5 Top Healing Stones Their Meanings (And Importance For Energy Work)

5 Top Healing Stones Their Meanings (And Importance For Energy Work)

In this article 5 Top Healing Stones Their Meanings (and importance for energy work) we look at the practice of Crystal Stone Healing, how it works and then introduce the Top 5 Healing Stones that are a “must have” for your healing kit.

How does Crystal Stone Healing Work? – Top Healing Stones Their Meanings.

To understand how crystal healing works we need to first understand holistic energy healing therapy.

When we aim for achieving optimal health and healing through holistic therapies we use the term “body” to mean the whole bodies or subtle bodies.  This means your physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body.

Throughout history and across cultures and belief systems there are many references to the subtle bodies such as the Astral, Innate, Etheric, Qi and Celestial.

They all refer to the same concept of the subtle body being composed of mind, intelligence and ego, which controls the physical body.

The subtle bodies healing stones their meanings
The Subtle Bodies

Our physical body is connected to the subtle bodies through the chakra system of energy centers.  When our energy is balanced and flowing naturally we experience good health.  If blockages or imbalance occurs we experience illness or poor emotional health.

To regain health we need to re-balance and harmonize our energy.

Everything in existence is merely thousands upon thousands of molecules held together with vibrational energy.  We can use harmonized objects to assist in re-balancing specific blocks in our energy fields.

How To Harmonize Energy – Top 5 Healing Stones Their Meanings.

Anything with natural or balanced energy harmony can act like a tuning fork to re-tune us and allow us to regain our organic and natural energy pattern.

Think of it this way.

When you feel down, tired or stressed and you then listen to some beautiful music, walk in the sun, talk to a positive loved one or eat your favorite meal you suddenly feel better.

This is a simple way of showing how an energy transfer can occur.

Your energy fields become re-tuned by the natural, positive and harmonized energy of an object or person with balanced energy.

It is not the object or person that heals us, it is the organic natural energy patterns that we receive that re-tunes us for a period of time.

As with all energy healing and balancing you must be open to the concept and receptive.

healing stones their meanings
Healing Stones radiate pure and harmonized organic natural energy which can re-tune our own energy fields.

Top 5 Healing Stones Their Meanings and Uses.

Number 1 – Turquoise

healing stones their meanings
Turquoise is a master healer and a must have stone for those interested in crystal healing. Click the image to get this Turquoise for your collection.

Turquoise has been used by ancient civilizations for centuries.  It is regarded as a stone of teaching and protection.  Ancient cultures believed that Turquoise enabled the unity of earth and heavens, bringing together male and female energies. 

Turquoise stimulates the initiation of romantic love, and promotes spontaneity in romantic issues.

It is said that wearing turquoise will protect you from evil, negative emotions and even physical injury.

Turquoise aligns beautifully with the energy patterns of the bodys immunity and emotional states therefore will improve your immune system and also combat stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

Holding or wearing Turquoise will reinvigorate and refresh vitality and boosts positive mental energies.  Great for those who need their spirits lifted or are suffering personal grief or loss.

It relieves stress and brings focus back to the center heart.

If using Turquoise to balance and heal the Chakras place the stone on Ajna (the Third Eye Chakra) and this will purify the chakra energy center and increase intuition.

Turquoise is also associated with Vishuddha (the Throat Chakra) enabling you vocalize your thoughts and express your opinions in clear and eloquent fashion.

It is said that wearing Turquoise will can also assist those who may stutter or stammer.

If you suffer from a sore throat or throat infection place Turquoise on Vishuddha and allow your energy to re-harmonize with the Turquoise.


healing stones their meanings
Kyanite heals and balances the Chakras. Click the image to own this Kyanite wand today.

Kyanite is a wonder stone.

Kyanite is the best stone for healing and balancing the Chakras and is on our Top 5 because it is one of the few stones that can realign all of our Chakras.

Kyanite is one of the most powerful crystals for the healing of physical ailments.

Kyanite helps with physical injury and trauma by realigning nerves and tissues and reestablishing energy pathways around intrusive traumas, such as broken bones, surgery and other severe injury.

Kyanite also helps to reestablish neural pathways within the brain helping healing after head trauma, seizure or stroke.

