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21 Empath Common Traits (Shared Characteristics Of Highly Sensitive People)

Discover the 21 Empath Common Traits, the shared Attributes of Highly Sensitive People. Empaths have the innate ability to read, understand and resonate with others.  At times this will be with conscious awareness, other times it will not.  However this is not the only shared characteristic of our sensitives.  We know that Empaths are hyper sensitive souls with high levels of compassion. …
Empath common traits - shared characteristics of highly sensitive people

Chakra Meditation Techniques For Beginners, No 1 For Zen And Health.

Chakra Meditation Techniques For Beginners
Whether you are new to meditation, or an experienced practitioner, I am sure you will find our post "Chakra Meditation Techniques For Beginners" offers valuable insights. They are an easy and effective way to find peace and balance in life. Balance is key to our existence and physical, emotional and spiritual well being. What Are The Chakras? Chakras are our …

Top Crystals For Healing - Our Best 9 Crystals

Crystal healing is an ancient art that can be seen in history across multitudes of civilizations.  Discover our top crystals for healing and learn to use the same techniques used by the ancients.  These crystals are perfect for meditation, for balance and to realign our energetic vibrations . Energy work is an alternative healing practice to which crystal healing belongs. …
Top Crystals For Healing

6 Essential Oils For Anxiety (Natural Anxiety Relief Using Aromatherapy)

Essential Oils For Anxiety 6 Natural Oils
In our modern world stress levels and anxiety have increased dramatically, whether that is in our personal or professional life. This takes a huge toll on our physical, emotional and spiritual well being. In this post we reveal the 6 Best Essential Oils For Anxiety - Natural Anxiety Relief. With rapidly growing interest in natural and holistic healing and alternative …

4 Best Breathing Exercises To Beat Stress And Develop Mindfulness

Discover the 4 best breathing exercises to beat stress and develop mindfulness. Learn how you can manifest intent and grow gratitude through Ayurvedic breath. You have probably heard that by utilizing certain styles of breathing helps to beat stress. But did you know that they become even more powerful when we combine them as part of the work we do …
4 best breathing exercises to beat stress and develop mindfulness

Amethyst Healing Properties (Your 7 Top Tips For Amethyst Crystals)

healing properties of amethyst crystals
Amethyst Healing Properties belong to a category of crystals known as"Master-Healers”. This is because it belongs to the Quartz Family Of Crystals. Like all quartz it can be used for many physical, emotional and spiritual treatments. Amethyst healing properties are perfect for all living things - people, plants and animals. Amethysts Repel Negative Toxic Energy. A major benefit are the …

9 Healing Herbs For Holistic Health (Immunity Boosting Home Remedies)

Discover 9 healing herbs that are wonderful when used as part of your holistic health care. Learn the herbal secrets. Make your own all natural immunity boosting home remedies! Regardless of where we live, whether in tropical climates or arctic planes, we all, at some time, will come into contact with flu and the common cold. Most of us, if …
9 Healing Herbs For Holistic Health

Holistic Massage To Reduce Stress (Your 5 Best Anxiety Reducing Tips)

Holistic Massage For Stress, Anxiety & Depression
If you have ever searched for natural methods to treat anxiety or stress you will find a myriad of suggestions. This post focuses on holistic massage to reduce stress, a safe and proven treatment which is effective in significantly reducing the symptoms of anxiety. Why Is Holistic Massage Effective For Treating Stress And Anxiety. The following are our 5 tips …

15 Essential Oils For Anxiety And Stress (Mood Boosting Anxiety Tips)

In this post we discuss the best 15 essential oils for anxiety and stress and their impact upon mood. These oils can be used alone, or in combination. Take the time to try each and discover which mood boosting anxiety tips work for you! Our Sense Of Smell And The Limbic System. When using aromatherapy essential oils for anxiety and …
15 Essential Oils For Anxiety And Stress
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