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2014+-+1I’m Jason, originally from New Zealand but have lived in London since 2002.  My back ground is in education and I’ve taught or been an administrator for every age group from 3-18. Since moving to London I have been Principal of 3 large inner city schools, and more recently an independent consultant working with some amazing and dedicated people.  Together we have achieved incredible results and transformed the life opportunities of our kids, simply by allowing them to learn, to believe in themselves and to take risks and not give up.

Why are you talking to a School Teacher on a Natural Health and Wellness site?

Good question!  My passion and belief for natural products and holistic wellness started in my early 20’s.

Since that time I have passionately learnt all I can about the world of Holistic Wellness.  This journey has also shown me the intrinsic link between physical and spiritual health and well-being.

I have been fortunate to have been able to travel extensively and see for myself the way holistic medicine and remedies are used around the globe and also see how, in most cultures, the practice of natural remedies is also linked to the spiritual.

I am an accredited Reiki Master and Master Teacher, TCM Practitioner and Spirit/Life Counselor with training in CBT, NLP and Vibrational Energy Therapy.

By combining these approaches I have seen how allopathic (or modern) medical practice can comfortably work in tandem with natural holistic practice for the benefit of the individual seeking treatment.

As individuals when we become ill we seek a diagnosis, we want to know the name of the disease or problem that affects us.  Modern medical practice has conditioned us to think if we know its name we simply pop a pill or apply a cream.  We can read about it, hang on to it and in most cases we feel better just having the label to pin on it.  The issue with only taking this approach is we tend to only treat the symptoms and often not the root cause.

With holistic therapies the diagnosis isn’t the important part although we still need and wish to know the condition.   What’s important is identifying the underlying root problem of why dis-ease is present allowing us to understand completely your current symptoms and diagnoses and then implement methodologies and treatments which counteract those symptoms, address the underlying cause and thereby allow your body, mind and spirit to regain balance.  

In all treatments I always recommend the combination of both allopathic and holistic therapies (complementary/alternative treatments.  To me this is truly holistic.  To be treated holistically means to treat the whole person.

I hope you’ll enjoy the site, get great tips and ideas for a healthier more balanced life, join in on the conversations and add the the dialogue.  I’d love to hear about your experiences and opinions.  If you have any specific questions feel free to email me. Look forward to chatting with you again soon.

Before I sign off some off you may be wondering where the term Healthy Natured comes from.  Its simple.  To be healthy you need to act healthy and believe in your bodies awesome ability to promote health.  Do this and you too are Healthy Natured.

My best