5 Best Crystals For Meditation (Meditation Crystals Energy Treatment)

5 Best Crystals For Meditation (Meditation Crystals Energy Treatment)

Ready to feel at peace, refreshed and in balance?  Excellent!  This post is for you.  Not only will you discover the 5 best crystals for meditation, a meditation crystals energy treatment, but you will also learn:

What We Cover In This Article:

  • Why you must always include crystals in your meditation practice!
  • My pick of the must have meditation crystals (these are absolutely the 5 crystals best for meditation!)
  • A huge bonus list of other awesome crystals;
  • How to go about choosing crystals (or how they choose you!)
  • A bonus meditation for a powerful crystal energy treatment.

What are the best meditation crystals?

The Top 5 Are:

  1. Clear Quartz,
  2. Selenite,
  3. Amethyst,
  4. Aventurine
  5. Black Tourmaline 

I believe that adding meditation to your routine and life is of extreme importance. 

Clinical research shows that when compared to subjects who did not participate in meditation, those who did on a regular basis,  had much improved response to change and stress as well as better overall health – blood pressure and heart rates.

Meditation relaxes, revitalizes and reconditions our body to be able to function at peak health.

5 Best Crystals For Meditation

5 best crystals for meditation - meditation crystals

Why Use Crystals In Your Meditation?

Scientifically meditation has been proven to aid relaxation, clear the mind and assist in the release of negative energies and unwanted thoughts.

When you add crystals to your meditation practice, your relaxed state allows you to attune easily to the specific crystal, it’s healing and spiritual properties.

Simply placing a crystal within your energy field, as you meditate, allows the vibrational properties of the crystal to re-energize and re-harmonize your bodies energy field.

This means that you are able to accentuate your meditations with a particular healing or energetic focus.   While you meditate you enter a receptive state and your energy is more open to the crystalline vibrations.

Using healing crystals is a truly powerful technique which assists deepen your meditation, focus your intent and guide you to achieve a specific outcome, or several specific outcomes, during your meditation.

If your meditations are focused upon spiritual development you can charge your crystals with intent.

This will help set intention, raise your consciousness and spiritual awareness.  We will look at charging crystals with intent later in this post.

Using crystals within your meditation will also aide in deepening your intuition and bringing clear insight.

What Are The 5 Best Crystals For Meditation?

The reality is that when it comes to selecting crystals to use in your meditation practice there can be no definitive list.

In fact any of the natural healing crystals can be used.

However I believe these 5 crystals should be your first choice and included in every healing or meditation kit.

These are meditation crystals that offer us a multitude of benefits, aid healing, have energetic properties for wellbeing and promote spiritual development.  So while every crystal is wonderful these 5 should be your first choice!

best 5 crystals for meditation

Quartz Crystal

5 best crystals for meditation - clear quartz - meditation crstals

It probably comes as no surprise that the Quartz Crystal is at the very top of the list. 

In fact, if this post was about the 1 best gemstone for meditation, the Quartz Crystal would be it.

Quartz is one of the best crystals for meditation because it can be programmed and charged with your meditative intent.

Quartz Crystals brings real clarity of mind, helps you become more focused and clarify your goals and ambitions.

They best news is that Clear Quartz is able to attune any vibration making it a master healer (it can be used for every Chakra) plus it is able to amplify the energy of all crystals.  This makes it perfect to use in meditation.


5 best crystals for meditation - selenite - meditation crystals

Perfect for spiritual development and mindfulness meditation.  Selenite acts as a natural aid to meditation as it helps clear your mind and relax your body.

Selenite healing properties support your physical and spiritual bodies to release negative energy and trapped or stored emotional blocks.  Selenite helps to to energetically cleanse your body.

It is also a stone of protection, keeping your energy safe and shielded, allowing you to safely meditate without fear of over stimulating your energetic body or chakras.

Selenite is also known as the angel stone as it enhances communication with spirit as well as being a harmony crystal which promotes the flow of calm and harmonious energies throughout your body.


amethyst crystal - 5 best crystals for meditation

Known as an “All Purpose Stone.” Amethyst can be found in various  shades and hues of light violet, lilac or vibrant purple.

Due to coloration Amethyst resonates with both higher spiritual Chakras – the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) and the Third Eye Chakra (Ajna).

Therefore Amethyst is a crystal which can open the channel and links to divine consciousness and higher intuition.

Amethyst clears confusion of the mind and helps relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia and mood swings.

It is commonly referred to as the “Traveler’s Stone,” and provides protection while you are on your travels.  It is a powerful energy which is ideal for meditation.


5 top crystals for meditation - aventurine

Aventurine, most commonly known as green, actually comes in a variety of colors such as red, yellow, peach, blue and others.

A wonderful crystal that attracts true love, lifelong friendships and lasting relationships.

The Green Aventurine is known as the “Stone of Luck,” and brings forth great fortune and desired opportunities.

