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What Are The Doshas? Discover The 4 Ayurveda Dosha Types.

What are the Doshas?  Discover Your Ayurveda Dosha Type. The Dosha, body and mind profiles, stems from arguably the oldest holistic medical practice in the world, Ayurveda. So what are the Doshas? Records show that the Ayurvedic medical system has been in practice in India for over 4,000 years.  The term Ayurveda comes from Sanskrit, one of the world's oldest languages. Ayus - meaning life Vid - meaning …
what are the doshas

How To Use Essential Oils For Diffusion Aromatherapy (Quick Fact Guide)

How To Use Essential Oils For Diffusion Aromatherapy
Want to know the benefits of aromatherapy? In this article we look at how to use essential oils through diffusion and how this helps our health and wellness. We look at types of essential oils, how they can be used for health and the types of aromatherapy diffusion available. How To Use Essential Oils For Diffusion Aromatherapy. There are many …

Boost Your Self Esteem - Silence Your Inner Critic!

For those continually challenged by issues related to their personal self respect, self compassion and self love this post is for you. We explore ways to boost your self esteem with practical steps known to be effective. Boosting Self Esteem By Challenging Inner Thoughts. Unfiltered negative thoughts are the first topic we discuss, because they need to be the first …
boost your self esteem

Aura Colors Chart - Discover Your Aura Color Meanings in 5 Zones.

Aura Chart Aura Color Meanings Aura Colors Chart
Ever wondered what your major Aura color is? Or wondered how this coloration is linked the 7 major chakras? In our Aura Colors Chart you'll discover all of that and more! While some of our aura coloration is linked to chakras, it is only a small percentage. We will discuss Aura Yin Yang, energy in, energy out, colorations, arcs, bands …
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