Inspirational Quotes to Reflect Upon

When we begin anything new, particularly when it involves some deeper self-analysis, there is a tendency for hesitancy, even to the extent where you may begin to question yourself.  You may find that one part of yourself is questioning if what you’re doing is really what you want to do, while another is telling you that it’s the only way to go.  Because of this many people take the easy option and end up doing nothing.  If you decide to begin a course of natural therapy remember that any inner hesitancy is completely normal and is merely your brain “grumbling” at you and letting you know that it actually doesn’t like too much change, its more comfortable doing what is the norm and complaining that you’re making it learn new systems.  It’s the normal reaction to change – remember the first week at the Gym?  Keep going, stick and it and soon the new becomes habit.

So in preparation for the “brain complain” I’ve put some quotes together, read them when you need reminding or reinforcement of why you’re taking action.




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