Aventurine increases confidence, self-esteem and optimizes personal growth. It is also a stone which can be used for heart-related ailments and emotional issues.

It is one of the crystals which represents the Heart Chakra (Anahata).

Use Aventurine crystals to help with any allergies and sleep disorders, as well as assisting with immunity and to regulate your blood pressure.

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline - 5 best crystals for meditation

Black Tourmaline is one of the the top protective crystals. This crystal shields and protects you from negative energy.

Simply by placing Black Tourmaline in your house, or workplace, it will protect you from negative vibrations of others.

In fact Black Tourmaline shields and protects you from any potentially harmful intentions directed toward you.

You can also add the crystal to areas near your electronic devices and gadgets to protect from EMF frequencies.

One of the best ways to utilize Black Tourmaline is to wear it.  It will absorb negativity and turn it into positivity.

If you have difficulty manifesting wishes, use Black Tourmaline to focus thought during meditation. This helps remove links with any potential negative block preventing you reaching your goal.

5 best crystals for meditation

Deciding Which Crystals You Need – Let Them Choose You!

It’s always beneficial to select healing and meditative crystals that offer healing properties or vibrational energies that align with what you want to achieve from meditation.

Take time to clarify your current needs, wishes and desires.  Then choose crystals with these properties.  When you meditate with the crystals they will enhance and magnify the results you seek.

Let The Meditation Crystals Tell Their Story

If you feel drawn to a crystal but you are not sure why, or if you have a crystal and are unsure of its purpose, then meditate with it.

As you meditate let the crystal guide you.

How does your body resonates with the crystal energy?

What do you see and hear?

How does the crystal make you feel?

Let the crystals energy flow throughout your body and guide you in understanding the purpose of the crystal you have chosen.

If you have a number of crystals and you are unsure which one you should choose for a particular meditation simply lay them out in front of you.

Silently gaze at the crystals in front of you.  Ensure you focus on the intended purpose of the meditation, or what you would like to achieve or work on in the meditative state.

Once focused with intent the correct crystal, or crystals,will make themselves known.  They will “sing to you” or stand out from the crowd.

In every case the healing crystal you choose will be the correct one for the job and has helped you consciously or subconsciously to select it for helping you to achieve your specific purpose and/or goal.

best crystals for meditation
Pyrite Crystal is brilliant when needing to be grounded for meditation.

Best Gemstones For Meditation (Our Other Awesome Suggestions!)

At times you may wish to consider color for the reason you select a crystal for meditation.

Blue Stones are generally calming such as Aquamarine, Turquoise, Kyanite and Lapis Lazuli.  Each of these stones help to clear your mind and calm your body.

Purple crystals such as Amethyst and Fluorite and clear/white crystals such as Quartz Crystal and Selenite also aid in helping us to reach a higher state of consciousness.

When I meditate I always incorporate quartz crystals (usually Himalayan or Tibetan) and Selenite.  These crystals can be held in your hands or placed on your body at various chakral centers.

Best Crystals For Meditation

  1. Amethyst – calms and centers your mind so that you can expand your consciousness, enhances visualization, facilitates the release of negativity
  2. Aquamarine – supports and quiets your mind, promotes self-awareness
  3. Carnelian – clears extraneous thoughts in meditation, helps to keep you focused and concentrated, focuses your mind on higher goals
  4. Dumortierite– activates your third eye, brings patience and inner guidance, increases your mental discipline
  5. Fluorite – acts like a vacuum cleaner for your mind, clears confusion and negativity, aids concentration, enables your mind to maintain a meditative and centered space
  6. Jade– brings serenity, soothes your mind, releases negative thoughts
  7. Picture Jasper – holds a very deep connection to the Earth to help ground you and connect you to its vibration, awakens creativity and initiative
  8. Labradorite – deepens your meditation and raises your consciousness
  9. Lapis Lazuli – aids with self-examination and going within yourself, increases concentration
  10. Moonstone – promotes calmness and peace of mind, enables you to receive direction from your unconscious mind, encourages self reflection
  11. Quartz Crystal – brings mental clarity and focus, activates all levels of consciousness, has the ability to hold your intention and can be programmed
5 best crystals for meditation
There is no right or wrong way to meditate. However the following is an easy and accessible way to begin to meditate using your crystals

5 Best Crystals For Meditation – Meditation Crystals In Action

Once you have selected your preferred crystal or crystals you are ready to begin using these for your health and spiritual development within your meditation.

If you are new to meditation then please relax and enjoy the experience.  Pay no attention to “experts” claiming the one true way to meditate.

While there are several types of meditation which have specific purposes and methodologies there is actually no right or wrong way to meditate.

A simple relaxation, or aura color energy meditation can be structured any way…as long as it brings to you self peace and allows inner contemplation.

Awesome And Effective Energy Meditations

If you would like some other specific guided energy work then follow the link to my free printable guided meditations which can be downloaded .

