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12 Essential Oils For Sleep (Best Aromatherapy For Deep Restful Slumber )

It seems almost impossible to believe that not long ago the use of aromatherapy and natural remedies, like the following 12 essential oils for sleep, would have been considered shocking. Those that used herbal remedies and offered alternative treatments often did so in secrecy for fear of being prosecuted, isolated and shunned. The most unfortunate fared considerably worse than mere …
12 essential oils for sleep and 5 aromatherapy blends.

Honey And Cinnamon For Weight Loss (3 Ayurvedic Cinnamon Tea Recipes)

Honey And Cinnamon For Weight Loss
Discover the 3 of the best Honey and Cinnamon For Weight Loss Recipes available. Cinnamon, also known as Dalchini, is obtained from the inner bark of trees found in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India. It is one of the most commonly used spices in modern cooking. But creating fabulous cuisine is only one use for this wonderful spice! It is …

1 Zen Guided Meditation For Peace, Harmony and Self Healing.

Discover the very best Guided Meditation For Peace, Harmony and Self Healing. Use this zen guided meditation to achieve inner peace and a sense of joy and bliss. Guided Meditation Preparation. In preparing yourself for this guided meditation ensure that you are a place where you will not be disturbed. Take the time to set up your environment in a …
Guided Meditation for Peace Harmony Self Healing

Get Healthy Stay Healthy Get A Pet (How Pets Help Health)

8 ways pets help health - get healthy stay healthy
There has been much research done on the ways pets help health. From the almost obvious, walking a dog providing us with exercise, to more clinical research showing that pet ownership can reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol and aid depression. This article offers these facts so if you want to Get Healthy Stay Healthy Get A Pet. The 8 Ways …

Creamy Mashed Sweet Potato With Walnuts and Thyme.

Discover this delicious creamy mashed sweet potato with walnuts and thyme recipe. Easy to prepare and a fantastic side dish for the table. Creamy Mashed Sweet Potato Recipe Sweet potatoes are as healthy and nutritious as they are delicious. They contain fewer calories, and are higher in fiber, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C than their white counterparts. Enjoy this fantastic …
creamy mashed sweet potato

16 Ayurveda Weight Loss Secrets You Need To Know To Avoid Diet Pain!

16 Ayurveda Weight Loss Secrets to reduce kapha
Ayurvedic medicine, is a traditional method that promotes internal cleansing for improved overall health. Our 16 Ayurveda Weight Loss Secrets stem from Ayurvedic remedies and are an excellent choice for those starting any diet as they are considered to be among the safest of all methods for losing fat and building a healthy lifestyle. With our hectic lifestyles, and easy …
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