Kyanite can also be used, like Turquoise on Ajna to increase intuition and Vishuddha to improve communication.  When placed under your pillow Kyanite will help you to lucid dream and assist you in remembering and recalling your dreams.

Green Kyanite is excellent when dealing with matters of the heart.

Kyanite has a high spiritual energy which enhances psychic abilities.  It also allows for a close connection to universal knowledge and the divine. It also assists in opening Ajna the Third Eye when meditating or in healing sessions.

healing stones their meanings
Lapis Lazuli one of the most powerful of all healing stones. Click the image to add this Lapis Lazuli tower to your collection.

Lapis Lazuli  – 5 Top Healing Stones Their Meanings

Lapis Lazuli, due to its incredible emotional healing properties, is one of the most sought after stones for healing.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of wisdom and truth.  It enhances memory and soothes anxiety.

Lapis Lazuli helps physical ailments such as high blood pressure, throat and eye infections and menstrual cramps.  It is also stated that Lapis also helps those with ADHD.

Lapis wards of negativity, helps creativity, boosts intellect and honesty and harmonizes relationships.

Lapis is a brilliant crystal for senior executives, writers & journalists, or counselors & psychologists  It stimulates wisdom and enables wise judgment in practical situations.

Lapis Lazuli aids intellectual analysis, problem solving and creative ideas. Lapis Lazuli allows true self expression without holding back or compromising beliefs and morals.

It is a crystal that reveals inner truths.  Lapis promotes personal self awareness and allows us to accept the knowledge we gain.

It allows the release and acceptance of emotion or energy that we may have suppressed, allowing for past memories and energies to surface.  It also helps diminish disease and repressed anger.

Obsidian – 5 Top Healing Stones Their Meanings

healing stones their meanings
Obsidian a powerful grounding and protecting stone. Click the image to add obsidian to your healing kit today.

Obsidian is a beautiful glassy stone which is formed when molten lava cools quickly.

Black Obsidian Stone is a powerful protection stone.

Obsidian is said to have no limitations in terms of spiritual protection and healing and is stated to work very fast.

Obsidian wards of negativity and protects from psychic and energy attack.  It also allows you to re-harmonize and clears stress, anger and worry.

Obsidian when placed on Muladhara (the Root Chakra) will aid you in becoming spiritually grounded.

Obsidian draws out both physical and mental stresses and tension.  It also enables and stimulates emotional and spiritual  growth.

Obsidian gives strength to concepts and challenges by urging adventure and the exploration of the unknown.  It is the stone that should be used for the opening of new horizons.

Obsidian brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion.  It is a stone that helps you to discover who you truly are.  It aides in dissolving current emotional blockages caused by past trauma.

As well as healing the self it enables the qualities and strength for healing others.  Obsidian develops in us the qualities of compassion, courage and personal strength.

healing stones their meanings - Jade
Nephrite Jade for calm and emotional balance. Get this crystal by clicking the image above.

Nephrite Jade – 5 Top Healing Stones Their Meanings

In ancient civilizations Nephrite Jade was called the dream stone.

Nephrite Jade helps to calm and bring mellow relaxed vibrations to your environment.

The Nephrite Jade carries serene energy which is gentle but extremely powerful.

It allows you to achieve emotional balance and promotes love, harmony, peace and generosity of spirit.

Nephrite Jade helps to attract friendship and helps strengthen interpersonal relationships.

It is another stone which repels negativity and is highly protective.  It will keep your mind sharp and ensure you are aware of the energies in your environment.

As the dream stone, placed under your pillow, Nephrite Jade will allow you to receive intuitive messages whilst you dream often referred to as prophetic dreaming.

These stones are all unique and a must have for personal use and if healing of others.  Simply having them in your environment will bring the spoken of energy harmonization.

If you have enjoyed this article Top 5 healing stones their meanings explained then please leave me a comment or feel free to ask any questions and I will get back to you ASAP.  Alternatively you can contact me directly by clicking here.

If you are interested in holistic practice, energy healing or matters of spirit then I would love to know you further and remain in touch.



