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8 Top Crystal Healing Techniques For Everyday Ailments

8 Top Crystal Healing Techniques For Everyday Ailments

In history many ancient civilisations have turned to top crystal healing techniques for everyday ailments.  In most ancient and modern civilisations people have used crystals for healing and in particular to release physical, spiritual, and mental blockages.

Natural Healing Crystals boost the free flow of energy throughout our bodies by restoring natural balance and vibration.  It is through the restoration of correct vibrational alignment that healing can occur.

Which healing crystal is most likely to impact your overall health?

To determine which top Crystal Healing techniques would benefit you…read on…

healing crystals stones - Top Crystal Healing Techniques
When you begin with healing crystals remember they require cleansing and clearing to free them of unwanted energies and aid alignment to your vibration. Treat them well and they will be of huge benefit to health and vitality.

For Headache Relief – 8 Top Crystal Healing Techniques For Everyday Ailments

Amethyst and Amber are two of the most well known types of crystals which are commonly used to treat any pain in or around the head. Place the Amethyst or Amber near your head to feel improvement. Lapis lazuli crystals have also shown to be effective at treating migraines.

8 Top Crystal Healing Techniques For Everyday Ailments

For When You Can’t Focus 

There are a large variety of healing crystals which can help to improve your concentration and focus. These are brilliant when studying or simply for those times when we require greater focus within our daily life.

The three recommended healing crystals for this are quartz, which is incredible for when you require improving mental clarity.  Fluorite is an excellent choice as it encourages and restores healthy brain function . Sodalite works well alongside fluorite as it can improve communication skills.

For Better Sleep

If you have ever struggled to get a good nights sleep then the following 3 healing crystals are recommended for you. Rose quartz is wonderful to begin with as it eases any tension and worry that may be the cause of your lack of ability to sleep. If your sleeplessness is due to over thinking or difficulty winding down or calming your mind try placing citrine or amethyst by your bed. These healing crystals can help to soothe you and help you get to sleep.

natural healing crystals stones
Amethyst Crystals

For Increased Energy – 8 Top Crystal Healing Techniques For Everyday Ailments

A lack of energy is often the root cause of many bodily ailments. When you feel that you are not able to function to the best of your ability, try revitalizing Muladhara and Manipura Chakras by using red or yellow crystals. These crystals will work to stimulate your mind and body energy flow and bring in physical energy restoration.

Another technique is to hold a clear quartz crystal with the point upwards. This can give you a boost of energy.  Clear quartz is a brilliant crystal as it will work to stimulate any and all of the chakras.

For Creative Expression

Blue sapphire should be the choice for those who are looking for amplified creative expression as it work directly with Vishuddha – the throat chakra responsible for communication and expression.

Blue Sapphires can also  aid in meditation and bring a sense of serenity and peace due to their very calming effect.  This calm allows a person to bring out their highest levels of creativity.

Blue sapphire is beneficial in personal expression and for those who wish to expand or tap into their true creative selves.  Surrounding yourself with the vibration of  blue sapphire allows you to truly experience your own personal creativity.

Many people who work in creative industries wear sapphire daily to bring out the best in their minds and creative processes.

holistic healing crystals

For Courage

When in times of adversity or when extra courage is needed aquamarine or amethyst are our recommended healing gemstones for you.

Both of the healing crystals give us courage during a particularly rough time in life.

Aquamarine is well known for releasing fears, relaxing a person, and providing mental clarity.

Amethyst helps bring our personal energies back to balance and builds personal inner strength as well. These wonderful healing crystals give you the strength to take on tough situations, and make tough decisions along the way.

For Amplified Energy and Concentration – 8 Top Crystal Healing Techniques For Everyday Ailments

No need to reach for the caffeine when you need a boost as the following crystals can help with both energy and concentration.

For those in the need of energy, concentration, and a clear mind the clear winner is to surround yourself and your energy with clear quartz.

For those that want to increase or stimulate your memory, citrine and amber work exceptionally well and are highly recommended.

Fluorite will help balance your brain hemispheres making it easier to study. Team the Fluorite with Amethyst to add courage and to also help increase brain transmissions making it easier to think through a problem or issue with a clear mind.

Have these crystals on your office desk, wear them to exams, place them in your home.

8 Top Crystal Healing Techniques For Everyday Ailments - Natural Healing Crystals

Heal the Mind

To aid you to release any stored toxic or negative energy which will allow a soothing ability to heal your mind, turn to green jade, rose quartz or opal.

Green jade is wonderful for its many healing properties, especially to focus and heal the mind. Rose quartz is known for detoxifying the mind and cleansing negative energy and thoughts. Opal helps with emotional stability as well.

Team all three of these crystals and form into healing circles or grids within the home, or alternatively wear them on your person.

If you have used any of these crystals for healing or treating ailments I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.  Did the use of these crystals have positive impact on your health? What other recommendations do you have?

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