Aura Colors Chart – Discover Your Aura Color Meanings!

Aura Colors Chart – Discover Your Aura Color Meanings!

Aura color is directly related to your 7 major chakras. Find out what the colors mean in relation to where they are seen in this downloadable and shareable aura colors chart.

Aura Color Meanings

Before we begin interpreting colors let us first look at areas of the body where colors may be easier to view.

These areas are those from the waist upward. Remember if you are using a photo of yourself then it will be the opposite side of the body you are viewing.

For example the left side of your body will be viewed as the right side of a photograph.

Left Side Of Body: Aura Colors Chart

The left side of the body is where universal energy enters your aura or subtle bodies. This is known as your Yin energy. Yin represents your passive and feminine side. It is your receptive energy.

Yin indicates future focused energy. It shows the current energy that you are allowing to enter and is the energy you use to create your future state.

This energy therefore determines how you perceive yourself. It is the energies of the subconscious meaning it determines the actions and decisions you take, whether you are aware of it or not.

This side of your body also represents your emotions and imaginative state.

Center Of The Body – Above The Forehead

The aura colors of this area represent the current. This is the presenting energy. The energy impacting your feelings, your emotions and your thoughts at the current moment.

This is known as consciousness. When viewed the closer the colors are to your body the more intense you will be experiencing or thinking about them.

If you view a strip or band of one color that stretches like an arch at the top of your head it indicates something which you hold in high esteem or represents a current important goal or aspiration.

Colors that are seen expanding outwards from the top of the head indicate your spiritual expansion.

You may see other colors in this area of the aura such as orbs, specks, or patches.

The aura color meanings will differ from person to person. When viewed at the top of the aura they are dependent on your current physical and emotional state, but will relate to your:

  • expressiveness,
  • extroversion,
  • social activity,
  • need of personal connections,
  • positivity.

Aura Colors closer to the body indicate the following:

  • introversion,
  • sensitivity,
  • need for solitude,
  • being in a meditative state,
  • being at peace,
  • feelings of tranquility.

Right Side Of The Body – Aura Colors Chart

The right side of the body is our Yang Energy. It represents the energy leaving the body.

The right is our the masculine or expressive side.

It consists of energy recently used and being released. Because it is the energy of expression it is also the energy that determines how others perceive us. It is the energy that determines our public persona.

Aura colors on the right side of the body relate to any current physical changes occurring and is the energy responsible for our memories.

Specific Areas And Aura Color Meanings

Throat Chakra – Aspects Of Communication: 

The colors viewed in the area of Vishuddha the Throat Chakra will be indicative of how you currently communicate and express yourself. Colors, apart from blue, only show up in this zone during the times that you are expressing yourself intentionally.

Heart Chakra – The Core Of The Body:

The core zone of the body indicates the energy that is coming from Anahata the Heart Chakra.

Similar to the area of the throat chakra, this zone is not always active.

Colors seen in this area usually only show up during times that are emotionally intense. They can also be seen as very clear solid colors when we have intentionally and deliberately opened our heart..

Use our aura colors chart and discover aura color meanings

Aura Colors Chart And Their Meanings


Red is associated with Muladhara the Root Chakra. It is the color that indicates your connection with pure earthly energy. The energy of the physical body and the material aspects of life.

Red often appears in the aura of individuals who understand and enjoy physicality and the material aspects of the physical world.

They are passionate individuals who love adventure, being dynamic and the pleasures of the physical world.

It is their passion that provides drive to their life. The red energy is also an energy of restlessness. They are always seeking bigger or better.

This is usually seen in those adventurers whose adrenaline-inducing activities seem to indicate they have little fear of death. They are the souls who unapologetically over-indulge.

Red in the auras energy field can be powerful people who express sensuality easily and rarely deny the pleasures of the physical.

If the red is a murky dark color this may indicate someone who is unable to release anger, frustration, or may indicate deep seated trauma.

If seen as a transparent haze it usually indicates someone with low energy such as tiredness or exhaustion from over working.


Pink is one of the rarest of the aura colors.

Pink in the aura usually indicates a person that has a gentle nature. They are the people who always seem to radiate loving and caring energy and who share these energies with everyone who comes into contact with them.

They are highly sensitive and believe absolutely in the ideals of long lasting romance. They are usually able to keep love alive throughout their relationships.

Pink indicates those who are the healers in life. They are people who have natural intuition and an interest in the psychic, usually with psychic abilities themselves.

Pink aura color meanings are similar to those emitted by Anahata the Heart Chakra. Pink and Green have the same vibrational resonance.

Those people with pink in their aura inspire feelings of comfort and those that are uplifting . They have the ability to make others feel better with just a glance, with a simple smile or a kind word. In fact they can heal others just because they are present.


Those magenta in their aura are known as lifes originals.

Those who have magenta in their aura have the masterful understanding of the physical world (seen in a red aura) teamed with high creative capacity (seen within blue auras).

This mixture creates the magenta color and is usually seen in those who are engaged in creative work.

They have naturally high energy and are creatives who thrive on fast paced living, they love originality and are highly innovative.

Magenta souls are those that walk to the beat of their own drum, and are those who like to experience the world their way.

They can sometimes be viewed as slightly eccentric, but in a good way as the attention they get from others is near always positive.  They are true individuals and are not the types to follow the crowd or the latest fashion. In fact the idea horrifies them!

They do not succumb to peer pressure and often relish in their ability to shock people.

The magenta aura color meanings indicate optimism and a natural sense of humor. They are usually very level headed, strong willed and highly intelligent, However they are rarely understood by those around them.

Magenta indicates those who are free spirits and are not concerned with what others think of them. They tend to be urbanites and choose to live in metropolitan areas and cities. This enables them the freedom they seek to express themselves as the originals they are!

Aura Color Chart

aura colors chart aura color meanings

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In the next post we continue to explore the aura colors in greater depth. We begin with Swadhisthana the Sacral Chakra, represented by the color orange.

Aura color is directly related to the chakras.  Discover what the colors mean in certain areas of the body in this downloadable, shareable aura colors chart.  #auras #auracolors

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