For those more experienced with energy work you can also find a technique to awaken Kundalini in 3 easy steps..

Just as there is right or wrong crystal to use there is no right or wrong way to meditate.  Everyone’s personal preference for meditation will be different.

The best way to use your chosen crystal or crystals during your meditation is to:

  • hold them in your hands while meditating or
  • lay them on your prone body, ideally they should be in contact with your skin and aligned to your chakras. You can find out more about chakras in the post what are the 7 chakras.
5 best crystals for meditation

Simple Meditative Technique To Use With Your 5 Best Crystals For Meditation.

Crystal Treatment - HealthyNatured.com

Firstly, find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed and the environment is one that you feel comfortable, relaxed and at peace.

Sit or lay prone.

Begin to bring yourself to a quiet silence with the healing stones and crystals that you wish to use. Have them close to your body.

Close your eyes and quiet your mind.

Focus your attention on your breathing.

Gently breathe in and out.

Feel your breath filling your lungs, and focus on the sensation as you exhale and empty your lungs. Focus all thought on your breath slowly entering and slowly exiting your lungs.

When you feel relaxed and peaceful pick up the crystals for meditation and hold them comfortably in your hands or place them on your chakra centers if you are laying in a prone position.

Focus again on bringing your thoughts and entire focus into your breathing.

As you slowly inhale, visualize your breath being drawn from the air directly surrounding your crystals. As you breathe in visualize you are taking in the energy of your chosen crystals. Feel it entering your lungs and spreading out filling your entire body.

As you exhale visualize your breath being charged with your energies, your consciousness. See your breath travelling from the lungs, up the throat and then spiraling out of your mouth and into your crystals.

Sense that your crystal, or crystals, are being filled with your energy on each exhalation. And know that with each inhalation the crystal energy and vibration is filling you with their healing properties.

Continue your breathing, slowly inhale and exhale, until you are aware that you are filled with the crystals energy and they are charged with yours.

You will intuitively know when this has happened.

Don’t think about it.

Just know that when you choose to move on it will be the correct moment.

Now gain focus your thought upon your breath.

This time visualize that as you breathe in you are inhaling the highest and purest of white light, white light flooding from the universe and heavens.

As you exhale, know that you are exhaling any blocked energy, any tapped or stored emotion that no longer serves you.

See this white light fill your body, then when your body is full you see it begin to fill your aura, until you are completely encompassed and enveloped with protective and healing universal light.

Visualize this universal white light cleansing your body and auric fields, notice the sensations in your body as this divine light enhances the energies of the crystals within you.

Each exhalation releases stress, tension and energies no longer serving your higher good.

Each inhalation brings you a greater sense of calm and peace.

Once you sense your cleaning is complete shift your focus to your crystals.

As you inhale visualize the divine white light being absorbed directly into the crystal. Almost as if the crystal/s were breathing in this energy.

Sense that as you breathe in the universal light enters the crystals, charging them and activating them fully for you and your higher good.

As you exhale, visualize the crystal releasing its own super charged energy, as waves of color, or vibrations and filling your body.

As you continue to breathe in and out know that you are open to the crystal energy. Allow this energy to fill your mind, permeate your senses and bring peace, harmony and healing to your physical and energetic bodies.

Continue to see the crystals filling with divine light on each inhalation. And see your body filling with the crystalline energy on each exhalation.

When you are sense you are ready you can begin programming any specific intentions for your crystals.

If you have goals or purposes in mind send this intent to your crystals.

Know that you can manifest any desire you wish. Fill your crystals with your intention. Your crystals and gemstones are listening and waiting to assist.

Now simply relax and focus your mind and your body on nothing more than your breathe. Sit, or lay, with your crystals for as long as you wish.

When you feel that the time has been sufficient and your meditation is finished (trust your intuition to guide you on this – you should feel completely relaxed and at peace) you should complete an earthly grounding process.

Focus again on your breath.

As you breath in see your breath absorbing more energy from your crystal or crystals.

As you exhale sense the energy spiralling downwards, flowing down your body, into the legs and then exiting the soles of your feet. See this energy going deep, deep down into the earth below.

Take a few long deep breaths in and out.

Visualize your breath taking energy from the crystal or crystals. And as you breathe out see the energy spiralling down. It flows down your legs and exits your feet. See these energies flowing from your feet into the earth. Connecting you to the earth like the strong solid roots of a tree.

Feel yourself connect with Mother Earth. Thank her for the crystals you hold, the stones that are part of her, which came from her, given freely to assist you.

When you sense it is time shift your focus back to the room.
Bring yourself back to consciousness.

Take another few deep breaths and open your eyes.

I hope that enjoyed this article about the best crystals and gemstones for meditation.

Ready to feel at peace, refreshed and in balance? Excellent! This post is for you. Discover the 5 best crystals for meditation.

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