5 Top Healing Stones Their Meanings (and importance for energy work) looks at the practice of Crystal Stone Healing, how it works and then introduce the Top 5 Healing Stones that are a \

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  • I really like the way you broke every stone down and gave reasons why they are helpful and what you can use them for I can see the passion you have for this and it shows in your writing you truly have a way of explaining these stones

    • Thank you David,
      I truly am passionate about crystals and their healing potential and so I’m very pleased it came across to you.
      Nature has a way of providing all our health and well-being needs…if we are open and receptive
      Love and Light Jason

  • Wonderful post Jason! I am now more interested than ever in the healing stones. I looked into them a while ago, but not very deeply. I’m glad you have presented them to me again. Having survived Thyroid cancer, I have been trying to get back into more natural ways of living. Your site provides some very good information for me and others. Thanks!


    • Hi Rebecca
      Thank you for your comments. I am very pleased to hear your interest is awakened and also very pleased to hear that you are back to health and beaten the cancer. I hope you don’t mind but I would like to recommend you get some Smokey Quartz and Amber Crystals. Both amazing healers and directly target cancer and thyroid issues. You may not need them now…but keep them in mind should you ever wish to purchase some crystals.
      Glad to connect with you…you have an incredibly strong and vibrant aura…
      Love and Light

  • Hi Jason,

    I absolutely love this article.
    I did a crystal healing course a few years ago and found it to be absolutely amazing. Another stone that is used a lot in healing is clear quartz, and my personal favourite stone is rose quartz as it helps to encourage self love 🙂
    I have never heard of nephrite jade and will definitely have to get one for my collection. I sleep with an amethyst under my pillow and put one under both my daughter’s as well and I think it helps them sleep really well.
    Thanks for all the great info.
    Love and light.

  • hi Jason!
    As always an enlightening and fascinating read 🙂 I am a big believer of the power of stones. In the Native American culture, stones or rocks are called grandfathers. They are used in many ceremonies and are healing. They have been around for thousand and thousand of years and have much wisdom and knowledge to communicate. Turquoise has been used for centuries for healing. I have quite a bit of it and I am actually wearing a necklace and earrings with turquoise as we speak. I also have obsidian stones in every jacket pocket I wear. I have them with me every time I go out for protection and leave one in my house too. As for the jade, does different kinds of jade have different properties or only nephrite jade?

    • Hi Emily
      Thank you for your comments. I’m so pleased to hear your connections with the stones…I also wear an obsidian bracelet…I’ve learned to never leave home without it! Lol.
      In terms of the Jade. There are many different types of Jade, and each of them do have specific properties and uses. However ALL Jade is known for being “the dream stone”. Regardless of the type of Jade you choose you can guarantee that the dreaming qualities will be present.
      In NZ where I am originally from we have a Jade (the Europeans call it green-stone …the Maori call it Pounamu)…it is a deep rich dark green Jade and promotes strength, allows the user to see and speak the truth and is said, if shared or presented as a gift, to form an unbreakable connection and spiritual bond that never ends…
      Love and Light

  • Hey there,
    I really learned a lot of things about healing stones. Actually, I didn’t know anything about that, it’s really amazing to know that there such incredible things in nature.
    I found a similar article on psychic healing properties of Crystal Iolite.

    I quote: “Crystals I through L Iolite: This stone is a bluish lavender color. It represents truth, peace, and living at a higher awareness level. It is one of the best stones to use in psychic healing and spiritual activities. It can help open your psychic abilities and expand upon them> It is mostly used for meditation and astral travel.

    Nature is really amazing.
    All the Best,

  • Hi

    Very impressive write on healing stones and their meanings. As a matter of fact, from where I come from they also believe in these stones and how they can really cure illnesses and even spiritual ones.

    I am most interested in obsidian which reminds me of a type stone that could be used to cure snake bite. Once it is placed on the surface of the snake wound it will suck out all the venom of the snake and the victim will be well again immediately. Now you can see why I am fascinated about the black stone.

    Keep it up friend…

    • Hi Nnamdi

      Thank you for you comments. It’s always fascinating to hear of the crystals uses from other parts of the world. Shows us that we are all very similar, one family and connected.
      Obsidian is an excellent healer and I was really interested to hear about the usage for snake bite. I wasn’t aware of that but it’s certainly fascinating and I’m going to need to learn more.
      Hope to connect with you again very soon
      Love and Light

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