Stage 2 – Activating Muladhara The Root Chakra.

Move your visualization to the base of your spine. See and feel that you are breathing in and out through Muladhara your Root Chakra.

As you breathe in see your breath traveling from your nose and all the way down your spine, to the base and into Muladhara.

As you exhale see the breath travel from your root chakra, up your spine and out through your mouth.

On each inhalation, visualize or sense this breath as energy which is enabling Muladhara to open wider and grow stronger.

Visualize Muladhara as a fiery red ball that grows brighter and stronger.

With each exhalation see Muladhara burning away any energetic blocks, clearing all trapped or stored energy that is no longer serving your higher needs.

Once you sense that Muladhara is fully open allow your consciousness to focus fully on Muladharas energy.

Sense yourself become one with Muladhara.

Now visualize Muladhara energy travelling down from the base of your spine, down your legs and exiting the soles of your feet. See this beautiful red energy exiting your feet and travelling deep down into Mother Earth.

As the Base Chakra energy travels further downward, feel and see yourself also travelling with this energy, deep into the earth.

As you travel deeper into Mother Earth pay attention to how you feel physically and emotionally.

Allow yourself to be aware of and open to all that you experience. This will be different for everyone.

Know that when we meditate and use the Base (or Root) Chakra energies we are grounding ourselves. We open our energetic connection with the Earth and connect with energies that bring strength and stability.

Maintain this meditative state for ten minutes or until you sense it is complete. Take time to relax in the energies of Muladhara, the energies of stability and strength. Allow this clean and balanced energy to nurture you.

When you are ready to return to the present, say to yourself:

“Each time I enter this relaxed state I am learning to use my mind more creatively. I am becoming more aware of any energetic blocks within my Base energy and I release them, openly and willingly, so that I may heal myself.”

Slowly see yourself and Muladharas energies travelling back up into the Base Chakra. Now move your focus from Muladhara, moving out of the red ball of energy and see yourself as you are.

Now count from one to five, feeling refreshed, relaxed and peaceful. With restored energy return to the room and open your eyes.

Best Chakra Meditation – Stage 3 – Activate Svadhisthana The Sacral Chakra.

Now move your attention to Svadhisthana the Sacral Chakra.

Visualize breathing in and out through the Sacral Chakra.

As you inhale your breath travels from your nose, down your spine and all the way to your pelvis and sexual organs.

Visualize and sense the energy in the Sacral Chakra growing stronger and the vivid orange hue growing brighter.

On each exhalation sense Svadhisthana clearing all blockages, releasing any stored energy that is no longer serving your highest good. See your breath travel back up the spine and out through the mouth.

Visualize the Sacral Chakra as a vibrant orange ball which grows brighter and stronger with each inhalation.  

Once you sense the Sacral Chakra is fully open, and is a strong and vibrant orange allow your consciousness to move down and into the ball of energy.

Become one with the Sacral Chakra energy. Feel yourself beginning to radiate outward, with the energetic orange glow from your Sacral Chakra.

See this electric orange energy spread throughout your body, filling you entirely.

Then see the orange energies of Svadhisthana emanate out into your environment.  Feel a sense of freedom and curious wonder that radiates from the Sacral Chakra throughout the meditation.

Ensure you pay attention to how you feel physically and emotionally. Be aware of, and open to, what you may experience.   Pay attention to any energetic changes you experience.

Just observe; do not try to influence anything.

By meditating on the Sacral Chakra you will get in touch with different aspects of your sexuality as well as the creative process.

Maintain your meditative state and enjoy the energies of the Sacral Chakra. Enjoy the sense of excitement, the sense of warmth and love that comes from the Sacral.

Maintain this for about ten minutes or until you are satisfied the meditation is complete.

When you are ready to return, say to yourself:

“Every time I reach this relaxed state, I learn to use my mind more creatively and become more aware of any energetic blocks within Swadhisthana. I willingly release them so that I may heal myself.”

See your Sacral Chakra energy returning back into Svadhisthana. Now move your focus back to yourself and allow your consciousness to return to the present by counting from one to five. Feeling refreshed, relaxed and peaceful.

Return to the room and open your eyes.

Best Chakra Meditation Stage 4 – Activate Manipura The Solar Plexus Chakra.

Activating Manipura The Solar Plexus Chakra.

Now place your attention on the third Chakra, Manipura the Solar Plexus.

Visualize you are breathing in and out through Manipura. See your breath moving down and into your Solar Plexus Chakra on each inhalation and all the way up and out through the mouth as you exhale.

On each exhalation visualize or sense the energy in Manipura growing stronger.

Visualize the golden yellow ball of Manipura growing brighter and stronger on each exhalation.

Allow your consciousness to move down into Manipura. Become one with this yellow ball of energy.

Now feel yourself begin to radiate outward from Manipura, see the golden yellow light spread throughout your body and then expanding out and into your environment.

As this happens pay attention to how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally. Be aware of what you experience. It is different for everyone.

You may feel yourself physically vibrating, or like your environment is watery and fluid. This occurs as your consciousness radiates from the Solar Plexus center, and you may feel profound empathy.

This empathy, a product of trust and contentment, will permit you to feel compassion for the pain and suffering of others as well as for yourself.

Surrender to these feelings and let them flow through you.

Do this for about ten minutes or until you are satisfied your meditation is complete.

When you are ready, say

“Every time I reach this relaxed state I learn to use my mind more creatively, I allow myself empathy and am aware of the energy blocks within Manipura which need to be released so that I may heal myself.”

Remove your consciousness from Manipura and see the golden yellow balls energy released into the atmosphere.

Now count from one to five feeling more refreshed, relaxed and peaceful than before.

In the second part of our best chakra meditation series we will share the next 4 meditations for the remaining energy centers – Anahata The Heart Chakra, Vishuddha the Throat Chakra, Ajna the Third Eye and Sahasrara the Crown Chakra.

You can go directly to the second stage by clicking here – Chakra Health and Balance meditations (Part 2).

Discover best chakra meditation which can be used as a full chakra balancing or as stand alone meditations for individual chakras you wish to open, clear and align. #livelovelife #chakras #balancechakras

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