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how to move on from the past

What is Holistic Therapy? Find Out Now!

What is Holistic Therapy? So, there's a lot of talk about healthy and natural therapies, and so much to think about, so what is Holistic Therapy? Before we can begin discussing individual therapies, regimes and treatments alongside their unique health benefits we first need to reference our terminology. Most of us have a general understanding of what is meant by…

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10 Top Tips for Optimal Health and Well Being

  Japanese Reiki Symbol Have you ever wondered what are the answers to lead a long, happy and healthy life? Well I cant guarantee to have the complete list but here are my 10 top tips.  If these are factored into your routine then the impact on health will most definitely be positive and beneficial. ps - click "info" top…

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Have you checked out natural balance with

Have you checked out Natural Balance?

Have you checked out Natural Balance? Have you checked out Natural Balance yet?  If you haven't had the opportunity to read it yet here's your chance... In these pages you'll discover some great techniques and tips on how to achieve a holistically balanced life.  You have undoubtedly heard of the importance of balance in our lives and can quote specific examples:…

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natural remedies high blood pressure

Natural Remedies High Blood Pressure – Easy Made At Home

In this article "Natural Remedies High Blood Pressure" we examine some simple, easy and highly effective and easily made home remedies which can make the world of difference if you suffer from high blood pressure.  These remedies can be combined or used singularly dependent upon your need.  If diagnosed with, or have family history of, high blood pressure then you…

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Welcome to healthy natured

Welcome to Healthy Natured

Holistic Guide to Health and Wellness - Welcome to Healthy Natured Naturally. Welcome to Healthy Natured. I'm Jason, originally from New Zealand, but for the last 16 of my 43 years I've been based in London and working in Education.  I started life as teacher of 5 and 6 year olds.  Since then I've taught or an administrator for every…

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aura colors their meanings

Aura Colors Their Meanings Explained In Detail

In this article Aura Colors Their Meanings Explained we look at the human aura and then an overview of the differing colors that make up an aura.  We also examine the aura color meanings. Aura Colors Their Meanings Explained. The Auric Field All living things, vegetation, animal, human etc., are surrounded by an Aura.  This Aura is the energy field…

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aura colors their meanings

Chakra Meditation Techniques For Beginners – Easy to Implement

Whether you are a beginner or more experienced chakra meditation is both an easy and excellent way to find and create balance in one’s life. This post Chakra Meditation Techniques for Beginners will help you find a method to achieve personal balance which is key to our existence and physical,emotional and spiritual well being. My previous post "Why is a…

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aura colors their meanings explained

5 Best Crystals For Meditation and Peace

Meditation is of extreme importance and is a huge health benefit for every part of our being.  Meditation relaxes, revitalizes and reconditions our body to be able to function at peak health.  Adding crystals to the meditation amplifies the health giving properties of the crystal and also the health giving properties of the meditation. Discover in this article the 5…

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best full body massagers

Best Full Body Massagers For Comfort

What is the benefit of full body massage and what are the best full body massagers available for use in the comfort and privacy of your home? In this article we explore the absolute quality full body massagers and learn why you deserve to invest and enjoy massage. The Very Best Full Body Massagers What is the benefit of full…

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healing crystals their meanings and uses

Healing Crystals Their Meanings And Uses

This post is dedicated to some very special, but little known stones. In Healing Crystals Their Meanings and Uses you will find 6 crystals that are unique and magical in their healing and spiritual properties.  As you read and peruse this post I ask you to focus on each of these crystals and find the one that sings to you.…

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Metaphysical properties tiger eye

Metaphysical Properties Tiger Eye Healing Stone

Metaphysical properties Tiger Eye - Tiger Eye Healing Stone is a fabulous addition to your crystal healing kit.  This gem of a healing stone has been used for centuries across various cultures and civilizations because of its unique powers for health, well-being, personal and spiritual development. Tiger Eye Healing Stone is one crystal that you should most definitely have.  In…

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What is the Empath spiritual psychological profile

What Is The Empath?

In this post we look at the question "What is the Empath?"  The urban dictionary definition states: Empath: A person who is capable of feeling the emotions of others despite the fact that they themselves are not going through the same situation. Empath: The root of the word comes from Empathy. Jane has empathy for Joe as he mourns the…

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