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Alexander Technique Holistic Therapy (4 Key Principles And Concepts)

The Alexander Technique is a recognised holistic therapy. It is an Alternative Medicine treatment, outside of traditional medical methodologies, yet able to be used as a Complementary therapy which can be used alongside traditional therapeutic practice. The therapy focuses on teaching students to improve their posture and specific body movements. This is believed to correct poor posture habits and prevent …
The Alexander Technique Holistic Therapy

The Science Of Sleep (6 Natural Processes You Need)

The Science Of Sleep
Trouble sleeping? Looking for natural remedies to help you fall asleep? It's time to learn the science of sleep! I imagine we are all familiar with that old tale of someone being told to count sheep when they can’t fall asleep. Reality check! Please please don't take this advice. Instead of finding peaceful slumber you will be instead be stimulating …

Healing Hands Massage - Your 8 Taoist Self Healing Techniques.

When we begin the practice of Taoist Healing Massage, or Chi Healing Hands Massage as it is also known, we need to let go of some of our thinking around massage techniques. This is totally unique. For the majority of people the term massage probably evokes thoughts and feelings associated with relaxation and stress relief. It may also be linked to …
Healing Hands Massage Taoist Self Healing

The Power Of Crystals - Healing Crystals Guide For Manifesting Intent.

the power of crystals - healing crystals guide
In this post we explore the power of crystals in our healing crystals guide. Discover the 6 best healing stones that enable our intentions to manifest. Learn how scientific research supports this theory and discover how vibration and thought enables manifestation. Our healing crystals guide provides the information needed to bring about the positive state required to manifest intentions and …

Best White Noise Machine For Sound Therapy (Sleep Well In 2019 )

Looking for the best white noise machine that can be used for sound therapy so you sleep well and get the rest you need and deserve? Here are the 6 we think you should choose from! In this post we offer our pick of tried and tested machines, sourced from reputable suppliers. They are excellent for therapeutic use and enabling …
Best White Noise Machine Reviews

Free Printable Guided Meditations #1 Achieve Zen Today

Free Printable Guided Meditations
In this post we explore an amazingly effective guided chakra meditation which helps us regain our energetic balance.  This is our favorite method, and why we want to offer it to you as a free printable guided meditation.  Use the video as a fully guided meditation as often as you wish, and then download the free printable guided meditation as …

5 Crystal Cleansing Methods (Charge And Program Crystals For Healing)

It is always amazing when we add new healing stones to our kit, but selecting them is just the beginning! In fact the most important step is to ensure we give them a thorough cleansing.  In this post you will learn 5 of the best crystal cleansing methods and how to charge and program crystals for healing. Discover why this …
Crystal Cleansing Methods and How To Charge and Program Crystals
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